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KelticDevil commented on ​So Long, And Thanks for All the Clicks:


I sent you a friend request over Xbox Live. We seem to agree a lot & it's cool that you just got into Xbox gaming. Glad to have ya on board!

And to anyone else that wants to stay in touch, I can be found on Xbox Live. My gamertag is Keltic Devil (same as my name here, except a space in-between). It's been great commenting, discussing. & sometimes arguing with you all! I will miss it.



KelticDevil commented on ​So Long, And Thanks for All the Clicks:


If you have read any of my comments during my time posting & reading here, you know I say how I feel & I don't b.s. regardless of who it pisses off.

So, when I say that this was the best Xbox website I have ever encountered in my many years of Xbox know it's the truth.

I would like to personally thank Ken & his staff for putting together an excellent website with unbiased articles & reviews. You guys did an amazing job. And to put up with my ornery, stubborn, Irish guys are alright in my book.

I wish you all the best and I hope you get another Xbox website going someday. If you do. I will come and populate (and probably tick off people) in your comment sections every day. Now go pound a Guiness & move on to bigger & better things. You guys deserve it. Cheers!



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: Poll - What Did You Think of Microsof...:


Exactly! I agree 100%.

To a Sony fanboy, they can do no wrong. When I owned a PS3, I would take Sony to task for certain things & just get bombarded with comments of anger, etc. For example......

Last generation Sony fanboys used to get mad because Microsoft made deals with publishers to get games or DLC first on the 360. Now Sony is doing the EXACT same thing. But, that's ok to PlayStation fans now that Sony does it. When I bring up the hypocrisy, I get attacked. It's ridiculous.

Microsoft needs to win back the" casual gamer". You know the one who owned a PS2, then hopped to the 360 when Sony butchered the PS3 launch. Then they hopped to PS4 when Microsoft butchered the Xbox One launch. I am not one of these gamers, as I mainly stick with Xbox.

But that type of gamer is loud, obnoxious. & in great numbers. That, unfortunately, equals sales.



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: Poll - What Did You Think of Microsof...:


Yea the Crackdown delay surprised me. I didn't really care for the first game much (I know I am in the minority), & I never tried Crackdown 2 because I heard it was an abomination. It also wasn't made by the same company.

This new game, however, is being made by some of the people who made the first one. So, it's got that going for it. Maybe it got delayed to take advantage of the power of Scorpio, as opposed to using "cloud processing" (is that still a thing?)? Who knows? I bet they show it at Gamescom.

Edit: spelling errors.



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: Poll - What Did You Think of Microsof...:


I agree. I have no idea why people continue to rave about the PS4. Don't get me wrong, it has good games for some people. But other than Uncharted and Ratchet & Clank, I have no idea what I would play on that system for exclusives. And their E3 conference is always full of hype moments, but no release dates. For example, all the praise last year's overrated show got......only ONE of those exclusives even got released (Uncharted). They announced a KICKSTARTER project, for god's sake. Lol. Pfft. Just hollow fluff.

Not that Microsoft has exactly "killed it" at E3 the last 2 yrs. But even with their own delays, they still get more games out the door than Sony. I had a PS3 and loved it. But, if I would've bought a PS4, it would be sitting on a Gamestop shelf right now with a "Pre-owned" sticker on it.



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: Poll - What Did You Think of Microsof...:

Oh and I can't believe I forgot to mention this earlier......but We Happy Few......Wow!!! My #1 game of the Xbox show. It looks FANTASTIC. Kinda like a british BioShock. It has a very Clockwork Orange vibe.

And the looks like a completely different game than what I saw before (which looked like a Rogue-like). Very excited for that game!



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: Poll - What Did You Think of Microsof...:


I can't quite put my finger on why ReCore didn't jump out at me. I may watch the Xbox trailers again because sometimes they were hard to watch during the show due to the idiot director pulling the camera shot way back to show the stage & crowd DURING the game footage.

I am happy they had actual game footage & not just CGI. Which is great, considering the game comes out in Sept., I believe. It certainly has talented people behind it (Inafune & former Metroid Prime people), so we'll see.



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: Poll - What Did You Think of Microsof...:


I actually agree with you, for once. Kinda.

Sony had the flash, but not enough substance for me. LOTS of CGI trailers & games with no release dates. But it gets the PS fanboys in a tizzy. Not that it takes much. However, they had good pacing and they kept the VR stuff to a minimum, which was smart because that was where they were losing me.

And Microsoft just brought the substance, with very little usual. They showed off more gameplay of games revealed last year. Forza Horizon looked FANTASTIC. Gears 4 looked great to me. The new games had mostly been leaked already. But then the big hammer fell by the name of Scorpio.

