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​So Long, And Thanks for All the Clicks

Posted by Ken Barnes

Game Over

On July 18th, 2012, I took over as editor of the very site you're reading. Back then, of course, it was a Kinect-focused publication by the name of KINECTaku. Within a relatively short space of time, it was obvious that we needed to refocus on the bigger picture. There's only so many times we can write articles about the different voice commands you can use to navigate the dashboard, after all…

So, Pure Xbox was born just a few months later, with the goal being to serve the wider Xbox community. We've done many good things since then. We've broken some big news stories, provided honest reviews and – as was my want – have attempted to provide coverage of games of every size, refusing to look down on any game simply because it was made by a smaller studio. From Action Henk to Gears of War to Zoo Tycoon and back again, we saw it as our responsibility to make sure that people were informed about ALL of the games that were available to buy. We ran two successful and memorable GameBlast marathon events to raise money for Special Effect, pulling in a nice couple of grand in donations for a great cause. It's no exaggeration to say that we've given away thousands upon thousands of pounds of games and hardware, both during those events and via regular contests.

We've stuck with the Xbox platform through ups and downs and even when it was "on the ropes" in some people's eyes, my intention was that we would never resort to playground barbs or blind fanboy dedication to the brand in order to get hits. We didn't disrespect PlayStation 4 owners or their favourite games, even though – given the sad state of things – taking that approach would probably have doubled our traffic. Still, we resisted. When Microsoft screwed up, we told you that they screwed up. When they did well, we told you about that, too.

It's no joke to say that as a part of our daily news coverage, on average, we provided exclusive news about brand new and never-before-announced games about six or seven times a month. I'm not claiming that we were uncovering AAA-sized titles of course - though we did from time to time - but we were still exclusively revealing new games to Xbox One owners, providing information ahead of time so that when new products randomly turned up on the Xbox Game Store (as they often do) our readers weren't left thinking "What the heck is this, now?"

That made us happy.

I know that we have regular and dedicated visitors. Genuinely good people that retweet our articles, turn up to watch livestreams, comment on stories that are relevant to them every day and get involved in lively discussions. I'd list them, but I'd end up missing someone out, so I won't. I may not have always agreed with each and every one of your points myself, but you folks have helped carry the site along without the comment system here ever coming close to collapsing into fanboy hell. For that, and for every piece of support you've shown us, we all thank you.

But, even with Microsoft set to usher in new consoles that will change the landscape more than a little bit, we can't go on.

So, it's with great sadness that myself and the management team have decided that this is the final post and that as of now, Pure Xbox is closed.

Our staff was dedicated to the cause of building a site that informed and therefore empowered the Xbox community, but we could all only be expected to contribute so much in the face of almost complete apathy from the Xbox fanbase. We've tried as much as we can and as many things as we can, but there's little more that we can do. Without readers, there's no advertising. Without advertising, there's no money. Without money, writers and staff are continuing to contribute in their free time, working all day to earn their living and then coming home to write articles that encourage readers to get involved and play great games, when they could indeed just be settling in to decompress and play a few themselves.

I don't feel comfortable in asking them to do that anymore.

The comments system and forum will stay open for a while, but there will be no new articles.

The Future

While I am sad that something I've worked on more or less every day of my life for four years is being shut down, I'm proud that despite our limitations, we as a team were able to live up to my own expectations and to create a site that I would want to read. On a personal note, I'd like to offer my thanks to Dave, Anthony, Emma, Josie, Red, Lucie, Tyler, Wayne, Adam, Des, Justin T., and everyone else who worked to contribute to the site. Also, to Damien, Ant, and Daz from Nlife for giving us the chance to at least try to build something great. You guys all rule.

I'm also proud that - given that I swear like a truck driver in real life - I managed to write nearly 2,800 articles here without once dropping an f-bomb. Go me!

Of course, Tom and the team at Nintendo Life and Sammy and the team at Push Square will – as they always have – continue to provide great content for Nintendo and Sony fans and we encourage you to check them out if you haven't already!

You'll still be able to reach myself and the team via [email protected] if you need to for a good while yet and I may actually have time to reply. Once I've had a day off and finally finished that second run through of Jet Set Radio Future, of course…

For now though, enjoy what you play and play what you enjoy. Peace!

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Apoc112 said:

Thanks for being a great voice in the community and I wish you all the best for the future



Red620Ti said:

Well, I just wanna say that learning from you guys was a great experience, and thanks for the opportunity. And Ant, in case you read this, I'm sorry I came off as a dick, its just hard to see something that you've worked on and cared about become yesterdays news, you know?

Thanks guys, its been a blast.

And Ken, I've already told you what I think, but you were a damn fine editor, and deserve more than this. Take a holiday man!



wiggleronacid said:

Wow, this is very sad and I didn't see this coming at all. I loved using all three of these sites as I'm an all-around gamer, so it'll be odd not to have anywhere to talk about the XBOX One. Thanks for all of content guys, as well as the rest of community that made the site what it is. Hope for the best and I'll keep my fingers crossed for a comeback!

Til then, I guess I'll see most of you guys on pushsquare and nintendolife!



sakanakami said:

Sad to see you guys go. I always enjoyed your articles more than some other sites out there.



II_Of_Seven said:

Thank you Ken & the PureXbox team. I am sad now but knowing I've made friends here for life I am little less sad.... and the memory will live on, as I have a PureXbox business card from Ken himself which will be kept for all eternity in a safe place to remember the good times.



ShihTzuOnYou said:

You were always one of the best publications, with great editing, and you, Ken, had impeccable grammar that I always appreciated. Many other "publications" put out half-assed content, with people who, frankly, should never have been authors and several who push biased views. So, for that, you will be missed.



antdickens said:

@Red620Ti don't worry, I totally understand where you're coming from - after all I've worked on the site since day zero (nearly 6 years ago) and certainly isn't the outcome I or we wanted.



get2sammyb said:

Congrats for all your achievements on Pure Xbox, guys. It's been a pleasure to work alongside you, and we'll be sure to try and continue as many of your ideals — the desire to spotlight smaller titles, your amazing charity work — on Push Square as possible.

All the best.



shonenjump86 said:

Darn, I'm gonna miss this site. Along with PushSquare and NintendoLife this was one of my main sites to visit. I barely check out ign now. Thanks Ken and the rest of the staff on Pure Xbox for all the articles. If you guys ever make a new Xbox site, you better believe I'll show up.



crippyd said:

@SuperKMx I'm so sad to read that this brilliant site has finished. I've enjoyed coming here and reading ALL the articles, enjoying the forums and participating in the lively discussions. I hope you and the rest of the guys (and I mean that in the none gender specific way) at pureXBOX write for other amazing sites. I would love to read more of your work and hopefully you get to write for other Xbox specific sites. All the best!



DesiccantOwl said:

Very sad news, especially after such a strong E3 run. All the best everyone. I hope we will meet again soon.



BAMozzy said:

Well I really didn't see this coming!!!

