Random: Prince Harry Gets Confused With Story About Diana Buying Him An Xbox
Image: Wikipedia (CC0 1.0)

It's not often we find ourselves talking about Prince Harry and Xbox in the same sentence, but here we are! The British royal family member has published his memoir (called "Spare") this week, and he's making some headlines in the UK for a comment about receiving an Xbox in the late 90s.

As reported by the Daily Star (amongst others), Harry mentions in the book that a story about this has appeared "in many accounts of my life, as gospel", but he has "no idea if it's true". Here's a bit of how he describes it:

"Days after my return I had a birthday. September 15, 1997. I turned thirteen..."

"... I tore at the wrapping paper, the ribbon. I peered inside. 'Mummy bought it for you. Shortly before...' It was an Xbox. I was pleased. I loved video games."

Ultimately, this can't be true as the original Xbox didn't launch until November 2001, with the European release actually not occurring until March of 2002. Perhaps it was an original PlayStation and Harry got confused?

In any case, it sounds like Harry owned an Xbox at some point during his teenage / early adult years, so maybe we were playing Halo 2 on Xbox Live with royalty back in the day? He might even own an Xbox Series X or S...

When did you get your first original Xbox? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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