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Gamer83 commented on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Confirmed for Xb...:


I've been hoping for that kind of collection for a while now. Once they started doing HD re-releases in the latter years of last gen I thought it just seemed too obvious to have GTA 3/VC/SA in one bundle. Maybe we can get it for the new consoles at some point, that'd be the only collection that could impress me more than The Master Chief Collection.



Gamer83 commented on Developer Confirms Outlast 2 is in the Works:

I don't know if this is good news or bad news. I found the first one incredibly boring, there needs to be some kind of combat, imo, to keep the game fun. It doesn't have to be a blast-a-thon. The Evil Within is a great example of how you can give people enough fire power without going overboard. I'm definitely interested to see how Outlast 2 will turn out but I can't say I'm hyped for it.



Gamer83 commented on Review: The Evil Within (Xbox One):

The game isn't scary at all, but then again, I've been desensitized to this stuff. I'm 31 years old now and was 13 when I played through the first RE. I didn't even think that game was overly scary but a few of the 'jump scare' moments did get me. Silent Hill was a mind f**k though. But as far as The Evil Within, it is a good game and I'd say the best in the genre I've played since the, sadly, very underrated Condemned: Criminal Origins. Condemned just got everything right, great atmosphere, solid gameplay and a story that you could at least follow. I do agree while The Evil Within gets a lot right, the story is more incoherent than any of the old school REs and that's saying something. Even in 1999 that would've been ok, now in the day and age when story telling has been at its peak there's no reason games shouldn't be better at it and while gameplay is always king it's laughable to me when people say a story shouldn't, or doesn't, matter.

Anyway, nice review @Anthinator. I agree that fans of this genre should check this game out and hey, it's late October, what better time of year to play it?



Gamer83 commented on Poll: Do You Prefer Linear or Open World Games?:

If it's a good game, it's a good game, that's all I care about. Now that said, I'm not sure I'd enjoy Uncharted as much if it were a wide-open kind of game, likewise, I'm not sure I'd enjoy GTA if Rockstar cut out all the crazy open world nonsense. It depends on the game and what the developers are trying to accomplish but in the end it really doesn't matter as long as the consumer can say it was $60 well spent.



Gamer83 commented on 343 Apologises for 20GB Halo Day One Patch:


Yeah, it's the latter that bothers me more but it is what it is these days. Honestly though, I'd set aside 300GB of harddrive space for Halo if I had to. Considering the amount of content we're getting in the Master Chief Collection itself, if that coupled with the 20GB update still manages to be under 100 I'll be impressed.



Gamer83 commented on Killer Instinct Season Two Launches Wednesday ...:

Loved season one, I'll get season two eventually. I'm kind of holding out hope for a physical release like the first one got, but at the same time, I also want KI 2 classic which only comes with the digital purchase of the ultra edition.



Gamer83 commented on Pachter: Xbox One Outsold PlayStation 4 in Sep...:


I'm mostly a PlayStation guy, but I'm not a fanboy so if somebody asked me right now which console to get, depending on what they like I'd say Xbox One or Wii U easily over a PS4. Sony's first party output, aside from inFamous, has been massively disappointing. The arrogance running through the company sickens me and speaking from a North American experience I hate the way SCEA doesn't communicate with the consumers on its very own blog at all. Obviously can't say anything about Sony Europe since I don't live there, but I've heard similarly bad things. Sony needs to shape up, especially in the most important category... exclusive games.



Gamer83 commented on Pachter: Xbox One Outsold PlayStation 4 in Sep...:

I hope he's right. It's been a long time since I've been as disappointed in the PlayStation brand as I have been this year, and the fact the now paid-for PSN is having as many issues as it does along with the complete lack of communication over DriveClub to me shows a company that s 100% complacent. Sony needs its feet held to the fire a bit to get back on track.



Gamer83 commented on Assassin's Creed Unity Xbox One Bundle Leaked,...:

My hype for any game from Ubisoft has dropped significantly recently, but anything that might help more X1 units sell, the better. MS is dropping all sorts of bundles this holiday season, hopefully it pays off.



Gamer83 commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@Tasuki @DRL

I'd prefer to be using the d-pad as well but the circle pad on 3DS actually works better than I thought. I'm playing the game a ton but I don't feel like it's even close to wearing it down. I also used the circle pad for extensive playing of Super Street Fighter IV and DoA back when those games released so I'm not too worried about it breaking down. Now if I were playing on Vita and had to use that system's analog stick I'd be a little more concerned. It's solid, but not for constant use with fighting games.



Gamer83 commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:


I like that there's two copies of Smash Bros. as well, ever since I played the original way back when in my early high school years when it first released, I had looked forward to the day I could have a copy to take on the go. Thankfully the 3DS has just enough power under the hood to make that dream a reality. Awesome game, unbelievable amount of content packed into such a tiny cartridge and just as far as the fighting and single player modes, I like it even better than Brawl. The Wii U version is going to be absolutely insane.



