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  • Rumour A New Lips Game is On the Way to Kinect

    Another domain mystery

    Earlier we reported EA may be bringing The Sims and SSX to Kinect, a rumour started by the registration of Kinect-related domains for both franchises. That's not the only Kinect web address registered this week though, as Microsoft also bought up Lips is Microsoft's karaoke title – its answer to SingStar, if...

  • Rumour EA Bringing The Sims and SSX to Kinect

    Play the domain game

    There may not be many official Kinect game announcements these days, but that doesn't mean there aren't Kinect games in the works, and EA may have a couple of big ones up its giant corporate sleeves. Microsoft recently registered several domains that point to Kinect-enabled versions of popular franchises The Sims and SSX:...

  • News EA Sports Looking to Bring Golf to Kinect in Future

    But not this year

    The bad news is that EA ran out of time to bring Tiger Woods to Kinect this year, but it's not game over for the idea of a hands-free golf game. Lead designer on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters Mike DeVault spoke to Eurogamer about the sensor's potential, and although the didn't give any specifics it looks like future outings...

  • News Game with Olympic Fame in UK Kinect Sports Showdown

    Competition commences soon

    Feeling confident about your Kinect Sports prowess? Want to put it to the test? Microsoft UK is offering you the chance to do just that by taking on Olympic gold medal-winning sprinters Linford Christie and Mark Lewis-Francis. Winners of the competition will go head-to-head with the sprinters on Kinect's flagship sports...

  • Features A Guide to Kinect Fitness Games

    Let's get sweaty

    If you're looking to lose a few pounds as part of your New Year's Resolution, grabbing a fitness game for Kinect is a good way to go, but with so many out there how can you pick the one that's best for you? Here a brief rundown of all the fitness games currently available for Kinect, all of which we've exhaustively playtested and...


  • News Here's a List of Useful Kinect Voice Commands

    Xbox, inform!

    If your Kinect, like a naughty puppy, is failing to obey your simple commands then perhaps this helpful list of voice activation phrases for Kinect will help out. Most of these phrases are just for use in the Kinect Hub, though some are for use with Sky Player, for example. Remember that this is a partial list of phrases, so if you...

  • News Become Tom Hanks in Big with Kinect's Giant Piano Hack

    Heart and soul

    Kinect can be used to create art but what about music? Yep, that too, with this Kinect piano hack letting players tickle the ivories with no keyboard required. As well as being able to project a piano onto a desk it can also be used to create enormous keyboards on the floor, not unlike the classic scene from Big. This is another...



  • Rumour Kinect Adventures Disc Loaded with Demos

    Try out new titles with pack-in game

    Everybody who buys Kinect will get Kinect Adventures, but there might be a hidden surprise in the game as well, with current rumours pointing to the disc containing three playable demos. Short bursts of Dance Central, Kinect Joy Ride and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved are all apparently featured on the DVD,...

  • News Get Extra Kinect Adventures Content with this Live Token

    More levels available for download

    It's the perennial Christmas quandary: what do you get for the person who has everything? That's the problem facing Microsoft and Kinect Adventures – if the game is included with every Kinect sold, what do you give to gamers who like it? The answer is the Kinect Adventures Live Token, of course. Essentially a...

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