First off, I want to thank Ken and all the staff who have worked tirelessly on this site - its been my go to site for all things 'Xbox' since I came across after the closure of OXM (along with a number of others) and have visited everyday since so it will be sad to see you go.

I know I may not always agree with 'everyone' but the fact we can share our opinions, have great discussion and feel free to contribute has only made this site a credit to its staff and the community that it served.

Hopefully I will still see many of you around on PushSquare but I understand many will probably never visit.

Once again thank you to all at PureXbox and hope we will meet again soon.



lucieisawesome said:

Absolutely gutted. Thanks everybody for the kind words and most of all to Ken, who is one hell of an Editor and the best boss we could have ever wished for.

It's so sad to see it go.



Jairo_MC said:

I'm a recent Xbox One owner and this site was my go to place for everything related to Xbox. I have great respect and appreciation for the team and you truly had something special here. I didn't use to comment often but out of the 3 sites this was the most level-headed and wasn't fanboysh at all. I hope that all the team get to write soon as I loved reading pureXbox. Thanks for all the great work!



RustyBullet said:

Man that sux. Sorry that you guys are going and I for one will miss the articles. It was great being part of a community that wasn't always trying to play one system off against the other. The comments sections are not as poisonous in comparison with some other gaming sites either. At the end of the day Bills need to be paid and if there is no revenue coming in Love and passion doesn't put food on the table. I love games of all sorts and Pure Xbox's approach to Reviewing always came across as True, I have already said this, but this is one site I will truly be sorry to see go. Thanx so much for all of your hard work and the best of luck for the future. : (



A_BabyRed_Yoshi said:

Wow, what a sad day. I know I'm just reiterating what the others have already said, but everyone who worked on this site has done a phenomenal job, which has made it a very special website for many Xbox gamers, including myself. I won't soon forget the great articles I read here, and I will always have the utmost respect for the team and community here.



shadowhive said:

Such sad news, thanks for everything guys. I got my X-box one last year, which was my first ever xbox and you guys have been my very first source for info and such since then. You guys have helped keep me up to date with the latest info and have had so many awesome giveaways. Through your streams I saw games I'd never have given a second thought about and helped me decide to get them to have more adventures in these game, and one thing I'll always remember from them is how welcoming and nice you were during them, and how willing you'd be to answer questions and such.

So thank you guys so much for everything and good luck.



realbehan88 said:

Sorry to see this news. Got my Xbox one at Xmas but have been visiting the site for past year or so daily. Wasn't massively active within the comments sections or forums but enjoyed reading all the articles and views of everyone involved. Good luck in the future to all involved and I shall keep an eye for any future projects.



jongred said:

Very sad news. This is my favorite site for gaming news and all your articles have helped me to decide to buy some great games I otherwise would have missed. Thank you guys for all the laughs and your commitments. Wish you the best of luck in the future and may gaming still unite us for years to come.



rogXue said:

wow, thanks for the fun! Here's hoping the future is bright for all of you.



BAMozzy said:

@get2sammyb Is it possible to have a specific 'Xbox' section in the Forums of PushSquare? I know that goes against the sites main focus but there is also a crossover of titles as well as gamers and it would be good to keep the community together - as long as everyone remains civil and understand the main focus of PushSquare of course.

If not, I fully understand. I know a lot of the more active members here also frequent PushSquare anyway but it would be nice to see others come across too.



Tasuki said:

But April Fools was a few months ago. In all seriousness, Thank you Ken and Staff.



Acksaw said:

Got to say you guys have done a cracking job and have been my go to site for honest and unbiased reviews.

You will be sorely missed. Thank you to Ken and all.



OldWeeDog said:

Ahhh crap. I've been a long time lurker and as a newbie xbox owner ( got 1st ever xbox last summer) this is pants. Cheers for all the articles etc. Sad to see you go and good luck for the future Ken and all.



Falco1863 said:

Thank you to EVERYONE at PureXbox for the wonderful articles and reviews, and the civil discussions about all things game related. I could always count on getting my dose of Xbox-related info here in a friendly, encouraging, and fun environment, with intelligent and (sometimes;) ) witty repartee from the authors and readers. God speed to everyone involved at PureXbox in their future projects!



renatto said:

I'm sad now! I did not comment often, but check the site several times a day for news and reviews. I can't believe it's real. You did GREAT JOB and we will miss You and your site!

Wish You the best in the future and Thanks for all the good things You gave to us!



Garet_Jax said:

Really sad to see this. You guys were THE place to find out whether or not any of those random weekly releases were decent. The bigger sites have completely stopped doing that, at least for Xbox. Thanks for always wading through the indie waters and helping us figure out what to spend our $9.99 or $14.99 on.

I feel bad, because I spend most of my comment time on NL. But you always had my clicks and retweets. I'll miss coming by to peruse new reviews or desperately hope for a new Backwards Compat article.

Good luck to everyone on future projects! If this site was any indication, then that future is indeed quite bright.



sorethumbed said:

So sorry to see this happen. Although the community may have been small, it was friendly and like Carlsberg, the best site for Xbox on the interweb thingie (probably). Thank you all for your contributions, sorry that your efforts have brought you all so little in the way of rewards. I believe in Karma (kinda) and somehow, somewhere, you will gey your reward.



Souldin said:

'So, it's with great sadness that myself and the management team have decided that this is the final post and that as of now, Pure Xbox is closed.'

Wait... What!? This is sudden... and terrible news. I may not be a big long-term Xbox fan, I've only really started getting invested in the brand with my purchase of an Xbox One, but I absolutely love this site.

The recent E3 livestream made this ever more apparent to me, as I had the most fun watching the conferences when it was alongside the live chat featuring staff members and fellow readers of this site. The articles have always been great, and in having an Xbox One, this site has been my go to place for reviews and news regarding the system. To hear that this great site, through which I even received a copy of Project Spark, is closing... it is truly saddening.

I want to thank all of the staff members of Pure Xbox for giving me a wonderful readership experience. For the great articles, reviews, news updates, streams, and competitions. I doubt I'll ever forget the What Games Are You Playing This Weekend? articles, which is easily one of the best ideas any video news outlet has come up with. Thank you very much Pure Xbox, and I'm sorry to hear the news of this sudden closure.

I'd also like to thank my fellow readers and members, it's been real fun reading your comments and conversing with you.



Luigi_Skywalker said:

Wow, this is so sad. I loved this site, personally I think it's the best Xbox site out there. You will be sorely missed Pure Xbox, you guys were great.



Cyberbotv2 said:

Wow, terribly sad news. I hope for all the best and great success moving forward for every person that worked on this site.



JaxonH said:

Oh man, I wasn't expecting this.

I know this site was small but, I loved the fact that it was always bout the games. You guys are awesome, and I hope you'll assimilate into PushSquare and NintendoLife so the community sticks around.

I know we never spoke much, but I appreciate all your hard work for this site. You guys helped convince me to buy my X1, which probably wouldn't have happened if not for PureXbox.

