The Xbox 360's Logo Was Almost Used For The Original Xbox Instead
Image: Xbox, Xbox Museum

Did you know that Microsoft was considering using (a version of) the Xbox 360 logo for the original Xbox? Thanks to the new Xbox virtual museum, we can see what it would have looked like, and there are various other alternate designs on display as well.

You can see the logo on the right side of the image above, which has the circular Xbox 360 logo design along with the original Xbox font style, although you might notice that the font style is also slightly different than the final version.

Here's a look at the Xbox 360 logo in case it's slipped your mind:

The other two alternate designs provided in the museum are very similar to the one above, but instead show the logo as a cube instead of a sphere. To be honest, we're pretty happy with the final logo choice in the end!

If you haven't yet checked it out, the Xbox virtual museum is absolutely full of details like this, complete with tons of behind the scenes images and audio clips from Xbox team members recounting their memories from 20 years ago.

Definitely check it out!

What do you think of these alternate Xbox logo designs from 20 years ago? Let us know your thoughts below.