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  • Feature The Best Free Demos You Can Download On Xbox One, Xbox Series X

    There are over 100 free demos available!

    The idea of a free demo is certainly a bit of a thing of the past in 2021 compared to ten or twenty years ago, but nevertheless there are still well over 100 free demos you can download on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. There's something for everyone too, from major AAA releases to hidden indie...

  • News Join the Party with a Free Zumba Fitness Demo on Xbox Live

    Or don't

    Funky rhythm fitness game Zumba Fitness: Join the Party may not be the best exercise game on Kinect — in fact, it's one of the worst — but if you wanted to bring a little Latin flavour to your home workout you can now do so for absolutely nothing, thanks to a demo. Exclusive to Gold Members, the Zumba Fitness demo weighs in at a 4GB...

  • Rumour Kinect Adventures Disc Loaded with Demos

    Try out new titles with pack-in game

    Everybody who buys Kinect will get Kinect Adventures, but there might be a hidden surprise in the game as well, with current rumours pointing to the disc containing three playable demos. Short bursts of Dance Central, Kinect Joy Ride and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved are all apparently featured on the DVD,...