Xbox Co-Creator Thinks Microsoft 'Really Should' Have Made Xbox Portable
Image: Logitech G Cloud Device

We've seen various different versions of portable Xbox games in recent years, as the way of play becomes even more popular in the wake of Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch. A lot of these revolve around Xbox Cloud Gaming — like the Logitech G Cloud system pictured above — but what about a dedicated system from Microsoft? OG Xbox creator Seamus Blackley thinks such a device should have happened years ago.

The Xbox veteran has taken to Twitter to voice his opinion on a potential Xbox portable device. While he says Windows 11 on Steam Deck looks "lovely", he still firmly believes a portable Xbox should have happened at some point in the brand's history.

We do have a bit of an idea as to why that never happened though, at least in the earlier days. Another Xbox vet, Robbie Bach, spoke to GameSpot about this very topic in 2021, saying that Xbox "just didn't have the bandwidth" to create a whole new team dedicated to handheld Xbox gaming. Bach helped run the Xbox team from 2001 through 2010, with him seeing "at least three" internal attempts to make 'Xbox portable' a reality.

For now, we'll just have to continue making do with the likes of Steam Deck and various other devices, but we can't say we aren't disappointed that a portable Xbox has never launched. Seamus, we agree - Xbox really should have made a handheld console!

What do you think? Should Xbox have made a handheld console? Dream of Halo on the go down in the comments below.