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Male, 34, United States

First game was Mega Man 3 and all time fave is Metroid Prime 2. Also a huge fan of Monster Hunter, Pikmin, Xenoblade, F-Zero, DKC, Fire Emblem, Bioware, Dragon Quest, Sakaguchi JRPG's, Persona and VR. I own a Gaming PC, Wii U, PS4 Pro, PSVR, X1, New 3DS, Vita and GC.

Fri 15th Feb 2013

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JaxonH commented on ​So Long, And Thanks for All the Clicks:

Oh man, I wasn't expecting this.

I know this site was small but, I loved the fact that it was always bout the games. You guys are awesome, and I hope you'll assimilate into PushSquare and NintendoLife so the community sticks around.

I know we never spoke much, but I appreciate all your hard work for this site. You guys helped convince me to buy my X1, which probably wouldn't have happened if not for PureXbox.

I hope we'll see you on NintendoLife and perhaps even PushSquare (can't remember if you game on PS). Really enjoy your reviews. You'd be a great asset over at N-Life, assuming that's somehing you still want of course.

The the rest of the staff, thanks guys.

And to anyone here, you can find me gaming on Xbox, Nintendo and Playstation. Just check my gamer ID for each system in my profile. See you guys on PushSquare and N-Life



JaxonH commented on E3 2016: Futuristic Racer Redout Gets A Traile...:

Another wasted effort.

I can tell just by looking at the footage that it controls like every other F-Zero knockoff. The back end tailspins when turning or even moving left and right. How hard is it to make it NOT do that! I want a game where I can zoom left and right, make 189 degree turns, etc, without the backend sliding!

Man, they just don't get it. This is why they all control like Wipeout.



JaxonH commented on Microsoft Ditches Xbox One DVR Plans to Focus ...:

Good. Get that notion of "entertainment center" out of here. I like the app diversity but leave it at that.

Less and less people are subscribing to cable. I think it's going to become a niche product much like the landline telephone (which only remains relevant due to business lines).

Internet streaming is the future and has been for some time now.



JaxonH commented on Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants ...:

They absolutely should be held accountable and called out for garbage like this. Of course I think it's only fair that Activision (it is Activision, right?) take their part of the blame as for all we know they gave them a shoestring budget to work with and 6 months to do it in.

I never think excuses should be made where the developers shouldn't be held accountable for garbage. But at the same time I think it's important to acknowledge their achievements.

Bayonetta 1 and Bayonetta 2 were both brilliant games. Vanquish and Wonderful 101 were also both brilliant games. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance was a top-shelf game. And although it wasn't to my taste, many would agree Madworld was a solid game as well. Star Fox Guard and Zero were developed at the direction of Nintendo (Star Fox Guard is brilliant though, really). EDIT And even going back as far as Clover Studios you had gems like Okami and Viewtiful Joe, and the divisive God Hand (some hated it, others loved it- divisive seems to be their m.o. which we saw- albeit to a lesser degree- with Infinite Space and W101).

It seems there is a less experienced team at Platinum that is handling licensed work- Korra, Transformers, and TMNT. It is because of these games people are questioning the credibility of Platinum. And they should. But I do think it's important to make the distinction between which team at Platinum is making a given game. Based on the evidence, the team handling licensed games is mediocre at best and downright embarrassing at worst. But the teams with Kamiya or Hashimoto at the helm... those teams crank out some incredible games and have a really impressive portfolio to show for it. I think most would agree that Scalebound and Nier Automata look very promising, and with Platinum's A-team track record I don't think too many are concerned they will be anything less than amazing.



JaxonH commented on Rumour: New Wave of Backward Compatible Titles...:

I need these games stat:

Lost Odyssey
Portal 2
Tales of Vesperia
Mass Effect Trilogy
Dragon Age 1 and 2
Final Fantasy XIII trilogy

Nintendo is the worst right now, but, considering the NNID came right at the tail end of the generation I don't think anyone really expected that policy to change on the spot seeing as the systems weren't built with the infrastructure in place for such a cross buy system. I do fully expect some form of cross buy next generation or for games to actually play on both console and handheld.