I hope we'll see you on NintendoLife and perhaps even PushSquare (can't remember if you game on PS). Really enjoy your reviews. You'd be a great asset over at N-Life, assuming that's somehing you still want of course.

The the rest of the staff, thanks guys.

And to anyone here, you can find me gaming on Xbox, Nintendo and Playstation. Just check my gamer ID for each system in my profile. See you guys on PushSquare and N-Life



dok5555555 said:

Sorry to see you go, best of luck to everyone on staff. I always looked forward to seeing news on videogames from NL, PS, and PX. I always wondered why you guys didn't get more comments on your articles like NL and PS did. It's too bad there wasn't enough xbox love or whatever it is that caused this. I'm mostly a nintendo fan but my first real non nintendo console was a 360 and it was a great console. Don't know where I'll get my xbox info now. Good luck and thanks for covering xbox.



Captain_Chao5 said:

Whaaaaaaaaaat? Am on holiday but will post later. For now, thanks to Ken and team for making a great forum to hangout. I'll definitely miss it. 😢



SwitchVogel said:

I don't have an Xbox, but I still checked in on this site every now and again to see how things were getting along. You guys have done some excellent work here, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.



OneBradley13 said:

I literally signed up two days ago so that I could start commenting and be a bit more active on here. Shame to see this place go! I have visited here most days over the last six months (only got a One for Xmas) and loved all of your work. Hopefully see some of you on Nintendo Life. All the best and thanks for the memories!!



EternalDragonX said:

Keep the club alive on Forza Horizon 3 and we will see you there. Thank you guys for all the honest opinions and reviews. Purexbox was my go-to website for coffee in the mornings and some reading. Sad to see you go but I know witg keeping the integrity of your jounalism you will be great in whatever is next for you. God bless fellas




Such sad news,thank you all for a fantastic site,my goto for everything Xbox. Enjoyed & proud to have took part in the 2 Gameblast weekends to help you raise a fantastic amount of money for Special Effect. Was more of a reader & re-tweeter than a commenter but loved the articles and it wont be the same not seeing posts from PureXbox and the odd competition pop up on my feed. Great,honest reviews (active soccer 2 DX springs to mind @SuperKMx 😂) will be sorely missed.
Thanks again guys,its been a bloody good time 👍🍻



MaccaMUFC said:

Aw I'm gutted! This was the only site I went to for anything relating Xbox since the closure of OXM. I hope the plan BAMozzy suggested goes ahead because I visit PushSquare on a daily basis even though I don't own a PS4.

I wish Ken and co all the best for the future and hope we see more of them again soon.



holchasaur said:

Thanks for all the wonderful comments! I'm going to miss this community very, very much, that I can promise you. If you guys want to keep in touch, you can find me on Twitter @DaveLetcavage.



sinalefa said:

This really sucks. Thank you Ken for not selling out to the almighty clickbait. Your integrity will be sorely missed.

Also thank you to the rest of the staff and readers. I didnt spend a lot of time here but I enjoyed it.

Best of luck on your future projects!



VanillaLake said:

I am an unbiased person with nothing against Nintendo (I have been a Nintendo fan all my life) nor Sony (I like my PS4 since I got it in 2014) nor Microsoft (I like my Xbox One very much since I recently got one), but let's tell some truth about this group's websites. I am not the only one who thinks PureXbox is/was a website without click-baits, without 40 pointless and childish entries per day like the others (more PushSquare than Nintendo Life, actually). I don't care about fanboys' wars as I don't have a 5 years-old mind inside my adult body and I don't enjoy fanboyism's stenches when I just want to read news and articles about video games. Sorry for being politically incorrect and I know you won't support my opinion but why in earth should I be hypocritical now?

@PureXbox I am a journalist with a degree and I can say that, objectively, the best website of the three is without a doubt PureXbox. I have friends on Nintendo Life and PushSquare but that's a different part of the story. Best journalism: PureXbox. The community here is also incredible, the best I've met! Not always the most successful are the best, never forget that. There are only two kinds of video games websites that are successful nowadays: gutter press websites and Eurogamer. But, hey, I hope you can change that someday!

@DRL You are one of the best reviewers I have followed in all my life and a really nice guy.

@SuperKMx You are a really good website editor and an honest and nice person. Congratulations for your principles.



Ryno said:

Sorry to hear this news. I agree with the others who have said this is the best site of the 3 (the others being @NintendoLife and @PushSquare of course). The environment created here was vary unique (less "fanboyism" and had a lot of rational and mature members in the comments and forums) for a video game site.

I blame Don Mattrick for this too!




crazycrazydave said:

Good luck in the future guys, i only just discovered this site recently, and made sure to visit it to see if there are any interesting articles. See you guys on the other sites.



KelticDevil said:


Yep.....I'll just say [email protected]#@! Don Mattrick!


I completely agree. I have never visited NintendoLife, but Push Square is a joke. But, I guess if you are a PlayStation sheep.....then that's probably what you want. This site had great articles w/ no fanboy bias. It's truely a sad day.



SuperKMx said:

Thank you everyone, for the very kind words. It means a lot.

I'll see y'all around the bend.



KelticDevil said:


If you have read any of my comments during my time posting & reading here, you know I say how I feel & I don't b.s. regardless of who it pisses off.

So, when I say that this was the best Xbox website I have ever encountered in my many years of Xbox know it's the truth.

I would like to personally thank Ken & his staff for putting together an excellent website with unbiased articles & reviews. You guys did an amazing job. And to put up with my ornery, stubborn, Irish guys are alright in my book.

I wish you all the best and I hope you get another Xbox website going someday. If you do. I will come and populate (and probably tick off people) in your comment sections every day. Now go pound a Guiness & move on to bigger & better things. You guys deserve it. Cheers!



KelticDevil said:


I sent you a friend request over Xbox Live. We seem to agree a lot & it's cool that you just got into Xbox gaming. Glad to have ya on board!

And to anyone else that wants to stay in touch, I can be found on Xbox Live. My gamertag is Keltic Devil (same as my name here, except a space in-between). It's been great commenting, discussing. & sometimes arguing with you all! I will miss it.



KelticDevil said:


Well, I could come back over to Push Square for a minute......start some @%?!......and then you could give me a permanent vacation?

Ya know.....just for old time's sake.



jbrewer99 said:

Wow I'm so sorry this hasn't worked for you all. I love all three sites and pure xbox is the first site I read when I come home from work each day. I'll truly miss you all and your great reviews and articles. I wish there was something I or we could do to help you keep it alive and get you some income. It's not a lot but I'd be happy to contribute monthly via patreon if you want to try that route. If you think there are enough readers at least. I'll keep checking back so if you try something like that I'll see it an be a part. Good luck to you all with whatever you do next.



