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  • News A Kinect Steering Wheel? Now We've Seen It All

    Hold out your hands

    Try this tricky test of hand-eye coordination: hold out your hands in front of you. Okay, now pretend you're driving a car. Finding it difficult? Then CTA Digital has the solution for you. The company that brought you the Kinect Perfect Range Game Mat has created the Xbox 360 Kinect Steering Wheel. It's like one of the countless...

  • News New Kinect Wall Mount and TV Clip has a Dual Identity

    Why just have one?

    Don't know whether to choose a wall mount or a TV clip for your Kinect? Accessory manufacturer CTA Digital has the perfect solution for such a quandary: a peripheral that does both. The new Universal Wall Mount & Clip for the Kinect Camera & PlayStation Eye can be adjusted either to sit on top of the TV or attach to the...

  • News Perfect Range Game Mat Makes Judging Distance a Doddle

    Get in the zone

    Ever been frustrated by not knowing where to stand in your play area to get the most accurate detection from Kinect? Then accessory manufacturer CTA Digital has the solution to your problems! The Perfect Range Game Mat sits on your carpet and tells you exactly where you should stand, whether playing solo or with a friend, to get the...