Tag: Rumours

  • Rumour A Remastered Version Of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Is Also On The Way

    These remasters are like buses

    Earlier this month, prominent YouTuber and Twitter leaker TheGamingRevolution claimed that various Activision games were in the works, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered. Artwork leaked for the game earlier this week, suggesting it was to be unveiled in the near future. Following that leak,...

  • Rumour Power Rangers Samurai Suiting Up for Kinect

    Become Megazord!

    You can already be a Japanese superhero with Kinect, and Ubisoft's PowerUp Heroes will transform your Avatar in a super being, but neither can quite quench the desire to become a Power Ranger. Perhaps Power Rangers: Samurai will do the trick. Spotted at GAME and

  • News Blacklight Team Working on Kinect "Zero Person Shooter"

    So CV says

    According to a pair of CVs posted on LinkedIn, Zombie Studios is in the process of creating a new title for Kinect. The team behind admittedly mediocre online shooter Blacklight: Tango Down is apparently creating a "zero person shooter" according to one programmer's CV, that uses the Unreal Engine 3 currently seen powering Gears...

  • Rumour A New Lips Game is On the Way to Kinect

    Another domain mystery

    Earlier we reported EA may be bringing The Sims and SSX to Kinect, a rumour started by the registration of Kinect-related domains for both franchises. That's not the only Kinect web address registered this week though, as Microsoft also bought up KinectLips.com. Lips is Microsoft's karaoke title – its answer to SingStar, if...

  • Rumour Kinect Adventures Disc Loaded with Demos

    Try out new titles with pack-in game

    Everybody who buys Kinect will get Kinect Adventures, but there might be a hidden surprise in the game as well, with current rumours pointing to the disc containing three playable demos. Short bursts of Dance Central, Kinect Joy Ride and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved are all apparently featured on the DVD,...