Dpishere said:

Man this is literally the only site I trust for Xbox related news and with it gone I can't help but feel sad about that. Still, while the site had a dedicated fan base it didn't seem to be growing so this unfortunately doesn't really surprise me because the reality is that sites need money to run, and the little traffic this one received obviously wasn't enough to pay the bills. I am going to miss all of the well written articles and unbiased reviews, so thank you for all of the hard work you guys have put in the site and I wish you well in all of your future efforts!



Anthinator said:

I just got home from work and I'm reading through all of these comments and getting a bit teary-eyed. It's been a pleasure bringing each and every one of you the Xbox news you crave whether it be a simple news post or a review I stayed up late working on. I'm still new to this games journalism thing and I'm very appreciative of everyone that read my work, whether you liked it or not.

If anyone wants to reach out, follow me on Twitter @anthonybacchus



yinhh said:

This sucks. I've been regular of this site for around a year or something, usually checking once a day. Never bothered to register until now (I usually use discus to comment on sites). Between major nelson, wpcentral, xblafans, and here, this is my favorite site to visit to get up to date Xbox and Microsoft news. The clear, light layout and simplicity of this site coupled with up to date news and detailed reviews of indie games is what makes me like here. In fact, I came across your site when I was looking for reviews of some newly released indie game that no one else has covered. Sad to see you go. You have done a great job building a great website. Sometimes it is just hard to get known when there are so much noise out there especially from the big portal websites like ign and gamespot. ...and now I feel guilty for having adblock on all the time.



SirAAVBB said:

Very sad news. I started to browse this site since the day I got an Xbox One last November. I really liked this place due to be one of the few websites to avoid fanboy articles.



joey302 said:

Wish you guys well but this sucks!! Where do we go now for Xbox news?? I hate ign!!!



stylon said:

Wait, what???

Absolutely gutted if I'm honest... I've been coming to this site for many years. I used to flit between this and the Official Xbox Mag but when that folded this site became my new home and I visit it no just daily but several times a day. Great reviews from Ken and the team, friendly forum members (granted there aren't many of us) and unbiased news articles. I will really miss this site, in fact I just don't know where to go now for my daily Xbox fix now. I hate the negativity and snide remarks that are prevalent on other sites, even in the editorial stuff, never mind the comments and forums.

Have you considered a subscription based site? I would willingly stump up £10 for an online 'magazine' type site that is dedicated to Xbox. How can the Nintendo site with the miserable sales figures for the WiiU and game sales that are dwarfed by XBox sales thrive when Xbox sites keep falling by the wayside?

I do hope you reconsider but I genuinely wish you all the very best in whatever endeavours you choose next. RIP PX



OneBradley13 said:

@stylon speaking as a long time Nintendo fan (and only recentlyish XBONE convert), after reading this upsetting news I pondered the same question. I wonder if it is that us Nintendo fans don't have as many games to play and therefore have more time to spend on online forums and websites?? Maybe not, interesting theory perhaps... as I said in my previous post this site will be sorely missed



Captain_Chao5 said: I'm literally shocked that Px is going. How can the other sites keep going when they are full of snide comments and bitchy arguments, yet Px is closing? I was one of the OXM refugees that found a new home here after a similar demise there. I think the comment I read was along the lines of "go check out PureXbox. It's a relatively quiet site, but run by a good team". I joined and have been a visitor here multiple times a day ever since. I like to get updates on new releases, HONEST reviews and enjoy the banter in the forums. I'm genuinely sad to hear the site is going and I hope all the editorial team know how much we all appreciate the hard work they put in to make this the great site it was.
@SuperKMX and team - I wish you all the best for the future and I hope you are keeping your GT's so I can keep in touch.



crippyd said:

I know I've already commented but I keep thinking about it and I am absolutely gutted that you have had to close it down. I will really miss this great site and the superb people you've got on board here Ken.



frito said:

Sorry to hear this, I only came here a few months ago, ironically enough because I disagreed with one of your reviews after I googled it randomly! This is my favourite Xbox site and am sad that you have decided to move on.



EternalDragonX said:

You guys should have warned us somehow and we could have all tried to recruit users and visitors online by posting about the site on IGN, Kotaku, Gamespot, Polygon and social media like facebook, twitter and so on. I feel like we as a community could have saved this site if it was about money and clicks. Hopefully something comes out of this. You should try and secure jobs at IGN or the disaster gamespot. and give some credibility back to their sites. Cant say it enough that you will be missed.




the amazing trio (nintendo life, push square and pure xbox) will be just a duet
thanks for everything. the three sites are the only videogames site i checked every day.

so long Pure xbox, great things will come for all the staff.



SpecialJay said:

That sucks! This and truachivements are the only gaming sites I ever read.
Are there any other sites out there, only dedicated to xbox?
I am not interested in reading about other systems.



Tasuki said:

@stylon I think it has to do with the age group targeted by Nintendo. Alot of Nintendo fans are a bit younger ranging from preteen to mid earlier 20s at least that's what I gather from Nintendolife. Now PS and Xbox Owners strike me as a bit older crowd I'd say mid 20s upward. The Nintendo fans don't have the same commits to time like older people do, family, jobs etc. So they have alot more free time to spend online on Nintendo forums thus providing sites with traffic and revenue. Also in Nintendolife's case I think it has to do with how many other Nintendo fansites are out there. At least that's my theory.



santaglause said:

why does this keep happening to my favourite sites good luck in the future you will be missed, this was the only website i checked xbone reviews sad times.



Gamer83 said:

Well, I've been here since the Kinectaku days and first I just want to thank the Pure Xbox staff, and particularly @SuperKMx and @DRL, for the great coverage and reviews. I'm sure all the staff will bounce back strong quickly, best of luck.

This news is massively disappointing. I frequented PX every day and what makes this more disappointing is that unlike with PlayStation, and even Nintendo to a degree, there aren't a lot of options for Xbox-dedicated coverage to find which source of news suits your needs and, worse, there are none that had a community of people that seemed to get along as well as this one. There were disagreements, some heated conversations but for the most part we all co-existed and but for a few I can't remember too many articles comments sections getting locked. I'll miss the daily dose of Xbox news and those discussions that followed everyday. I'm friends with several people from here on Xbox Live, if anybody who doesn't have me on their friend list would like to add me my user name is NYYanks3621, just let me know you're from Pure Xbox (I'm not actually as much of an a-hole as I can across on here sometimes), maybe we can keep discussions alive on XBL.

Anyway, thanks once again to everybody, it's been an absolute blast. Hope to still see some of you around at the other two websites here and if a new Xbox website where a group of people from here gather ever turns up, let me know.



Vincent294 said:

Not too surprised but I didn't think it was coming. Thank you guys for keeping it real, I still have Game Informer (which I will admit is where I visit most often), but this place was always seen at least every once in a while. In addition to being one of my favorites, you guys were the only Xbox news site besides Eurogamer with a mobile site that was worth a damn. I wish you all the best in future endeavors.



