The folks over at Digital Foundry have decided to crack out some old Xbox demo discs, and we're swimming in nostalgia right now. The hosts sit down and play a selection of demos from PGR to Arctic Thunder and everything in between, and it takes us back to the good old days. There's even a trailer on there highlighting some of Xbox's biggest games at the time, including Halo: Combat Evolved!

Equally as important though, this takes us right back to the days of actual physical media, including magazines. There's just something so satisfying about flicking through a mag to find out about an upcoming game, or even reading a game's manual (when they existed) to find out all you can before jumping in.

The current days of Xbox Game Pass are brilliant, and ultimately, extremely convenient, but we'd be lying if we said we didn't miss the days of thick manuals, jam-packed gaming mags and of course, demo discs.

What do you miss about the days of the original Xbox / Xbox 360? Vote in the poll and let us know.

Which Of These Do You Miss The Most?