We love a good throwback here at Pure Xbox, especially when aimed at the underrated original Xbox console that still surprises us with its impressive visuals to this day. But, what if you could instantly make those visuals pop on a HDTV? Well, third-party manufacturer EON thinks it has the answer to that.

Introducing the XBHD, a brand-new plug-and-play adapter that aims at glowing up your original Xbox games on modern displays. Well, we say "introducing", but this thing was already announced once, before an indefinite delay hampered progress. Now though, the team has a nailed-on release date for this thing of October 10th, 2023.

As for the specifics on what the adapter can do, EON says users can expect 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i resolutions for the OG Xbox, vastly boosting the system's output image - especially in PAL regions where the machine was limited to 480p maximum. It has additional audio and local multiplayer features too, bringing the original Xbox into the modern age.

As we stressed earlier, EON is gunning for plug-and-play functionality here, so this thing should work as-is when hooked up to a stock Xbox console. That sort of user-friendliness does come at a cost though - the XBHD is $189.99 at RRP.

Still, if you can stomach that cost, the device will be available to order from Amazon in the coming days - with the listing already live ahead of EON opening up pre-orders to the general public.

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Would you be interested in playing some OG Xbox in high-def? Let us know your thoughts on this device down below.