Pichuka97 said:

Sad to hear. I always came here to read up on the latest Xbox news. Wayyyy better than IGN simply because you're layout was clean and because there was no fanboyism here. Or really on NL and PS and that's why I constantly come to all three sites. Kudos to the editors for keeling the site going for all of us duting E3 time. I wish you all the best in you're future endevors. Here's to PureXbox making a comeback in the future. See you all online 🕹



MsJubilee said:

There goes the one of the last news sites i actually liked and respected. This sucks



stylon said:

The ironic thing here is that if there were this many comments on all the other articles PX would probably be thriving...



Captain_Chao5 said:

@stylon Do you think that would have made a difference? I know I read a lot more articles/threads than I comment on. Surely click-count would be a factor rather than just comments. I'm sure Ken and the 'powers that be' had their reasons for closing down, but it is a real shame...for us anyway.



stylon said:

@Captain_Chao5 It would certainly have helped I think. The repeat traffic you get from people commenting, discussing and arguing the toss drives up those page counts. People will revisit the same article multiple times to continue a discussion and others (lurkers) will come back to follow those discussions. If you look at the nintendolife site that's the main difference there... most of the articles have dozens, some even hundreds of comments, whereas on PX many articles would come and go with none. I'd imagine that was quite soul destroying for the authors too.

However PX is partly to blame for this too... I've always maintained that the comment section on here is rubbish... there's no way to subscribe to new posts and unless someone specifically replies to your comment or uses the @nametag reference you are never made aware of any potential replies so conversations/discussions wither and die.

Anyway, all academic now and it looks like the end of an era. I'm not really into forums as a separate entity, I prefer commenting on articles/news/reviews and I can't see anywhere like that catering just for us Xbox fans now.



Vincent294 said:

@stylon I tended to prefer Game Informer, my complaint is I had to visit 2 sites to get my Xbox and Nintendo fill, with no PC to boot. Maybe if Chrome and Edge had RSS feed support it would've been easier...I just looked, Twitter has a solution to my problem: lists. Damn. Still, I doubt that would've made much difference. Just when I thought this site had attained a healthy audience with the OXM's demise. RIP Pure Xbox, you all were a pleasure to have.



stylon said:

@Vincent294 Had a look at that site but it's very US centric. With me being in the UK I prefer something a bit more... British. Eurogamer used to be OK but since the Xbox One came on the scene the site has taken on a pretty hostile attitude towards Xbox owners and even the editorial team seem to take delight in stoking the flames so it has fallen out of favour with me.

I think with the way MS are really pushing Windows 10 integration I'm reaching a significant cross-roads in my gaming anyway which may end up with me being more PC focused so who knows where I'll hang my hat.



ElkinFencer10 said:

Thanks for all your hard work, guys. PureXbox has been great, and I'll be sad that my daily news check will drop to just NintendoLife and PushSquare; having all three made it feel complete. Good luck in your future endeavors!



stylon said:

@Tasuki Fair point - never used it myself but I know some of my friends swear by it. There's a growing number of sites with incredibly annoying ads pushing me towards using it these days though...



Red620Ti said:

Wow, most successful comment section is the one announcing sites closure.

Kinda ironic...



SilentJ said:

Very sad to see this site go. I never really comment on any of these three sites but I've been checking them daily for years now. It's gonna suck not having a proper place for Xbox news.
Thanks for everything and good luck with whatever you do next!



Tasuki said:

@stylon I know what you mean but sad truth is those annoying adds is what keep a site like Pure Xbox going. I mean I can deal with a little annoyance if it means my favorite site stays. Sadly others don't see it like that.



stylon said:

@Red620Ti yeah said exactly the same thing myself a few posts back... It's the age old "don't know what you have until it's gone" scenario unfortunately.



slpstrm said:

Really sad to hear the news I only found this site a few months back and have loved it ever since as it has become my regular source for all things Xbox.



jongred said:

@Red620Ti happens to everyone, especially the best. Satoru Iwata got most press when he died, even though he had, Kirby, Earthbound, DS and Wii on his CV. That's when everyone who had any interest in them gather. Will probably have more people at my funeral than my birthday party too(but that's I only invite a selected few at my birthdays )



Kage_88 said:

Wow, that sucks.

As a contributor to a couple of websites myself, I know how hard it is to keep the momentum going, especially in today's bloated internet age.

Thanks guys, for all your hard work. I don't visit any of the big gaming sites anymore (having seen how seedy and unprofessional they really are), so I'll always respect your simple, clean and unbiased reporting style. Hopefully one day I'll see you all again in some form or another!



Tulio517 said:

I'm not hot on Xbox anymore, but whenever I felt like checking what was going on, pX was my go to site. Very sad about the news. Many thanks to the entire team, you guys are out of this world!



kantaroo said:

Gutted to read about this. Like many have commented this was my go-to site for Xbox news.
I will need to go searching for another Xbox site now, but it is difficult with all of the fanboyism that prevails in many other places.
All the best to the team here at PX, you've done a great job.
Thank you for your work on this great website.



N4LIFE said:

I'm also sad to see this site go and already struggling to find another site like this which means i have go back to ign for my xbox fix, anyway appreciated all the great work everyone did on this site. Wish you well on your future endeavors.



Boerewors said:

November 2017, Ken Barnes' first article ever on "It's time to reclaim the fucking* throne!"

*you won't ban me if the site's closed, right?



Tasuki said:

@Boerewors Honestly, I can if I really wanted to be like that, especially after all the countless warnings I have given you on Pushsquare to watch your language.



Boerewors said:

Oops! You're everywhere!

Hahaha, it was all in the spirit of Ken not using the f-bomb once on PureXbox... I'm sure once PureScorpio is up, his first article will feature lots of 'em, unless 6 teraflops isn't as exciting as Phil S. makes it out to be



Wyspa65 said:

That awkward moment when you join a forum right before the website is going offline.. -_-



RustyBullet said:

Oh Man...Ever since this news I still keep coming back here every day, Just in the off chance that some secret funding came your way and you was back up and running. Never thought I would miss a web site so much. I have literally just finished reading an article about a Kinect game called Fru on EuroGamer which to me looks Amazing and great use of Kinect. BUT, man the comments section.......Its at that point I think to myself "I wish this article was on Pure Xbox" the poison and childish comments are just pathetic. I really do miss you Guys and Girls. Good luck and what ever you do, Keep it real.



Captain_Chao5 said:

@RustyBullet "Ever since this news I still keep coming back here every day"

Me too! It's like a habit I can't break. I visited this site multiple times every day for my Xbox news fix and forum banter. I just know one of these days I'll click the favourite link and I'll get the dreaded "Page cannot be found"



Tasuki said:

@crippyd @Captain_Chao5 @RustyBullet Same here. Even though my main console of choice this gen is the PS4, I still like to keep up with what Nintendo and MS are doing. Now I feel like I have no place to find MS news without dealing with the communities.

I guess the ol saying is true, you don't realize what you have till it's gone.



