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Tyler is a life long fan of video games and pizza. His dream is to one day participate in the world of competitive facial hair.

Wed 1st Jan 2014

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tylertreese commented on Review: Not a Hero: Super Snazzy Edition (Xbox...:

"the mixture of more adult language with the accents provided by the range of characters is darned funny - probably more so to British folks - and fits well."

I can confirm it's hilarious on the other side of the Atlantic.



tylertreese commented on WB Games Own Magazine Leaks Batman: Return to ...:

@KelticDevil the big difference between not including the 2 Origins games and just including City/Asylum is that they have to do twice the amount of work for a minimal additional return. I know you think remasters don't take any work (because you continue to insult developers repeatedly over it), but they actually do. Porting isn't some simple thing.



tylertreese commented on WB Games Own Magazine Leaks Batman: Return to ...:

@KelticDevil I already explained why it doesn't make sense? Not sure if you just skipped that part of my post or what. They haven't done the Game of the Year version yet, and that'll bring it back on store shelves (and at full price). Bundling it with past games would come later down the line once these two SKUs aren't on most store shelves anymore. It's basic retail, and the behavior we've seen from publishers over the past decade.

Also, stop calling developers lazy. They work insanely hard for not nearly enough money. You have no clue what work it takes to port a game across systems, and yet you're calling others lazy. That's not cool, and you should know better than that.



tylertreese commented on ​Editor's Opinion: The Search for Honest Gam...:

@Gamer83 please listen to what you're saying here because you're saying it's impossible for anyone to dislike Quantum Break and have a valued opinion.

The next possible score he could've gave it would be a 3/5 or a 'good' on their scale.

So don't be dismissive when you apparently didn't even bother to take a look at their review scale, and are writing off one of the most (if not THE MOST) respected critic in this industry.



tylertreese commented on ​Editor's Opinion: The Search for Honest Gam...:

@EternalDragonX "When reviewing a game you should keep personal opinions aside and review the game quality itself."

That's an awful way to look at criticism and reviews. You're basically asking critics to relay a fact sheet then with a score at the end.

@Gamer83 Would appreciate it if you didn't lump in everyone who wrote for a website together. They aren't hive minds. Look at that individual's history, not other people who happened to get published at the same outlet.

And if you're saying that you're not going to take Jeff Gerstmann seriously when it comes to game criticism then I guess you shouldn't value anyone.



tylertreese commented on ​Editor's Opinion: The Search for Honest Gam...:

@Utena-mobile I largely feel like cursing in an article really demeans any point the author might have. There are times where I feel like it's okay, but it's very few and far between. So, I definitely share your sentiment re: vulgarity.

Although, I cuss like a sailor when I'm talking and not writing

@Grawlog that's awesome to see that you read this site despite not owning an Xbox. Thanks for sharing. Although, you should give more indie games a try, if you're not already.



tylertreese commented on Review: SUPERHOT (Xbox One):

@KelticDevil It's more the fact that you haven't bothered to do any research on the game, yet try to correct me when I tell you there's a narrative in the game.

Of course, the "red guys" don't have a backstory. They aren't the subject of SUPER HOT's narrative. It's about hacking, and it takes place in the game's UI.

Also, I guess I'll play it and enjoy it instead of being miserable like others. Sounds like a great plan, actually.



tylertreese commented on Brand New: Issue 3 - Twelve New Xbox One Titles!:

@BAMozzy not intended to be an insult. I just don't see how responding to the question posed in the poll with "none" is anything constructive. It's not an open-ended question.

I don't get how someone could not possibly find one game out of those 12 that they aren't the tiniest bit intrigued by. Unless they just straight up don't like video games (which is fine, but then why would they be reading this?).

It's not asking "Which game are you gonna digitally pre-order 12 months ahead of release?" but merely "Which are you most interested in?"