Team Green Reflects On 22 Years Since The Birth Of Xbox

Yesterday we celebrated Xbox's 22nd birthday - yep, the big green machine is now 22 years of age, as is the Xbox brand as a whole! As you'd probably expect, some of Xbox's public-facing execs have commented on the big anniversary too, and we're feeling all warm and fuzzy inside thinking back to the original console and the impact Xbox has had on gaming since.

Speaking of that OG box, the "father of Xbox" Seamus Blackley has made a brief comment on the anniversary, along with the likes of Major Nelson, Aaron Greenberg and others. Here are few of the team's most prominent messages:

The console and its legacy have had a major impact on people outside of Microsoft too, of course. Yesterday, we started reminiscing about some amazing original Xbox launch day footage that surfaced a few years ago - stuff like this is so heartwarming and we can't help but keep re-watching it!

Here's to many more Xbox consoles, and many more years of gaming as part of team green.