We've got quite a few interesting new releases coming to Xbox in April 2023 that might slip under your radar, and one of them is Bramble: The Mountain King which releases for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on April 27th.

This adventure title is described as a "gripping and unsettling journey" in which you play the role of a young boy who sets off to rescue her sister after she's kidnapped by a troll. Inspired by dark Nordic fables, the game challenges you to "survive deadly encounters with Bramble's many hideous creatures" as you explore a "wondrous" landscape.

Bramble: The Mountain King already has a free demo for PC and PlayStation which has received good feedback so far, but unfortunately there's no sign of a demo for Xbox as of yet.

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We'll leave some more details and screenshots down below:

"Bramble The Mountain King takes you on a gripping and unsettling journey through stunning environments. Take on the role of Olle, a young boy setting off to rescue his sister, kidnapped by a dreaded troll.

Call upon the Spark of Courage, an enchanted fragment granting the gifts you need to endure the pitfalls and trials in your path. Defeat the horrid creatures you encounter in different and unique ways. Be warned, courage without kindness can take you down a dark path."

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