Original Xbox 'XBHD' Adapter Gets Promotional Price Drop

EON Gaming's plug-and-play OG Xbox adapter — the XBHD — is getting a promotional price drop at the moment, in partnership with Castlemania Games. The US-based, retro-focused store is currently selling the XBHD for $99, down from the listed retail price of $150.

Now, we're not sure how long this promotion will last, but EON itself has posted about the deal on Twitter, so it's definitely backed by the manufacturer at least. EON also uses this promo to remind users that all new XBHD units have fresh firmware that fixes any brightness issues experienced in early launch units.

Speaking of those brightness issues, unfortunately, we suffered with them when reviewing our XBHD unit back in December. At the time, we noted the high price point and these brightness issues as the main negatives with the XBHD, and with both of those fixed in this promo, the adapter suddenly becomes a more tempting proposition.

Anyway, the XBHD is still $150 at the likes of Amazon, so if you're interested in one of these, it may be worth exploring the Castlemania Games listing to see what you think!

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Are you tempted to get one of these? Or is the price still too high? Tell us your OG Xbox plans down in the comments below.