OG Xbox Creator Expresses Sadness Over This Week's Studio Closures
Image: Power On: The Story of Xbox | Chapter 1: The Renegades

Everyone's got an opinion about the Xbox studio closures that have taken place this week, and that includes the so-called "father of the Xbox" Seamus Blackley, who was there at the very beginning of the brand's existence.

In a nutshell, Blackley feels sorry for everyone that's been caught up in the decisions that were made over the past few days, and that potentially includes Xbox's Phil Spencer and Sarah Bond too. Mainly though, he's sad for the developers.

Here's what Blackley had to say in his Twitter thread (warning that some expletives are ahead):

However, Blackley also then followed up by praising the "many people" at the company who possess the "soul" of the early Xbox days, stating that he believes in Xbox and he's "confident this isn’t the end of the story".

Earlier today, Xbox president Sarah Bond addressed the closures that took place and admitted that it was a hard decision for the company to make, but it was ultimately done to ensure "the business is healthy for the long term".

There's been speculation about who exactly made the decision - whether it was Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer or perhaps someone higher up the chain - but in any case, it clearly hasn't gone down well with many Xbox fans.

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