Random: 'Hello Kitty' Xbox Sells For $10,000 On eBay, Despite Being Broken

How much would you pay for an ultra rare Xbox console? Earlier today, a special variant of the original Xbox sold for a whopping $10,050 US dollars in an eBay auction - and the console itself doesn't even work!

The reason this is so expensive is because it's part of the "Hello Kitty Collector's Edition", which was only ever available in Singapore and was given away by a specific retailer when buying a TV from them. Only 550 of these were made, which makes them extremely rare for Xbox fans to try and locate, and therefore they're a financial goldmine!

As hinted at above, all the bids on this auction were placed from February 15th to February 17th, with two bidders in particular battling it out from the $5k mark to the $10k mark, going back-and-forth until one of them finally decided enough was enough.

The eventual winner ended up getting a white OG Xbox controller (the "S" variant), a copy of the Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue game, all the packaging and manuals in great condition, and a custom console that doesn't work, but apparently should be an easy fix. Then again, we assume it'll end up on a collector's shelf somewhere anyway!

Would you pay this kind of money for a rare Xbox item?! Let us know in the comments down below.