Yes, as it turns, the widely rumoured release date for Mundfish and Focus Entertainment's upcoming FPS, Atomic Heart, is in fact 100% correct.

As we reported yesterday, an anonymous source via WhatIfGaming, reported that the game is set to launch on February 21st 2023, a date that also includes the game's official Xbox Game Pass arrival. Now, a brand new gameplay trailer - which you can watch above - has confirmed that release date to be accurate.

Judging by the reveal trailer - which also confirms that pre-orders for a variety of editions of the game are now available - we're in for an action-packed jaunt through a violent future dystopia when this one lands in Q1 of next year.

The line-up of versions currently available to pre-order include a Standard, Gold and Premium edition, the latter of which includes exclusive weapon and armour skins, upcoming DLC access and a digital artbook.

Looking forward to Atomic Heart arriving early next year? Let us know below!