Poll: Which Xbox Console Had The Best Controller?
Image: Pure Xbox

Earlier today, we posted our review of Hyperkin's new Xbox 360 controller replica, and after being so impressed with their efforts, we've started thinking about which Xbox generation had the best controller.

For a number of years now, we've been convinced — maybe even conditioned — that the more modern Xbox pads are the best. Both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S controllers are fairly similar, but with additions like the share button and trigger grips, we'd probably go with the current-gen ones being the best of those two.

And yet, this week's hands-on time with the Hyperkin Xenon has made us think: 'is the Xbox 360 actually the best one?' Sure, it has its issues like the 'mushy' d-pad and the protruding battery pack on the wireless version, but the pad just feels amazing in the hand, and the more we use the Xenon, the more we're reminded that maybe we forgot how good the 360 controller was.

The original Xbox pads deserve a shout too - even the Duke. We reckon the 'S' controller does edge it, but the Duke is still a great controller in our eyes, even if it is absurdly large. Let's be honest, every Xbox console has had a fantastic controller to match - we've been blessed in that regard!

Still, sometimes you just have to pick a favourite... right? So, which is the best Xbox controller? We're not counting things like the Elite or third-party pads here; we're just sticking to each of the official controllers that came bundled with Xbox consoles over the years (although we will allow for two choices with the OG Xbox).

Vote in the poll down below and justify your choice in the comments section!

Which Xbox Generation Had The Best Controller? (589 votes)

  1. Original Xbox (Duke)
    Original Xbox (Duke)3%
  2. Original Xbox (S Controller)
    Original Xbox (S Controller)4%
  3. Xbox 360
    Xbox 36026%
  4. Xbox One
    Xbox One10%
  5. Xbox Series X|S
    Xbox Series X|S57%