Games media outlet Noclip has begun digitising a bunch of old press conference gameplay footage from years gone by, with the results now appearing on the outlet's YouTube archive channel. There are some super cool videos in here, including a full HD Xbox E3 press conference from the 360 days, and even never-before-seen footage from old Xbox titles like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic!

We've had a browse through a bunch of these new videos and they're well worth a look if you're interested in seeing how these games were built, and what they once looked like years before launch. Sections of the Star Wars: KOTR video look completely different from the finished product, which finally launched more than two years on from the date of this gameplay demo being shown behind closed doors.

There's a really cool Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare studio tour from Infinity Ward tucked in here too, which peels back the curtain on one of the most influential Xbox games of the last two decades. This one is light on actual game footage, but we do get to see some early concepts and gameplay clips of the 2007 shooter, along with some interesting insights from the dev team.

Anyway, we'll drop a few of these newly-uploaded videos down below, and we definitely recommend browsing the channel for any other clips that might be of interest to you. Here's hoping more Xbox-related clips appear over the coming weeks and months - you can subscribe to Noclip's Patreon if you want to lend them some support!

Happy to see this stuff preserved online? Any distinct memories from these Xbox eras? Let us know your thoughts on the footage down below.