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Don't know whether to choose a wall mount or a TV clip for your Kinect? Accessory manufacturer CTA Digital has the perfect solution for such a quandary: a peripheral that does both.

The new Universal Wall Mount & Clip for the Kinect Camera & PlayStation Eye can be adjusted either to sit on top of the TV or attach to the wall, and fits a range of TV sets too. If you're a multi-format owner and enjoy PlayStation Move games too, the clip also fits the PlayStation Eye camera.

You can preorder at Amazon for $14.99, or wait until the add-on hits other retailers later this year.

New Universal Mount keeps your Kinect Camera or PlayStation Eye Right Where You Want It

Motion Gaming just got easier with CTA Digital's new solution for precise console setup. This sleek looking mount is an optimal key for gamers with multiple consoles in their homes

Brooklyn, NY - CTA Digital ( announces the new Universal Wall Mount and Clip for the Kinect Camera and PlayStation Eye. Keeping the motion control sensor safely installed where it can be properly focused on the gaming action is ideally at the top and center of the TV screen. Given the wide variety of gaming setups and TV sizes available, console owners have found that finding the optimal space balance can sometimes be difficult to achieve. This new mount provides a flexible solution to these issues.

The universal mount and clip fits both the PlayStation Eye and the Kinect Camera, and switches easily between the two. The mount has an adjustable clip that can fit the slimmest flat screen to one that is 4.5" deep, thereby fitting most flat screen TVs. An adhesive pad provides a safe, slip-free attachment that doesn't leave marks.

Kinect sensors clip onto the camera mount and are locked into place, while the PlayStation Eye slides into a dedicated slot. Once mounted, the camera angles can be rotated and adjusted. The cameras can later be swapped easily while the clip remains in place on the TV.

This mounting kit also includes a special bracket to make wall placement easy for players who use projectors or wider TVs. The wall bracket is secured with two screws to make a solid mount, and the camera base then mates onto the bracket with a key-cut alignment slot and locking screw.