JaxonH commented on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer Hits 1 ...:

Call of Duty is always going to be a decent game. A good game even.

But good grief, even great games get old after the umpteenth annual iteration.

I don't blame those dislikes one bit. I'd dislike it too if I actually cared. But I'm beyond even caring about CoD at this point.



JaxonH commented on WB Games Own Magazine Leaks Batman: Return to ...:

I mean, I can't say it's not a great value. Even at $59.99 that's like getting each game for $29.99 remastered on current gen, when most remasters go for $39.99-$59.99 for a single game (though there have been some great compilations- Halo and Uncharted come to mind).

I don't think it was any less a game than Arkham City, it just had less beloved characters and didn't raise the bar whatsoever. And being the 3rd game in the series things started to get stale, which multiplied the issues of doing nothing new and having less intriguing villains.

But, of course I'm buying this. I never played Asylum and have wanted to for years. I'll finally get that chance



JaxonH commented on WB Games Own Magazine Leaks Batman: Return to ...:

"Origins wasn't canon and was just a cash-in"

They sure didn't advertise it as such. When they wanted to sell copies it was "the next great game in the Arkham series!" but when it comes to including value in a collection it's "not really worthy"



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Ya know, you would really love Monster Hunter. It's got this same type of deep, complex combat, 14 different weapon types- each completely unique and requiring a different play style... combat is heavily dependent on i-frames and evasion when dodge rolling, recognizing enemy tells and reacting, all that stuff.

In fact, Monster Hunter Generations releases this July on 3DS. If you ever want to hunt I'll be playing that game every day for at least a good month or so.

Dark Souls and Monster Hunter are the two deepest games I've ever played, and both very similar in a lot of respects, despite being very different.



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Ok, I'm at 20 Vigor, 18 Strength, 18 Vitality, 18 Endurance, 14 Dexterity and idk about the others cause I don't use them.

Doing good though- just beat the giant tree boss, and the blue knight. I have 7 Estus Flasks (upgraded to heal more per use), a +2 Claymore sword (2 more titanite shards to +3 cause I upgraded my Dark Axe a few times earlier on). I have this ring that doubles stamina regen, and I'm at 69.8% weight limit (had to swap knight helm for this Vietnamese looking hat helm I got from somewhere, just to keep weight under 70%).

But ya, findinf lots of secrets. I got 5 free levels from Yoel (think that's his name), traded ashes to buy a key and rescued some chick from a cell. Idk, this game is so incredibly complex. Maybe even moreso than Monster Hunter, and I've sunk at least a hundred hours just into wikis for that franchise.

May lock in the season pass. I'm really digging the game- it's tough, but it's rewarding. Felt so good to beat that blue knight after 6 tries, or that giant tree after 5 tries.



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:


Thing is, my brother who is a DS veteran, has been helping me get goig here. I asked him and he said unlike past games, the growth is marginal at best for early stat gains to Endurance. Said it was better to raise Vigor to 20-25, raise STR/DXT a little bit, and then go back for Endurance.

Basically explained that the returns for Vigor pay higher dividends than the returns for Endurance out the gate. But of course, he said it is something I'll need- just put it on the back burner until I get my health bar up.



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Thanks for those tips btw. I just beat the second boss, got a Claymore sword upgraded to +1 and a Dark Battle Axe upgraded to +2 (that axe does crazy damage too, awesome weapon but no scaling- so I'm investing in Claymore for a little later when it's upgrades will surely bring it to surpass the axe). Thing is I have to remove my helmet right now to use the claymore and keep weight under 70%.

Also used a glitch to access that area that costs 20,000 souls for the key. I hit an illusory wall and dropped down to a chest for some ring, cant remember what it does though.

Been pumping vigor, also 1pt in Faith so I could use a healing miracle (for 1pt why not, right?), and a few points in STR and DXT so I could wield the claymore and longbow. Figure having a few options is always good. I want to invest in Endurance but the returns seem so negligible... +2 per level? But man I really want some more stamina.



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Having just beaten Quantum Break, here's the new spread...

