Xbox Exec Talks The Struggles Of Adding Games To Backwards Compatibility

When Microsoft dropped the mic at E3 2015 with its backwards compatibility announcement, it was clear that a ton of work went into the program. Xbox One launched with no ability to play Xbox 360 games at all, let alone anything from the original Xbox. Now, of course, both libraries work on modern Xbox platforms in some capacity, although bringing those games over wasn't always easy.

Xbox's Jason Ronald recently took to Twitter to respond to fan requests about more back compat games. Ronald said that the process is complicated on multiple levels, and that some recent additions "took years of work".

Ronald also spoke about how licensing hurdles don't stop at the game itself, they include all aspects of development like music, voice acting, writers, the whole lot. In short, the team has always tried to do its best with adding games to the program.

Unfortunately, that program seems to have wrapped up with the latest batch of titles added during last year's anniversary event. Still, the program has been a huge success on Xbox, not to mention the likes of FPS Boost, a feature that's massively enhanced the backwards compatibility library.

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