The thing you never knew you wanted

Ever been frustrated by not knowing where to stand in your play area to get the most accurate detection from Kinect? Then accessory manufacturer CTA Digital has the solution to your problems!

The Perfect Range Game Mat sits on your carpet and tells you exactly where you should stand, whether playing solo or with a friend, to get the most from Kinect.

We'll let the video and press release explain this new Kinect accessory.

New Kinect Game Mat Keeps Game Play In the Zone
Keep active games uninterrupted with the new Perfect Range Game Mat for the Xbox 360 Kinect from CTA Digital.
Brooklyn, NY - CTA Digital ( launches the Perfect Range Game Mat for a fun motion gaming experience. Millions of Kinect owners are discovering the joys of controller-free gaming, but in all that activity it is easy to become misaligned with the camera and end up outside the gaming zone. The Game Mat has padded protection for your floors and is precisely sized to establish a clear visual guide for an optimal play space when centered at a 4-6 foot distance from the Kinect's camera.

The game mat is of an optimal 55" to 78" size to fit almost any entertainment room, with enough space between each player also helps avoid any possible chances of bumping into each other while playing. Its colorful design delineates 1 and 2 player gaming zones to avoid losing track of where to stand. Even if a player does hop out of sensor range, it's easy to quickly get back into the game with the help of the visual markings.

This mat can be enjoyed with all Kinect games, such as Fighters Uncaged, Dance Central, Kinect Adventures, Your Shape,
and Kinectimals. Even while punching, kicking, dancing or bowling; players of all ages will have an instant reminder of their
proper play-zones. Made of durable antislip material, it reduces noise and gives padded protection to floors and rugs. Once
the game session is over, the mat rolls up easily. The package also includes a practical storage bag for the mat.