One of our most anticipated Xbox Game Pass titles for May was Amnesia: The Bunker, but unfortunately, the team has announced a short delay. Frictional's horror sequel will now launch on June 6th, 2023, marking one of the first confirmed Game Pass titles for the month of June.

The developer says that this delay is due to "unforeseen certification issues" that have cropped up right at the last moment. The slight launch date shift will enable the team to "rectify the problem and ensure the best possible gameplay experience upon release".

One nice little bonus that comes from this delay is the announcement that a free Steam demo will now launch on May 22nd, so players will be able to give Amnesia: The Bunker a whirl on PC ahead of the new launch date.

Many of us Xbox players won't need to make any sort of purchasing risk anyway, because as mentioned, this is a day one Xbox Game Pass title. If it's as good as Amnesia: Rebirth, there shouldn't be much risk!

[Update:] In addition to Amnesia: The Bunker, an Xbox Game Pass announcement that went very much under the radar earlier this week was Dordogne, which is a "unique narrative experience" that's coming to Xbox on June 13th, 2023.

In this game, you'll "explore the stunning landscapes of Dordogne in hand-painted watercolors" while embarking on a "unique and heartwarming narrative experience", and everything we've seen of it so far looks just lovely!

You'll find more details about Dordogne down below.

"Immerse yourself in a unique narrative experience, embarking on a vibrant journey that will awaken your senses and evoke warm memories.

Play as Mimi, exploring the precious recollections of your childhood and the times shared with your late grandmother. As past meets present, confront your adult choices with fond childhood memories to uncover lost family secrets."

Are you going to be playing these games on Xbox Game Pass in June? Let us know down below.