Random: This Original Xbox Hot Tub Post Has Gone Viral
Image: @kidd_gorgeous on Twitter

Alright, we catch our fair share of the weird and wonderful on a whole range of gaming subreddits, but this post might just take the cake. An Xbox hot tub image started doing the rounds yesterday, March 27th, and you could say it looks 'unique'.

The core of this thing is based on an original Xbox console, with the tub section itself actually being 'X' shaped. If you're not already creeped out by the design of this thing, don't worry! Master Chief is always on hand to, err, watch you bathe?

The image in the Reddit post (which got over 6000 upvotes) can be traced back to NFT Artist @kidd_gorgeous, and you can see their original version of it below (you'll also find them on Instagram):

For a while there we thought this thing had actually been built but no, sadly, it's just a digital render. Ah well, we can dream. In any case, it's still a cool little creation!

This isn't our first case of viral Xbox content that could potentially be faked. Around the Xbox Series X|S launch, videos of the Series X emitting huge amounts of smoke cropped up online, before it was shown how easy it is to fake such a situation.

Would you use this Xbox tub? Or is it a bit too much for you? Let us know your thoughts on this thing below!

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