Xbox Series X|S Sales Have Now Surpassed Original Xbox In The UK

Xbox Series X and S have seemingly hit a new sales milestone in the UK this month. According to Christopher Dring of, Microsoft's pair of current-gen consoles have now sold more units in the region than the OG Xbox.

Considering we're only three years into the gen, this seems pretty good going - although Xbox was only on the market for roughly four years before being replaced by Xbox 360 in 2005. Of course, some units will have shifted after the 360's launch, but the bulk of original Xbox sales occurred between 2001 and 2005.

As you may have seen, there's been a bit of negative news going around about Xbox Series in Europe recently, with sales of the systems down by a significant margin year-on-year. However, those stats don't cover every European market - with the likes of the UK and Germany missing from that data.

Anyway, we're not sure there's much else to glean from today's UK sales news, but it's still neat to know that Xbox Series X|S is now the third best-selling Xbox generation in the UK - and it's safe to say we have many years of the current console cycle remaining!

What do you make of this latest sales stat? Discuss Microsoft's new milestone in the comments down below.