Vineleaf said:

Very sorry to see you go. Alongside the other two sites, I have always appreciated the work all of you have put in. I've tried to have the same fair-mindedness and honesty in my own dinky site, but also in the comments I leave on other sites, games or otherwise. Like Joystiq, you've done good work, it will be remembered, and the spirit of doing good will live on in other sites.

Hope to see you all around other digital vistas.



SpecialJay said:

So.. What are you playing this weekend ?
Inside for me and a little fifa, inspired by the euros..
Cheers all !



jongred said:

Off on vacation but when I get hope I will play some Lego Star wars for sure. Great weekend all!



Red620Ti said:

Hopefully some Destiny, maybe some Rory McIllroy. I miss writing these little paragraphs each week...



stylon said:

Looks like the reply notifications aren't working any more...

Might give X-COM a go and have another stab at beating the Princes on Dark Souls 3... and probably buying a load of stuff in the Steam sale now that I've re-discovered PC gaming lol.



RustyBullet said:

I am back on Halo now that warzone firefight has launched. Forgot how beautiful that game is.



RustyBullet said:

Still feeling a little delicate. I am best man for my mate and it was his stag last night.



RR529 said:

This is sad. I don't visit PureXbox as much as I do NintendoLife or PushSquare, but I've been gaming a lot on my 360 the past 6-7 months, and liked to try and chat about any new game purchases in the forums here (recently even started my first Halo, the remake of the original). Hope for the best in the staff's future.



SpecialJay said:

Have you heard that MS is closing Xbox fitness? This is terrible news for me. Please, if you have the time, go to the MS homepage and vote to keep the app up. Thank you.



Blakey75 said:

Sorry i'am late i was looking at the forum topics on Pushsquare and some said on there that PureXbox had closed.So i thought i would come and say that i'am sorry and shocked to here that you have closed.I used to post on here a bit last year and every one on here were a great very friendly and helpful. Just like to wish everyone all the best for the future.



renatto said:

@SpecialJay Voted, but I think it's over. Just in case got refund on all purchased content. You can add me if you want > GT > renattooo



fluggy said:

Wow... another one bites the dust!! Don't have a XOne but couldn't wait to come back from hol to download Inside for PC. Thought id come here to check out the review and .... BUST!!! Such a shame it seems that there seems to be little hope for these kinda sites.... my faves CVG, Nintendo O Magazine, N Gamer couldn't even sustain a heartbeat by going digital only! Sad that this successful industry only seems to support the Big Hitters sites these days!! If you had told me 5 years ago, I wouldn't be able to pop into Woolies to buy a Nintendo Mag, not a chance I would've believed you.



Tasuki said:

Yesturday would have been PX 4 year anniversary and tomorrow will be one month since it closed down



OneBradley13 said:

Yup, still checking back here. I've tried some other Xbox sites but nothing feels the same :,(



jongred said:

Really miss this site and you guys. Really hope to see all of the gang suceed with whatever they undertake in the future. Glad too see that I'm not the only one that still hangs around here long after the curtain has fallen. Cheers



Luigi_Skywalker said:

@shonenjump86 Me too, I have so much I want to talk about. There are no other Xbox websites that hold a candle to Pure Xbox. I wish I would have found it sooner and turned more friends on to it. You guys are missed and if any of the Pure Xbox journalists are writing for new websites it would be cool if you posted those here so we can continue to follow your excellent work.



RustyBullet said:

If any of you Guys/Ladies are working on other sites now can you let us know which ones as anything is better than IGN and the very salty Eurogamer.



Red620Ti said:

Been over a month, and I still miss this place every day. Deffo one of those things about if you love your job, you never have to work a day in your life...



crippyd said:

I'm still checking every day to see if it has been brought back from the brink. There is a big Xbox news hole in my life and I miss the banter with all you guys.



Thegentleman said:

It still feels unreal that its all over, however I'll still cherish every article ever written on this site like if it were gold.



DamnDingo said:

@Captain_Chao5 It's him! hey bro just happened upon this site & thought he looks familiar so created an acc just to say hi from Delta Dingo. Guess I missed the party though damn looks a decent xb page.



SuperKMx said:

Some folks have asked us to provide info on where we'll be writing in the future, so I thought I'd drop in and say that I'll be reviewing (multi-format) for with my first review going live this week or early next.

There were plans for a multi-format news outlet, but I haven't the time to get a new site off the ground just now. Maybe in the future.



crippyd said:

@SuperKMx That's great news! I'll be keeping an eye out for your stuff and I hope you do get a site off the ground as your articles are always a pleasure to read



OneBradley13 said:

Well this is just getting silly. Can't believe this site is still up. I still miss it though, and still can't find a suitable replacement.



flameboy84 said:

Thought I'd just drop in to say I'm now podcasting with Lapsed Gamer Radio, you find their blog over at which is in it's infancy along with their twitter @lapsedgamer and their channel which has weekly content.



Captain_Chao5 said:

Jeez....where does everyone go for their forum banter and gaming news? I cant find anything that makes me feel I want to participate every day (like PX did).



crippyd said:

Still coming back here in the vain hope that it might get a resurrection.



wiggleronacid said:

Yeah, I really miss this site. I haven't found another XBOX news site with a nice community and excellent articles such as this one. I'd love to see it revive.



stylon said:

Indeed. As has been said above there simply isn't anywhere else on the Internet that caters for Xbox users the way this site (and OXM) did.

I'm actually pretty disappointed by the way Ken handled this (as selfish as that may seem)... there was no warning that the site was in trouble, no chance for us to rally support or make contributions to help out. Just there one day and gone the next. Are we, the enthusiastic Xbox owners, really so rare that we cannot sustain a small site dedicated to our console of choice?

What was once a thriving little community has been fragmented so much that virtually non exists now. I still miss the site greatly - I was a regular visitor from day 1 and persuaded a fair number of old OXM refugees to make this their new home. Having a group of like-minded people to chat about your hobby and share your excitement about new releases or tips for beating difficult enemies adds enormously to the whole Xbox experience. Without it, it is greatly diminished, especially if you don't know many Xbox owners IRL.



crippyd said:

The closest I've come to finding any community is Push Square (which is not ideal) and I miss this great site and OXM which were both fantastic communities.



jongred said:

@stylon very well said. It's a shame with all the great games that have been released this year, Forza Horizon 3, Gears 4 and more. Would really like to read about them here see what you guys think about them and enjoy a review of a quirky indie game. Like the old times. Really miss PureXbox and everything about it.



stylon said:

@crippyd - I'm a bit averse to chatting about xbox stuff on the PushSquare site. Kind of like discussing the merits of a bacon sarnie on a Jewish forum lol.

@jongred - Agreed. They seem to have bailed out just as the Xbox is gaining momentum again. Loads of great exclusive games being released, the Xbox One S seems to be going down a storm and the behemoth Scorpio looming on the horizon next year. Plus the whole PC play anywhere and unified Windows gaming thing going on. Such a shame. Even at this late hour I'm clinging to the hope that they re-consider and re-launch the site... I mean why else is the site still here?



crippyd said:

@stylon Push has a dedicated Xbox thread in the forums, obviously there is no news other than what we, the forumites, post but there are a couple of names from here that pop up.



