Xbox Dev Kit
Image: GameboxUkv on Twitter

It's another normal Friday morning on Twitter, browsing the news, checking for discourse, y'know, the usual, and then this absolute unit appears on my feed. An Xbox collector who goes by the Twitter handle GameboxUkv has acquired an original Xbox development kit that we've never seen before.

This thing looks like a proper 90's PC with an Xbox logo plastered on it, and by all intents and purposes, it probably is. There's even a "Powered by DirectX" motto buried within the logo, alluding to the console's origins as the 'DirectXbox'.

According to the collector, the actual name for the kit is the 'Alpha II Xbox Development Kit". The machine is from 2000/2001 so it likely made a huge contribution to the original Xbox and its launch lineup. Hats off to this machine then!

An Xbox wiki entry says the kit sells for anywhere between $500 and $10,000, so yeah, acquiring one of these wouldn't be cheap. It is hugely important for Xbox's history though, so, maybe one day?

Would you find space for this dev kit if you stumbled upon one? Let us know in the comments.