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  • News Halo 2's Breaking Benjamin Song Has Officially Gone Platinum

    It's sold one million digital units

    Remember that epic "Blow Me Away" song by Breaking Benjamin that featured in Halo 2's Gravemind level (an instrumental version) all the way back in 2004? It's now been certified Platinum, as reported by Loudwire. The tune was actually originally created for the Halo 2 soundtrack, but later was released as a...

  • News Halo 2 For PC Expected To Go Into Public Testing Later This Month

    If all goes to plan

    Don't get us wrong, we appreciate the fact The Master Chief Collection is now accessible to more fans than ever before, but 343's roll out of the PC version seems like it could take some time. Head over to Steam or any forum celebrating the series and you'll likely see at least a few posts about how long it's taken to release...