The Lawnmower Man: Kinect Edition

Carnivals, pets, minigames: these are all fine uses for Kinect's limb-tracking ability, but when the kids have gone to bed you might want to play a slightly different kind of party game. Ubisoft recently caused a bit of a fuss with We Dare on PlayStation Move and Nintendo Wii, but it's nothing compared to the saucy happenings on Kinect title Kinect Erotics.

The brainchild of a Dutch developer, the game challenges players to perform sexual positions for points, or even just sit back and watch what's going on. The Kinect Erotics Twitter reveals the game has undergone extensive playtesting at a swinger's club, which should tell you all you need to know about the game.

The game is expected to launch within the next few months. You have been warned.