Dark Souls 3
Ratchet & Clank

Bravely Second
Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES VC)
Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES VC)
Super Metroid (SNES VC)

Wii U
Lost Reavers BETA





JaxonH commented on Review: Dark Souls III (Xbox One):

I think I need to get used to the controls, get it into muscle memory.

I think my bro said 70% was the weight ratio cutoff for the slow-roll. That he stressed to me as really important.

I couldn't figure out how to kick tho. I read the tutorial message but, didn't seem to work.



JaxonH commented on Review: Dark Souls III (Xbox One):

Ok, SO.

My bro loves the series. Fave franchise of all time he says. Been begging me to get into the series for years. So I bought this game and I played through the first boss. Now, the first MINI boss, this turquoise, crystal rolling creature, killed me 4 times before I finally beat him. It was literally down the very first path to the right after starting the game.

But when I got to the real first boss- The one where you pull the sword out from him- I beat him on my first try (granted, I used all my Estus Flasks and googled how to use my firebombs against him).

The thing is I am a serious Monster Hunter veteran. I know all about counting the i-frames and how to link frames during hops when evade-lancing... I also know shield-lance, dual blade, insect glaive, hunting horn, long sword, hammer and heavy bow gun. I relish the technical madness of it all.

So my brother has always told me I would love this game if I ever tried it. And to be perfectly honest I do. But where I had a friend who helped me out when I first got into MH and played co-op, I feel like a total newbie when it comes to this game. Are there any tips or secrets or is there any advice veterans of the series can give me to help me?

Excellent review



JaxonH commented on Quantum Break Scores Surprise Japanese Chart S...:

If not for Japan, then for us.

There is a segment of western gamers who love JRPG's, and if they want to maximize market share, it's important to offer as broad a range of genres as possible.

BC for Tales of Vesparia and Lost Odyssey would be a cheap and effective start.



JaxonH commented on Latest Gears of War 4 Trailer Brings the Sadness:

Personally, I liked Halo 5's campaign- at least, what I've played of it. Perhaps it's because I didn't grow up on the games and haven't played all the previous entries that I don't have a higher standard to compare it to? Idk.

So the complaints have not quite resonated with me personally; however, I don't think the complaints are so much about taking issue with a focus on multiplayer, but rather an inadequate campaign to accompany it (from their pov anyways).



JaxonH commented on Quantum Break Glitches Into Top Spot on UK Ret...:

Ya this is a good game. To sum it up- capable gameplay (good- not great but good) mixed with one of the finest stories ever to grace the medium, and a small dose of live action with the same actors to really drive home the immersion. Very high production values.

I've heard some complaints about the live-action but honestly I thought it was exceptionally well done. Close to television quality actually. You could tell it wasn't quite that good but it was good enough.

After speaking to my brother who is a huge remedy fan it seems this was the basic blueprint of Alan Wake also- meh but capable gameplah with an extraordinary story and production values.



JaxonH commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

X1: Quantum Break
3DS: Fire Emblem Fates- Conquest

A killer tag-team duo there. Totally opposite games, on totally opposite platforms, in totally different styles (one multi-million dollar AAA budget and the other a turn based handheld title) and yet both are equally just as amazing.



JaxonH commented on Out This Week: Quantum Break, DiRT Rally, TRON...:

I get the Quantic Dream games- those are a lot of Quick Time events (although I liked Beyond also).

This seems much more middle ground imo. Very good split of gameplay and story. My brother also hails Alan Wake as one of his fave games of all time- you and him would get along great. I may play it after I finish QB, but I need to wrap up Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest and run through FE Fates Revelation first and foremost.

I love how you play as the antagonist after each act to make a heavy decision, and how that decision affects the live action sequence. Not to mention the quantum ripples that affect the story. And, the story is just great. Really, really great. Probably the most enjoyable story I've ever seen in a video game. Time travel and it's implications has always interested me- and they have taken a very intriguing premise with excellent actors, good cinematography and dialog, solid gameplay heavily influenced by Infamous Second Son (which was fantastic) and mixed it all up into one of the most winning formulas I've seen in a AAA game.