Xbox Creator Apologises To AMD For Last Minute Awkward Switch To Intel On Original Xbox
Image: Microsoft

20 years is a long time, right? Surely any bad blood in those years has been squandered. Well, original Xbox creator Seamus Blackley is still feeling pretty guilty towards AMD, after a last-minute change at the console's reveal saw their work swapped for Intel hardware.

Blackley took to Twitter to make a public apology to Lisa Su, the president and CEO of AMD. He explained how a change was made at the "literal last second" before the console's reveal that saw AMD being swapped out for an Intel CPU.

To make matters worse, the AMD engineers were sitting on the front row of the presentation, which Blackley described as them "looking so sad".

Talk about awkward.

We can only imagine what an awful moment this must have been for those AMD workers, who had poured their energy into bringing the original Xbox to life, only to have it taken away from them at the last second. Blackley blamed the decision on being "pure politics".

At least Blackley has apologised for the situation, even if it wasn't directly his fault. But we still can't help but cringe at the situation and how painfully awkward it must have been at the time. At least the Xbox Series X is powered by AMD CPUs now...

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