I thought they both had disappointments. Scalebound......ugh. I already commented on that earier. ReCore didn't blow me away. For Sony, any David Cage game is a bit "eh" for me. And to end on "generic zombie shooter #38854", a.k.a. Days Gone.....meh. And lots of 3rd party stuff acting like they are PS4 exclusives when they obviously aren't. Same goes for Microsoft and Tekken. Oh and what was with that awful Hideo Kojima game trailer? How many drugs do you have to take for that to make any sense?!!

And anyone else think it's weird that it's basically Microsoft/EA vs Sony/Activision at this point? All EA games seem to be shown as Xbox games & vice versa for Activision. Strange alliances.

I thought they both had good shows, but just for different reasons. I definitely liked Sony's conference this year more than last year's overrated fanboy fluff. And Microsoft had a workman-like show with the big "drop the mic." moment at the end. Good stuff.



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: Poll - What Did You Think of Microsof...:


Yea.....what idiot voted "abysmal"? C'mon. That's ridiculous.

Anyways, I gave it an 8. I thought it was as good as last years, but for different reasons.

Last year we got lots of game reveals, etc. This year, they just showed more of those games plus a couple new ones that had been leaked prior to the conference.

Obviously, the hardware announcements were great. The Slim reveal had me confused for awhile due to some pricing questions & whether the $299 version even came with a controller. But now that's been cleared up, I think it's a great console for new Xbox One owners.

The Scorpio bombshell was the high moment. How Phil & his team handled the messaging with that GREAT developer interview video was masterful. And Microsoft is not messing around. The Scorpio is going to stomp the PS4 Neo thing, in terms of performance, & they had no problem making that message clear. And good for them. Maybe it'll shut the PlayStation fanboys up for about 5 min. Ok, maybe not.

The low notes, for me, had to be the AWFUL Minecraft stuff, the HORRID commentators during Sea Of Thieves, and any of the Japanese stuff. Having Japanese guys who can't speak english, on stage, never works.

Oh and Scalebound looks like a complete mess to me. It looked just like that awful Final Fantasy XV boss cluster-#%[email protected] fight that they showed, except with the worst American stereotype I have ever seen in games. This is why Japanese games don't sell here anymore.



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: Resident Evil 7 Announced, Heading to...:

Frankly, I don't trust Capcom anymore. At all whatsoever. But, I was a HUGE fan of Resident Evil before the abominations known as 5, 6, & various spin-offs.

I will keep hope for this game, but I will certainly wait for reviews.



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: Xbox One S Release Window and Pricing...:

If the $299 version actually does include a controller, then that's not as bad. I still think the 2 TB should be the $299, but apparently, Microsoft disagrees. A 500 gb hard drive just isn't big enough these days.

If you don't own an Xbox One, the 500 gb for $299 may be an option. You could just buy an external hard drive later, if need be, because 2 TB might not be enough anyways.



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: Gears of War 4 Will Be Cross-Play wit...:

Marcus finally makes an appearance!

But I liked the demo overall. It looked like......well Gears. The female character spouting off cheesy lines every 2 sec. was a bit cringe worthy as it didn't fit with the dark mood of the game though.



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: Rare Beauty Sea of Thieves to be Play...:

While the game looked pretty cool, the demo had a bunch of annoying commentators being filmed & streamed in......OMG, it was %(!?#@ annoying. Why they would do this......just ugh.

I was trying to enjoy the game & all I could hear were 5-6 idiots screaming at each other. I will judge the game itself, seperately of couse. But that presentation was horrendous in my opinion.



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: We Happy Few Sets it's Sadistic Smile...:

This was my favvorite game showing at Microsoft's conference. Looks absolutely fantastic! It had more story than I thought it would have, which is great. It just reeks of Bioshock, which is one of my all time favorite games.



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: Inside Is Finally Coming Out on Xbox ...:

I still have to play Limbo. I am not usually into the indie puzzler platformers. But I can't keep ignoring PlayDead's games. I have heard this game, Inside, is absolutely fantastic. So, I guess we'll get to find out if that's true soon enough.



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: New Scalebound Multiplayer Footage Re...:

Unfortunately, this was one of the disappointing moments for me. I hated the demo & once the annoying lead character put on his headphones......GROAN.

Not going to lie, this game looks like a big mess to me. I hope it's not, though. But Japanese developers trying to develop western themed lead characters is soooo cringe worthy, it's hard to watch.



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: Microsoft's Project Scorpio Promises ...:

Yea this was my favorite part of the conference. Their messaging here was outstanding. And this was a clear "kill shot" type of thing aimed at Sony & their little PS4 Neo thing.

