Talking Point: Is There An Xbox Classic You Wish Was Backwards Compatible?
Image: The Simpsons Game

Xbox wrapped up its backwards compatibility program a while ago now - during the big 20th anniversary event in November 2021. At the time, some great titles were added in one final wave — like the FEAR series among others — and we've felt pretty satisfied with the overall lineup since, especially when it comes to Xbox 360 titles.

However, every now and then we have a fleeting thought about playing an old Xbox classic that isn't backwards compatible, and we end up wishing Xbox would add it so we can play within the comforts of the Xbox Series X|S ecosystem - not to mention the potential performance boosts that often come along with an addition to the BC library.

Anything from the PGR series would be welcome (Xbox or Xbox 360), as would pretty much any Simpsons game. We know licensed titles can often prove the hardest to bring forward, but seriously, it's been so long since we've seen a game based on the famous cartoon series - we just want to play The Simpsons Game or Hit & Run on modern consoles!

For now though, Microsoft has closed the doors on its back compat program, with the company seemingly unable to add any more titles to the library. While we're at ease with that decision for now, it isn't stopping us wishing for one more pipe dream addition - or a batch if we were to be so lucky. Hey, Xbox; Simpsons and PGR additions one day... please?!

Anyway, enough of us ranting and raving here, what's one game (or a small batch of titles) that you'd like to be added to the backwards compatibility library on Xbox?

Let us know your pick(s) in the comments section down below!