The standard version of F1 Manager 2023 officially arrives on Xbox next Monday (July 31st), but it's actually already available to play right now if you're willing to purchase the slightly more expensive Deluxe Edition.

With the game now in players' hands, that means we've also got some reviews! Nearly all of these are based on the PC version of the game (we only received console code yesterday), so keep that in mind as we take a look below.

So, what's the consensus? It's a slightly mixed bag, but in general it sounds like Frontier Developments has addressed a good number of issues from the previous game — making it a tougher management experience in the process — and that's even led IGN to crown it as "one of the best management games on the market today". Impressive!

Here's a look at some of the F1 Manager 2023 reviews we've found across the web:

The Loadout (9/10)

"From the state of your team’s memorabilia room to how aggressive your drivers should defend in the final lap of a grand prix, F1 Manager 2023 is unique in giving you complete control of a Formula One team on and off the track. It’s a feature-rich, deep management sim with stunning race-day visuals that only improves on the incredible experience offered by its predecessor."

IGN (8/10)

"F1 Manager 2023 is a textbook definition of what a yearly game should be. It's not just a good racing sim, it's one of the best management games on the market today."

VideoGamer (8/10)

"F1 Manager 2023 improves on its predecessor in every way possible, with new driver development attributes, sprint races, more depth in car part development, more driver tactics, realistic tyre degradation, a whole new mode full of real-life scenarios, and more. The downtime between races is still a little dull, but it's finally a worthy pickup for every Formula One fan."

PC Gamer (72/100)

"This second attempt isn't going to convince anyone who wasn't won over by the first game, but for newcomers, anyone picking this up is still likely to be impressed by the TV presenters, impressive driver likenesses and depth of team simulation."

TheSixthAxis (7/10)

"F1 Manager 23 evolves and grows upon the foundations of Frontier's motorsports sim, adding an accessible new Race Replay mode based on real-world events, and expanding some key options for team management. However, it's not quite there with the overall presentation, and there's some AI quirks that you need to babysit through race weekends, whether you're fighting for every point possible or hunting for championships."

In general, there's plenty of positivity surrounding F1 Manager 2023, and we're excited to get stuck into the game over the next few days after enjoying our time with the 2022 version last year. It currently holds a 78 rating on Metacritic and 76 rating on OpenCritic, but both of these are only based on a handful of reviews so far.

Are you playing F1 Manager 2023 on Xbox already? Tell us down in the comments below.

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