This is Rallyball, of course

It's the perennial Christmas quandary: what do you get for the person who has everything? That's the problem facing Microsoft and Kinect Adventures – if the game is included with every Kinect sold, what do you give to gamers who like it? The answer is the Kinect Adventures Live Token, of course.

Essentially a redeemable download code, the Live Token grants the user two additional levels of Rallyball and an extra stage for Reflex Bridge. It's not currently known how you'll be able to obtain a code, but the smart money is on it being already included in the box when purchased, which would certainly be a smart way for Microsoft to convince all the new Xbox 360 owners to hook their consoles up to Xbox Live.

It remains to be seen whether these Live Tokens will be available for other Kinect titles, but if this one is successful expect future titles to make use of this simpler method of offering downloadable content.