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Thursday23rd Oct 2014

Tuesday21st Oct 2014

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    Xbox One

    Review Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved

    Not taking the Mickey

    Enough words have been written about the history of Microsoft’s second attempt at motion controlled gaming and how it was a mandatory purchase for all bleeding-edge Xbox One owners. We all know how a lot of people – probably the majority, in fact – don’t see even the second iteration of Kinect as being a viable input...

Thursday12th Jun 2014

  • News Kinect-free Xbox One Flies Off Shelves

    "It's a huge win" says GameStop

    Last month we reported that Microsoft would be releasing a new Kinect-less Xbox One SKU and that the unit would go on sale on June 9th, the day before E3, at a cheaper price point. Now, the Kinect-less Xbox One is on the shelves and according to Bob Puzon, GameStop senior vice president of merchandising, they are...

Monday7th Apr 2014

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    Xbox One

    Review Kinect Sports Rivals

    Do or die.

    To say that Kinect Sports Rivals is a high-profile title for Xbox One would be something of an understatement. Being the only game (barring the violently bad Fighter Within, which barely passes as a game) available that’s been designed for the much-maligned Kinect device that’s included with every console, people were looking to...

Saturday14th Dec 2013

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    Xbox One

    Review Fighter Within

    Fighter Without.

    In a world where Kinect for Xbox One is seen as nothing but a gimmick designed to ensure that you pay more for a console than you otherwise would, it was imperative that the first Kinect-only experience was compelling. A Wii Sports for the Xbox One, if you will. So who better to leave in charge of such a thing than Ubisoft, the...

Thursday29th Aug 2013

  • Hands On Kinect for Xbox One

    Believe in it.

    At a small building in London’s Waterloo area on a bright and sunny Wednesday, Microsoft decided to give the UK press their first taste of the Xbox One. Spread across three floors, the event showcased Kinect, Forza Motorsport 5, Kinect Sports Rivals, Ryse: Son of Rome, Killer Instinct,

Friday4th Jan 2013

  • Feature Kinect in 2013

    Happy New Year!

    Some Kinect owners – OK, a lot of Kinect owners – are probably feeling a little bit as if Kinect is done and dusted. A quiet release schedule in 2012, where most of the blockbuster titles that featured Kinect support were limited to voice commands or tacked-on mini-games that didn't work, combined with a somewhat thin release...

Tuesday25th Dec 2012

  • News Kinect Christmas Day Deals from Xbox Live

    Three titles discounted.

    Major Nelson has confirmed that Microsoft's Countdown to 2013 Deals for Christmas Day are somewhat Kinect-heavy. Today, Mini Ninjas Adventures and the awesome Fruit Ninja Kinect have 50% slashed from the price, and are 400 MSP each. Konami's Leedmees has a whopping 75% off (200 MSP) as well. If you already own Fruit Ninja...

Tuesday11th Dec 2012

  • News Kinect Party to be Free Until 2013

    Double Fine by us!

    Major Nelson has just dropped some knowledge on us that confirms that Double Fine's next Kinect title - Kinect Party will launch on December 18th on Xbox Live Arcade. Not only that, friends, but it'll be FREE up until December 31st. That's right! You'll be able to get your hands on the new game - which features eighteen...

  • News Next Xbox Codename Uncovered

    The Kryptos Factor

    While everyone winds down for Christmas, some hard-working software engineers will surely be burning the midnight oil over the festive season, thanks to rumours coming from this morning. They're stating that the next-generation Xbox's test system chip - codenamed "Oban" - is all but complete and ready to be...

Monday10th Dec 2012

  • News Win a Limited Edition Fable: The Journey Console!


    KINECTaku and Microsoft have teamed up to provide a boomer of a competition for you this holiday season. We're giving away an electric blue custom Fable: The Journey Xbox 360 console, complete with Kinect, Kinect Adventures!, a copy of Fable: The Journey, and a copy of Christie Golden's new novel - Fable: Edge of the World. Not only...

Wednesday21st Nov 2012

Wednesday31st Oct 2012

Tuesday30th Oct 2012

  • News SmartGlass Comes To Forza Horizon


    Microsoft and Turn 10 have released the official SmartGlass app for Forza Horizon today. Dubbed the "Forza Horizon SmartGlass Experience", the app comes as a free download for Windows 8 PCs and provides gamers with a tablet-based interactive map of the game's take on Colorado. Players can view the entire map and zoom in using pinch...

Wednesday17th Oct 2012

  • News Free Kinect Game from Intel Goes Live

    Featuring Chris Evans, Chanel Iman, and LMFAO.

    Finally, a nice bit of good news for Kinect fans this morning. Intel have released their free Kinect game on Xbox Live Arcade overnight. The game - named Intel Discovered - stars Chris Evans (Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Captain America: The First Avenger), Victoria's Secret model Chanel Iman, and...

Friday12th Oct 2012

  • News Nike+ Kinect Training Demo Goes Live

    Get your sweat on.

