If you're wondering how progress has been coming along on the Insignia project for the original Xbox, the news is that the team are still working extremely hard on adding new supported titles, with plenty of additions in December already.

The list of supported games now sits at 40, with new titles including DOOM 3, Midnight Club, TOCA Race Driver, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and others, with a bunch of ESPN sports games also set to arrive on January 2nd, 2023.

Despite the hype surrounding the launch of Insignia prior to November, it seems a lot of people haven't registered for the beta yet — probably because of the difficulty in setting it up — with the service currently hosting just over 3500 users.

As a result, the team are encouraging people to help stress test the servers more effectively:

As we've said before, getting access to Insignia does involve a fairly complicated softmod process (which you should only do at your own risk), and you need a few tools before you begin, including that all-important original Xbox console.

Hopefully the Insignia team will find a way to make this process more accessible in the future, and our ultimate dream is for Microsoft to team up with Insignia to officially reinstate Xbox Live 1.0 on the original Xbox. We can dream, eh?

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