Xbox Game Pass is already filling up for 2023, and if you're looking for a list of everything coming to Game Pass in 2023, you've come to the right place! Below, we've picked out the complete list of games announced for Xbox Game Pass in 2023 so far, and we'll keep updating this as more are announced throughout the year.

Note: The video in this article was produced back in early 2023 and doesn't include some of the most recent Xbox Game Pass announcements for this year.

If you're looking specifically for news on all the games coming soon and leaving soon in February 2023 on Xbox Game Pass, we've provided a separate guide elsewhere on Pure Xbox:

Xbox Game Pass: The Complete 2023 List So Far

Date Game Platform
January 3 Stranded Deep Console, PC, Cloud
January 5 Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition Console, PC, Cloud
January 19 Persona 3 Portable Console, PC, Cloud
January 19 Persona 4 Golden Console, PC, Cloud
January 20 Monster Hunter Rise Console, PC, Cloud
January 25 Hi-Fi RUSH Series X, Series S, PC, Cloud
January 27 GoldenEye 007 Console, Cloud
January 30 RoboQuest (Game Preview) Console
January 31 Age Of Empires 2: Definitive Edition Console, Cloud
January 31 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R Console, PC, Cloud
January 31 Inkulinati Console, PC, Cloud
February 2 Darkest Dungeon Console, PC, Cloud
February 2 GRID Legends Cloud
February 7 Hot Wheels Unleashed - GOTY Edition Console, PC, Cloud
February 9 Madden NFL 23 (EA Play) Console, PC
February 9 SD Gundam Battle Alliance Console, PC, Cloud
February 14 Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Console, PC, Cloud
February 15 Cities: Skylines Remastered Series X, Series S, PC
February 16 Shadow Warrior 3: Definitive Edition Console, PC, Cloud
February 21 Atomic Heart Console, PC, Cloud
February 28 Merge & Blade Console, PC, Cloud
February 28 Soul Hackers 2 Console, PC, Cloud
March 2 F1 22 (EA Play) Console, PC
March 3 Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Console, PC, Cloud
March 7 Guilty Gear Strive Console, PC, TBD
March 9 Dead Space 2 Cloud
March 9 Dead Space 3 Cloud
March 14 Valheim Console, TBD
March 21 Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Console, PC
March 28 MLB The Show 23 Console, TBD
March 30 Infinite Guitars Console, PC, TBD
April 6 Everspace 2 - Full Release PC
April 12 Ghostwire: Tokyo Series X, Series S, PC, Cloud
April 18 Minecraft Legends Console, PC, Cloud
April 20 Coffee Talk Episode 2 Console, PC, Cloud
April 26 Cassette Beasts PC
April 27 The Last Case of Benedict Fox Console, PC, Cloud
April TBD Homestead Arcana PC, Console?
May 2 Redfall Series X, Series S, PC
May 11 Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2 Console, PC, TBD
May 16 Amnesia: The Bunker Console, TBD
July 6 Sword and Fairy 7 Console, PC, TBD
July 14 Exoprimal Console, TBD
August 18 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Console, PC, TBD
August TBD Lies of P Console, TBD
September 6 Starfield Console, PC, Cloud
Spring TBD Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle Console, PC, TBD
Spring TBD Cassette Beasts Console
Spring TBD Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn Console, PC, TBD
Spring TBD Planet of Lana Console, TBD
Summer TBD Everspace 2 Xbox Series X|S
TBD Large Batch Of Activision Games Console, TBD
TBD Age Of Empires 4 Console, Cloud
TBD Age of Mythology: Retold PC
TBD Ara: History Untold PC
TBD Ark 2 Console, TBD
TBD Bounty Star Console, TBD
TBD Bushiden Console, TBD
TBD Cities: Skylines 2 Xbox Series X|S, TBD
TBD Cocoon Console, TBD
TBD Dungeons 4 Console, PC, TBD
TBD Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Console, PC, TBD
TBD Ereban: Shadow Legacy Console, PC, TBD
TBD Flock Console, TBD
TBD Forza Motorsport Console, PC, Cloud
TBD Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery Console
TBD Hollow Knight: Silksong Console, PC, TBD
TBD Humankind Console
TBD Infinite Guitars Console, PC, Cloud
TBD Lightyear Frontier Console, PC, TBD
TBD Mad Streets TBD
TBD Magical Delicacy Console, PC, TBD
TBD Maquette Console, TBD
TBD Marauders PC
TBD Party Animals Console, TBD
TBD Pigeon Simulator Console, TBD
TBD Railway Empire 2 Console, PC, TBD
TBD Ravenlok Console, PC, TBD
TBD Replaced Console, PC, TBD
TBD Routine Console, TBD
TBD She Dreams Elsewhere Console, TBD
TBD Solar Ash Console, TBD
TBD Spirittea Console, PC, Cloud
TBD Stalker 2 Console, PC, Cloud
TBD The Big Con Console, TBD
TBD The Lamplighters League Console, TBD
TBD Thirsty Suitors Console, TBD
TBD Turnip Boy Robs A Bank Console, TBD
TBD Venba Console, PC, TBD
TBD Warhammer 40k: Darktide Console
TBD Way To The Woods Console, TBD

What are you most looking forward to on Xbox Game Pass in 2023? Let us know down in the comments below.

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