    Major Nelson has confirmed that a demo of Microsoft's Nike+ Kinect Training is now available from Xbox Live. Those without Xbox Live Gold will be able to pick it up from the 18th. The new fitness product is designed for "the elite or the everyday athlete" and promises to deliver personalized workout programs that match themselves...

Tuesday18th Sep 2012

  • News New Dance Central 3 Tracks Confirmed

    Pre-order bonuses detailed, too.

    Harmonix has today announced ten new tracks for the upcoming Dance Central 3. The new tracks are an eclectic mix, firing all the way back to the height of late 80's chic with New Kids On The Block's "You Got It (The Right Stuff)" and running all the way through to a bit of Nicki Minaj and...gulp...Justin Bieber...

Wednesday12th Sep 2012

  • News Harry Potter for Kinect Demo Goes Live


    The demo of Warner. Bros new Hogwarts-'em-up Harry Potter for Kinect is now available for download from Xbox Live. The game, which is based on all eight of the Harry Potter movies, allows players to scan their face into the game so that they can create a unique witch or wizard to study at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. A...

Thursday30th Aug 2012

Wednesday22nd Aug 2012

  • News Forza Horizon VIP Membership Package Detailed

    Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, Pagani - Oh My!

    Turn 10 Studios has confirmed details of Forza Horizon's VIP Membership programme. The VIP package is included with the Limited Collector's Edition of the game, which has an RRP of £59.99 in the UK, as opposed to the standard edition's £49.99 price tag. We would assume that the VIP Membership will be able...

  • News New Hip Hop Dance Experience Trailer Busts a Move

    Hippity Hop to the Barber's Shop.

    Ubisoft's upcoming street dance title The Hip Hop Dance Experience has been dated and detailed. The game is set to release in the UK on 15th November, with lucky US-based gamers getting their hands and feet into the action two days earlier, on the 13th. The Hip Hop Dance Experience is currently in development with...

Wednesday15th Aug 2012

  • Gamescom Just Dance 4 Full Tracklist Revealed

    Elvis, Maroon 5, and a bit of Rickrolling.

    Gamescom is in full flow in Cologne, Germany, and Ubisoft have confirmed the final tracklisting for Just Dance 4. The final set contains 44 tracks, including the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen (really?!), Rihanna, Flo Rida, and Skrillex. Still, you'll be concentrating on your moves, so you'll be able to block...

Tuesday14th Aug 2012

  • Gamescom FIFA 13 Demo Dated, New Mode Detailed

    EA attempts to blur the lines.

    At EA's Gamescom press conference today, FIFA 13 information was up for grabs. Executive Producer David Rutter outlined a whole new mode in the form of "Match Day", which draws on real life data in order to attempt to replicate some of the experiences that will occur throughout the course of the real football season...

Wednesday8th Aug 2012

  • News Power Rangers Super Samurai Headed to Kinect

    Morphin' it up.

    Namco Bandai have today confirmed that they'll be releasing Power Rangers Super Samurai for Kinect towards the end of 2012. The game was long suspected to be in development after being leaked over a year ago by several retailers, but this is the first the Japanese giant has said on the matter. Details are few and far between at the...

Saturday4th Aug 2012

  • News NBA 2k13 Kinect Support Confirmed

    Crash the boards.

    2k Sports have confirmed - via a reveal of the game's final cover art - that NBA 2k13 will indeed be "better with Kinect." There's been no confirmation on what to expect in terms of support, but we're relatively sure that on-the-fly play calling and substitutions will be the order of the day via voice commands. The game is...

Wednesday1st Aug 2012

  • News Zumba Fitness Core Tracks Revealed

    New trailer drops, too.

    Majesco have today confirmed the 23 licenced songs that will appear in their third Zumba Fitness title, Zumba Fitness Core. The company claims that the game will feature the most diverse range of dance styles seen in a Zumba title yet, with 33 different styles being represented. Liz Buckley, General Manager of the Zumba...

Tuesday31st Jul 2012

  • News Need For Speed: Most Wanted Headed to Kinect

    Criterion racer gets Kinect support.

    Those beady-eyed folks over at VG247 have spotted something rather special. It appears that Criterion's 2012 reboot of the game is more than likely coming to your Xbox 360 complete with Kinect support in October (or November if you're in Europe.) The official packshots for the game released at E3 don't contain...

Monday23rd Jul 2012

  • News FIFA 13 Voice Commands Detailed

    Come on, Ref!

    We found out about FIFA 13 getting Kinect voice support back at E3, but details were a little bit sparse. EA have today confirmed a few more pieces of information about the new functionality, with voice commands promising to provide a surprising new layer of depth to the game. As well as being able to call for substitutions and change...

Wednesday18th Jul 2012

  • News Kinect PlayFit - First Impressions

    Free. Worth every penny.

    So, Kinect PlayFit has been out for about a week, and it seems that folks are racking up the burnt calories like there's no tomorrow. The free app (available from your Xbox dashboard) tracks your play across 10 different Kinect titles, tracking how many calories you burn and awarding achievements and avatar awards based on...

Friday25th May 2012