Old-school Xbox fans got a surprise this week when an original Xbox dashboard Easter Egg emerged after 20 years.

In short, it brings up the credits of the team who worked on the original system's dashboard and is similar to a previously known Easter Egg, which reveals a credits list for the entire console.

Game developer, Xbox fan, and YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer has now shared some video footage of the steps required to activate it, and the screen you'll be able to see (2:37 in the video above):

Modern Vintage Gamer
Image: MVG

What's perhaps even more exciting (as previously noted) is there's apparently another Easter Egg that's yet to be discovered, according to the original Xbox creator, Seamus Blackley. It can supposedly be found within the console's bootup process.

What do you think of this OG Easter Egg? Have you tried it out yourself yet? Leave a comment down below.

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