We have a solid release date for when we'll be scared out of our minds on Xbox Game Pass! That's right, Gun Media's multiplayer adaptation of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is coming to the service day one on August 18th, 2023. Hooray!

This latest asymmetric online effort opts for a 4 Vs. 3 setup - quite different to other similar titles like Dead by Daylight and Gun's previous multiplayer scare-fest Friday the 13th.

Still, it's keeping the spookyness that's for sure. From what we've seen of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre so far it looks properly scary, sticking to the original movie's classic visual style which knows how the ratchet up the tension.

We'll hopefully see some more of the game in action sooner than August as well. A tech test is happening a few months prior to launch, beginning on May 25th. The team will bring news on how to access this preview in the run up to its launch.

Are you looking forward to this one? Or are you as scared as us about it? Let us know down below.