Tasuki said:

@stylon It's a bit technical why the site is here. Perhaps they are looking for a new team perhaps not. Keep in mind the guy that owns the site Ant also owns Push Square and Nintendolife, Ken was just the editor. So I believe buy owning Nintendolife and Push Square he has some kind of deal with thus site. Either that or he's just waiting for the time he paid for the domain name to expire.

From my understanding the site was more of a fan site then an actual job if that makes sense. The writers, reviewers didn't get paid for their contributions it was more like they did it because they enjoyed it. I think the problems that Ken was having was internally although this is just my theory Ken reasoning might be totally different. But what it seemed like is he was having problems finding reviewers, writers that would volunteer their time due to other time constraints i.e. family, paying jobs, etc. If you look at say Nintendolife or Push Square they have articles and reviews posted nearly every day by several different team memebers, while here at Pure Xbox it's looked like Ken was doing most of the work and articles reviews towards the end were not every day. I think this was starting to wear on Ken too and Ken just couldn't do it anymore, at least that's what I gathered by this post.



jongred said:

This might sound really lame but do you mind sharing your gamertag with me? I rarely play online but I like having you guys as Xbox buddies. I have a club in Horizon 3 with gamer 83 and BabyRedYoshi called pXMe (PureXbox Memory / memorial) if you play that game. My tag is DazedCoronet6

Everyone that reads this is welcome to join the club or add me btw.



crippyd said:

@jongred if you want to add me mine is Crippy D although I'm UK based so gaming with you might be a bit difficult.



crippyd said:

@jongred I'm like you, I don't tend to play online much although I do like to co op, especially games like Dark Souls and Halo. I don't tend to buy current games very often as I mainly get them in the sales but I have a massive library of games and it's quite varied too.



Gamer83 said:

It may not seem ideal but there are plenty of Xbox channels on youtube which is of course one of the most active websites out there. That's what I did. You'll eventually find one you like which is has a good community. It's not exactly the same as having an actual website but it's the next best thing. Also, I know some of you aren't keen on the idea of heading over to PushSquare but you don't have to read the articles if you don't want to. Just visit the foums and post in the thread we've started. I post in it and so do a few others. There's been no fanboy wars over there and I'm pretty sure if crap started in that thread any nonsense would be shut down right away. I'm right there with you guys that it sucks we don't have this website anymore because I'd have loved to get reviews written by Ken or Dave about Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4, two of my favorite games this year with FH 3 looking like it will end up being my personal Game of 2016. Just because we don't have the news articles, features, reviews, etc though, doesn't mean we can't keep up the discussions at PushSquare or NintendoLife if people would prefer to post in the official thread at that website.



OneBradley13 said:

Happy 15th birthday Xbox! Here's to all the good times previously and those yet to come... there are some awesome games on the One and next year looks like it will be amazing as well. The most amazing thing would be if someone resurrects this site though! Make it happen please (Hey a guy can dream right?)



stylon said:

@jongred Late reply as I only stop by once in a blue moon these days. No problem adding me - you actually already have my Gamertag - it's stylon

@Tasuki You have given me a glimmer of hope that this site might be resurrected one day - would be awesome to come here and share the build-up to the Scorpio next year with like minded people!

@Gamer83 I quite enjoy the Outside Xbox Youtube channel but with it being YouTube I just don't even look at the comments section as my past experience is that they are pretty venomous at best... Might give the Push Square forum a glance too!



SuperKMx said:

Hey folks! Long time, no speak. Hope you all had a good Christmas and have a happy new year!

(I’ll say right here that pX isn’t coming back as far as I’m aware, just so folks don’t get the wrong idea about me posting after so long and then end up annoyed! The site’s still here as the domain is registered and it still gets some pageviews as there’s a few thousand pages. Every little helps, I guess!)

I was browsing through pX as I reflected back on the year and spied some of the comments made on this article, so I thought I’d take some time to respond to some of the questions raised and points made.

@Stylon – I get why you’d be disappointed about the way I handled the site closure publicly. However, I will say that pretty much every day since we switched to be a “full” Xbox site (as opposed to a Kinect-only joint) was a fight. Not with management – they were super-supportive – but with the conditions of running a site day-to-day. I also feel that you might have over-estimated how big the community was here. Sure, there are 180+ comments on this post, but if you take out “comment to enter” contests, less than 30 posts out of the nearly 6,000 here ever garnered more than 25 comments. Of those, most of the posts were back-and-forths between two people. Most articles only picked up 2 or 3 comments at most and the forums were absolutely dead, no matter what we tried. We had 4k+ Twitter followers and 15k+ Facebook fans, but trying to get a retweet or a share of a story was like pulling teeth.

A high percentage of articles were posted that got no shares, no likes, no favourites, no retweets, and no comments. I get that not every story is going to set social media on fire or get everybody talking, but it was tremendously hard to stare pure apathy in the face every day and battle against it.
It was this reason that I didn’t try to set up a Patreon or something like that to try to crowdfund a bit of cash to pay writers. It simply wouldn’t have worked. If we’d have got £50 of contributions a month, I’d have been surprised!

(I will say that I'm not blaming anyone specifically. It was just apathy in general. If you're reading this, then chances are that you probably did a heck of a lot more for this site than most!)

To an extent, @Tasuki is correct with regards to my issues with running the site. I was writing the majority of the content myself on a day-to-day basis and I was feeling the pressure. I’m a freelance web developer and was working 12 hour days to pay the bills, then realising that I had a 1,000 word review to write, a couple of hours of a game to play to be able to write the one after that, 40-odd emails to sort through from various PR teams from the last 24 hours, and five news stories to write up (plus any that came out of those 40-odd emails!) I don’t need as much sleep as most (thanks to coffee!) but after a while, it gets to the point where you just think ”Why am I bothering?”

Especially when you’re writing articles and getting told by your “fans” on Facebook that you’re writing “clickbait” for not putting all the info in the headline and therefore “forcing” them visit the site to find stuff out. I couldn’t say “Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Release Date Confirmed.” I had to say “Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is Coming Out on December 8th” because hell…why should we get the pageview or the resulting ad money?

On a daily basis, we’d get complaints from people who basically didn’t want to read. Or from people who thought that we were Microsoft. Or from people who thought that we were Activision. Or, in one case, from somebody who thought we were Sony. No, I’m not kidding.

Then there are the “aggregation” sites that ripped the entirety of our text and images, and posted it on their own site as if they wrote it (This isn’t the best example, since it’s an advert, but it happens to Nintendo Life, too... ripped from When you're seeing people retweet THOSE articles rather than your kinda takes its toll.

