Talking Point: What Did You Think Of The Xbox Kinect?

These days, there aren't many Xbox fans still using their Kinect Sensors - and that's because since the launch of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, there hasn't been a way to utilise them at all during this console generation.

Even though Microsoft has clearly moved on, the Kinect was undoubtedly a big part of Xbox's strategy at one point in time, receiving its debut during the Xbox 360 era and then being bundled with the Xbox One at launch in 2013. The latter was a controversial move of course, and eventually Xbox took the hint and made it an optional purchase.

There were some memorable games for Xbox Kinect over the years, including the likes of Kinect Sports, Dance Central, Kinect Adventures!, Fable: The Journey, a ridiculous number of Just Dance titles, and a bunch of others.

Nevertheless, you could argue that a lot of them haven't really stood the test of time, and obviously they're harder to enjoy nowadays considering they're not backwards compatible. We still think that's a shame, but it s what it is!

So, what did you think of the Xbox Kinect? Were you a fan, or did you have little interest in it? Tell us below!

Let us know your thoughts on the Xbox Kinect down in the poll and comments section.

Were You A Fan Of The Kinect? (425 votes)

  1. I thought it was awesome to be honest!28%
  2. It was pretty good actually23%
  3. It was alright I suppose15%
  4. Let's be real, it wasn't very good20%
  5. It was absolutely terrible!15%