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  • Pick One Which Is Your Favourite OG Xbox Title On Game Pass?

    Remember, you can only pick one!

    It's time for another round of Pick One! This week, we thought we'd take a look at the Xbox Game Pass library and pick out the five original Xbox games that are currently available via the service. Which is your favourite? Remember, you can only pick one! Let's take a look at what we're working with: Black Join...

  • News Halo Co-Creator Shares Footage Of Prototype Build From 2000

    Weapons, models and more...

    Over the past week, the co-creator of the Halo universe, Marcus Lehto, has dug up some of his "old" Halo 2000 PC footage and shared it on social media. He started off with a look at the Covenant weapon prototypes - one of the highlights is the "microwave gun" - with Marcus himself noting how hilarious it would have been...


  • Video A Closer Look At That OG Xbox Dashboard Easter Egg

    And there's still another one to find!

    Old-school Xbox fans got a surprise this week when an original Xbox dashboard Easter Egg emerged after 20 years. In short, it brings up the credits of the team who worked on the original system's dashboard and is similar to a previously known Easter Egg, which reveals a credits list for the entire console...