Unreleased OG Xbox Game 'The Invincible Ironman' Appears Online
Image: Marvel's Avengers / Square Enix

This week, a bunch of gameplay clips from a completely unreleased original Xbox game have appeared online. Once titled 'The Invincible Ironman' and worked on way back in 2003, the OG Xbox project was eventually cancelled - but these clips show that the team at GenePool Software really did have something going with this one.

Taken from a "milestone build demo" of the game from October 2003 - combat, traversal, a basic UI and more were already in place for this demo. Check out a few clips from The Invincible Ironman down below:

Developer Kevin Edwards worked on this project way back when - with the team starting work on it after development on X-Men 2: Wolverine's Revenge had wrapped up. In the end, publisher-at-the-time Activision canned the game and the dev team was subsequently shut down.

We always like seeing stuff like this, especially when a modern day emulator in this case manages to make use of an old unreleased demo disc from 20+ years ago! It's a shame that this one never saw the light of day, but at least we're getting these little nuggets of footage all these years later.

Would you have been playing this Ironman game if it ever came out on Xbox? Tell us what you think down below.