I’ve seen entire reviews from this site ripped and posted on ahem popular gaming forums ahem without so much as a link. Big sites do it, too. The number of professional outlets that took a Watch Dogs 2 release date leak that Anthony found and didn’t credit us, was unbelievable. We should have had a few hundred thousand views for that piece of work by Anthony, but instead we got less than 10k. Professional, paid writers, taking images from pX and cutting off the watermark so that they didn’t have to credit us. It beggar's belief.

I wrote a piece of software that grabbed the Deals With Gold items and prices direct from Microsoft the very second they went live. I’d sit here at 2am, formatting and writing up the list WAY before Major Nelson posted it on Twitter, only to find somebody would copy/paste my list and post it on Reddit every single week without giving us a link. My work would be voted up to be on the top of the Xbox subreddit for a day and we wouldn't get a single visit. They didn’t even have a site or a means of making money from it. They just wanted to look knowledgable. In fact, try finding any of our articles on Reddit. You probably won’t find any. People would copy/paste our news and claim it to be theirs, but if it was from IGN…oh boy…they’d go out of their way to only post an excerpt, along with a link. I'm not bitter...honest!

With regards to content, great people like Dave, Anthony, Red, Josie, Tyler, Lucie, and others would write when they could, but barring them, we’d get tons of people asking to write for the site. They’d send over an example news post and if the English was up to scratch, I’d take them on. I’d spend an hour or two getting to know them, training them on using the site content management system, setting up their email account, adding them to the staff chat area, and introducing them to the team. They’d be awesome people that I really thought would fit in well, but then I’d watch as either one of two things happened. Either they’d say “Right, I’d like to review <insert name of biggest AAA title here> first” and expect me to just magically make a game code appear before telling me that they can only do reviews, not news, or they would disappear entirely from staff chat, never post anything, and never be seen again.

It’s no joke to say that happened at least once every two weeks, for four years.

One guy went through the training and introductions, making out that he’d be writing content a few times a week, and then said “I can only write every other Tuesday as I’m quite busy.” I don’t think me saying “OK then…I’ll just make sure the games industry holds all of its news for a Tuesday then, eh?” really helped matters, but hey…

I don’t know the point of this comment, other than to clear some things up and get things off my chest for 2017, I guess.

If you’re interested, I have launched which will house links to all of my reviews for other sites, as well as some articles (when I get a chance to write some!) and I’ll be doing some streaming soon as well.

And if anybody wants to add me on XBL, I’m SuperKMx (of course)



Gamer83 said:

Thanks for the clarification on certain things, Ken. I've missed this site every day since it closed down (it's shocking to me that there are literally zero good Xbox-specific websites out there now), it would've been great to see a review and discuss games such as Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4, but it wasn't meant to be I guess. Still nice to see you doing reviews elsewhere.



Jairo_MC said:

@SuperKMx Thanks for taking the time to clarify these things.
I loved the site, but I'm sad that I discovered it a bit late, when I got my Xbox One. I loved the articles and reviews, however I didn't comment often because I'm kinda impacient with the internet lately...
I'm glad I got to read a lot of great stuff here and you and the staff were always great.



stylon said:

@SuperKMx Thanks for the lengthy explanation Ken, sadly I think I can understand how utterly frustrated and disappointed you must have been towards the end now. Sounds like an utterly soul-destroying experience.

Won't lie, I still miss the site greatly (there's nothing else like it) and as you can see I still pop by (increasingly infrequently) in the hope that something might change.

Checked out your new site... should have come with a health warning to wear sunglasses before viewing! Seriously though I wish you all the best in whatever you do next and hope to see some Xbox articles or reviews appear on there at some point soon



stylon said:

If anyone is still visiting here take a look at It's probably as close to PureXbox as we'll ever get, seems to be run by a small group of enthusiasts. No forum but there are comments on reviews and articles (of which there are lots). There's a review of Candleman for instance which only came out yesterday!. Deffo worth a look!



crippyd said:

@stylon I will pop over and have a look, I think it was you who pointed me in the direction of pX and I thought this was as close to OXM as it could get. Still a massive shame this place closed down.



Red620Ti said:

Damn man, coming back here is like taking off the bandages and seeing that nothings healed at all...

Ken, I just want to thank you again for the chance you took on little ol' me, and I wish I could have done more. I still pride myself on the fact that if I said I'd do something, I did it, so I have that small consolation. I am straight up sat here in the office feeling all these feels, and I'm a grown ass man.

Stylon, thanks for the pointer to the XBox Hub. I've read as much as I can, and it does have a similar feel to here, albeit at a much earlier stage and without a certain gruff voiced taskmaster. I've asked if they need any writers, so maybe I can get back on the bike.

Last thing to say : You were all awesome, staff, readers, regulars, whatever.

Thanks you and goodnight.



SuperKMx said:

@Red620Ti No problem man. You absolutely did do everything you said you'd do (and more), and that was always really appreciated!

If anyone else is reading, I've finally got my stream setup sorted, so I'll be getting back on that particular horse from next week. Also running an Xbox One game giveaway or two while I'm at it. In fact...there's one running on my site ( right now.... self-promotion ends



jongred said:

@SuperKMx Thank you for sharing your perspective. It was very interesting and heartbreaking too. It's really frustrating to hear about those blatant steals, can only imagine how it felt on your end.

Thank you for all the time you kept the site running, it was an amazing xbox oasis and I haven't found a webpage as well written and pure since then.

Best of luck in the future and thanks again for all the time PureXbox was alive.



DerMeister said:

So, I know I'm very, very, very late to this eternal afterparty here, but it didn't feel right for me to stay silent before this site completely disappears.

I don't own an Xbox One (I would like one though), and I only posted once here before (Rare Replay review if you're somehow curious), but I did visit this site to stay on top of things. My lack of Xbox consoles kept me from taking part in any discussion, since I'm very dry on Xbox knowledge aside from Halo. I'm kicking myself about it honestly, because I would have loved the community here.

I loved how the articles were written and how it felt more professional here than other, especially more bigger gaming sites. I really do enjoy more professional work, which is why it's a crying shame to see Pure Xbox end.

@SuperKMx If you read this, I'd just like to thank you and the others for the work put into this site, as well as sharing about the situation here. I'm sorry I didn't pop up and contribute to any discussion here. I'll definitely check out your website.

R.I.P. Pure Xbox.



Onion said:

I've never actually posted here but I've browsed the articles and have had you guys bookmarked since conception. That said, I'm sorry to see it end, but I understand the reasons given.



Tasuki said:

It's been a year now, and I am still sad to see this place gone. I hope @SuperKMx and the rest of the staff are doing well where ever they may be.



wiggleronacid said:

Wow, how has it been a year and a half now? Still waiting for a revival, guys!

Well, if anyone stumbles upon here within the next week or so, then merry Christmas and/or happy holidays!



SuperKMx said:

Just in case anyone is reading this in 2018 - happy new year to you!

Also, I'll be running a series of pX-style GameBlast 18 charity marathon streams over at my Twitch channel on Feb 23/24 and March 2/3: - Join in, win some cool stuff, help me raise money for SpecialEffect, which is a great charity!

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