Gamer83 commented on Editor's Opinion: Our Resolution Resolution:

I'm annoyed by some of Ubisoft's comments because it kind of comes off, at least the initial statements like the PS4 version of AC Unity was held back and if that's the case, that bothers me. Every game should run the best it can on each system, if it runs better on one oh well, as long as all versions are good, who cares if PS4 gets a higher resolution than Xbox One?

Honestly, though, frames per second is a bigger deal. 30 fps is not a deal breaker but I have to admit it disappointments me that most games are failing to hit 60 on both the PS4 and Xbox One, it's 2014. If the game is good I'm not going to miss out, but I do think more games need to target 60 fps and if it means a game has to run 900p instead of 1080, so be it.

In the end it's all a bit overblown but a major part of the problem is PS4 aint got jacksh*t in the way of games right now so the corporate slaves have to talk about something.



Gamer83 commented on Spencer: Backgrounds, Themes, Screenshot Suppo...:

@hydeks @EternalDragonX

Yup, just like Sony's screw ups at E3 2006 cost them big last generation, MS hurt itself at the start of this one with that horrible E3 2013. The funny thing is though, if you took out all the talk about DRM policies, this that and the other, and just looked at games, I'd say from day one out of Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U, Xbox One has the most games that interest me. It was mostly price and the fact I thought Sony's first parties would come out much better than they have, that got me to lean towards PS4. After MS made the switch to get rid of its initial DRM policies I'd have gotten an X1 on launch day instead of PS4 had there been a Kinect-free $400 version, but I'm glad I waited since I got the Madden bundle which basically gave you a free full game download. I think all the nice bundles that MS has coming out this holiday along with games like Forza Horizon 2 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection will at least help it stay close to PS4. Even if PS4 sells better again I don't think it'll be by a landslide this time, way too much good content coming to Xbox One, meanwhile PS4 is getting stuff like DriveClub.



Gamer83 commented on Kingdom Hearts III Jumps to Unreal Engine 4:

The 360 had a good number of RPGs, Western and Japanese. I think we'll see the same this gen. Eventhough it's not JRPG, MS' partnership with Platinum for Scalebound shows there's still the willingness to work closely with Japanese developers, so maybe a deal with one of the top RPG studios in the future?



Gamer83 commented on Poll: Which October Release Are You Looking Fo...:

Sunset Overdrive. I kind of wish I could say The Evil Within but eventhough more recent press has been more positive I'm still not sold. Early impressions were poor and for a game this close to release it still hasn't generated much conversation. That's concerning to me especially when the guy behind it is one of the more celebrated people in the industry.



Gamer83 commented on Review: Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One):

Every time I play this game I say it's only to be for a 'couple hours' and it always turns into 5-7 hours. It's got its quirks, but overall the game is just a blast to play.



Gamer83 commented on Join The Official Pure Xbox Car Club In Forza ...:


Unfortunately I think EA's hockey games are the only ones around right now. I believe 2K stopped a couple years ago (those games had taken a turn for the worse though). What's disappointing about NHL 15 is that prior to this year the series had actually been pretty good. But with a new generation apparently comes new levels of laziness from EA.



Gamer83 commented on Microsoft Not Satisfied With Japanese Xbox One...:


Nintendo's an interesting company, always has been to me. I haven't really loved one of the company's home consoles since the NES and SNES but its handheld systems are always awesome, 3DS being no exception. For MS in Japan I think the problem is more that Sony and Nintendo are so engrained over there and not as much that the Xbox is an American product. Japan likes a lot of American pop culture and I believe Apple has been successful over there but for videogames PlayStation and Nintendo have long been their go-to brands and the fact that MS' most recognizable Xbox franchises are so Western-geared doesn't help. MS needs to keep a presence in Japan though, even if very, very niche so that companies like Capcom and Square continue to support Xbox.



Gamer83 commented on State of Decay Hits Two Million Copies Sold:

I was going to get the DLC for the Xbox 360 version but since it's packed into the year one edition I'm just waiting for that. I'm not a huge fan of re-buying games but this is one of those like Halo and The Last of Us that an exception will be made for.



Gamer83 commented on Tesco Launches Forza Horizon 2 Xbox One Bundle...:

Nice deal. Will hopefully help move some more X1s off the shelves. I think they should've done something similar here in NA but I still see that Forza 5 bundle floating around at a few retailers so maybe they didn't want to hurt that one.



Gamer83 commented on Impressions: Cruising Through Stunning Souther...:

I'll join the Pure Xbox Club. I can't say how often I'll be playing online, honestly the only games I really play online are shooters but the first Horizon I actually some good times with the online so I'll probably give this one try over the weekend after I've been able to spend some time getting familiar with the game and making significant headway in the singleplayer portion. I got the game and played for five hours straight and feel like I've barely scratched the surface. This game is packed with content. Which is great to see. Looking forward to the PX review, it's doing well at metacritic after 54 reviews, and I'd say after playing it, it's definitely on track to live up to what I wanted.