Talking Point: Today Marks 22 Years Of Xbox As OG Console Celebrates A Big Birthday
Image: Damien McFerran / Pure Xbox

The big 22! Yep, Xbox is now 22 years of age as Microsoft launched its first ever gaming console on November 15th, 2001. We still remember the days of the OG Xbox very fondly, and what came after has been an amazing ride for Xbox fans around the world.

It's always weird to think that whenever we talk about original Xbox anniversaries, we're basically talking about the whole idea of Xbox as a brand within Microsoft. As 2021's incredible documentary showed us, 'Xbox' was barely a thing at Microsoft HQ mere months before the console became a reality and hit store shelves in fall 2001.

That original box had some amazing games as well, didn't it? Who can forget the big launch title in Halo, or Microsoft's great work with Sega and projects like Jet Set Radio Future & Panzer Dragoon Orta? The system is still impressive today - we use ours every now and then even in an Xbox Series X|S world, and are continually amazed by how much power Microsoft crammed into a console from 2001!

Talking Point: Today Marks 22 Years Of Xbox As OG Console Celebrates A Big Birthday 1
Image: Halo, Microsoft

Xbox Live then followed the year after, and as they say, the rest is history. Microsoft's forward-thinking online tech reshaped the entire industry and gave Xbox 360 a fantastic platform to grow - and it really did strengthen Xbox and its position in the market as a viable alternative to PlayStation & Nintendo. We're grateful to the original Xbox and its cutting-edge feature set to this day!

Of course, the Xbox brand is still growing - especially with the likes of Xbox Game Pass pushing the envelope with how we all acquire and play games. Hopefully with the likes of Bethesda and Activision Blizzard now on board, we have an amazing future to look forward as fans of team green. The last generation wasn't the easiest for Xbox fans, but the brand is here to stay and Microsoft is still investing hugely into its gaming division.

Looking back, do you have any standout memories over the last 22 years of Xbox? Whether it be right from that famous first launch back in November '01, or another massive moment within Xbox's history, what stands out to you?

Tell us about your favourite Xbox memories down in the comments below! Oh, and happy birthday to Xbox and that legendary original console.