This was a complete "drop the mic" type of way to end the show by Phil Spencer. The video that they put together was outstanding. While I didn't like some of the conference (the Minecraft thing was horrendous & the annoying douches talking during Sea Of Thieves), but they NAILED this.



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: Microsoft Announces Xbox Play Anywhere:


Exactly. Xbox gamers that complain about this are being short-sighted. Microsoft is looking past what Sony & Nintendo do, which is a strict console cycle & closed eco-system. Japanese companies have problem innovating sometimes, which has seriously hurt them in gaming in recent years. I think this is very forward thinking.

The Xbox brand will be on Xbox consoles and PC. Microsoft just want you to buy their software regardless of which one you buy it on.



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: Xbox One S Release Window and Pricing...:

Ok, I was super excited for this. And then I read this article about the pricing. C'mon Microsoft......what the @#%!......

First off, the messaging at the conference was very deceiving then. So the $299 Xbox One Slim is pointless. It doesn't even come with a controller?!! This was like Sony showing off the VR & not mentioning the extra $ you need for the camera & Move controllers. Complete b.s.

So I went from getting this, for sure, to maybe just waiting for "Scorpio" because why spend another $400? I know it's "only" $100 more than I thought. But $100 is a lot of money & the way they revealed this irritates me. This was a Sony move & I don't like it.



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: Xbox One S Details, Image Leaks Ahead...:

@Gamer83 @crippyd

Like you guys said, I have no interest in VR right now. I don't like the idea of not being able to see what's going on around me (in real life) as I would use it. I understand that is the point, but I don't think I'd like that feeling.

I like laying/sitting on my couch with my feet up just playing games on my TV. I don't want cords everywhere. I like to kick back & relax when I play games. Plus, as others have said, the software is extremely lacking right now.



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: Skyrim Remaster Confirmed for Xbox One:

Meh. I already have this on 360. Skyrim didn't need a remaster.

Well, this is good news if you own a DelayStation. Because now you will have a chance that this game will actually run decent this time. I wouldn't hold my breath though.

I just want them to get to Elder Scrolls VI already!



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: Bethesda Reveals Prey, Coming to Xbox...:


I agree. Prey was such an underrated FPS gem! I still own it & love it.

This new Prey,, what the #%@! does this have to do with the original? That trailer made no sense and if it's not tied to the original then why even call it Prey?

I guess we'll see how this turns out.



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: Team pX Weighs In With Their E3 Predi...:


Sony backing out of talking about/showing the PS4K is a good indicator of one of two things.....

Unlike Microsoft & Nintendo, Sony always re-acts to what the other guys do, rarely innovating or putting themselves in a position where they can't adjust. It's the good & bad about the PlayStation brand.

So this tells me that either they got wind of Microsoft's intentions to not show "Scorpio" OR they got wind of how much more powerful the "Scorpio" is over PS4K and are now in reactionary mode fearing their console might get stomped, power wise, by the Xbox and/or NX. This way they can make adjustments.

My point is that.....with nothing to lose since they aren't going to piss off 40 mil. gamers & they have all the money in the world, Microsoft is in an interesting position here. Sony's Andrew House has already said that Sony will not sell a console at a loss (including this new PS4K) & quite frankly, they can't afford to. Almost every other aspect of Sony (cell phones, laptops, 3D TV's, Vita, etc.) has been a disaster. Sony was almost bankrupt before the PS4. Microsoft isn't in that position.

If the "Scorpio" is ready to show (which I doubt it is), they could announce the much more powerful console, on Monday, at a price Sony can't match along with the Oculus support. That would leave Sony scrambling & in a position where the PS4K would be almost outdated before it even comes out. Microsoft could then be patient & make the money up on software.

Microsoft's show is going to be the most interesting if only because of the possibility of new hardware. Plus, I am not into niche Japanese reveals with no release dates in sight that only exist to get fanboys going, but offer little actual substance. Sony will probably be shilling their VR (which could make for an awful show), so this is Microsoft's time to pounce. They need to take advantage.



KelticDevil commented on E3 2016: Team pX Weighs In With Their E3 Predi...:

Sure Thing:

A new Forza will be announced, of course.

Bonus Sure Thing: Sony will not mention their PS4K because they are a completely re-actionary, no #@?sack company & will wait to see what Microsoft does first. And since Sony announced they aren't showing their new system, that tells me they heard Microsoft will not be showing "Scorpio",

Long Shot: Microsoft will announce that original Xbox games are now going to be backwards compatible. And unlike Sony's greedy @#%. if you have the original discs, the games will work in your Xbox One for free. Also, Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic is one of the games.

Dream Announcement: The announcement that Xbox Live Arcade is making a comeback & that Cuphead will be available after the show to kick of "Summer Of Arcade" 2016.