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Tasuki commented on ​So Long, And Thanks for All the Clicks:

@stylon It's a bit technical why the site is here. Perhaps they are looking for a new team perhaps not. Keep in mind the guy that owns the site Ant also owns Push Square and Nintendolife, Ken was just the editor. So I believe buy owning Nintendolife and Push Square he has some kind of deal with thus site. Either that or he's just waiting for the time he paid for the domain name to expire.

From my understanding the site was more of a fan site then an actual job if that makes sense. The writers, reviewers didn't get paid for their contributions it was more like they did it because they enjoyed it. I think the problems that Ken was having was internally although this is just my theory Ken reasoning might be totally different. But what it seemed like is he was having problems finding reviewers, writers that would volunteer their time due to other time constraints i.e. family, paying jobs, etc. If you look at say Nintendolife or Push Square they have articles and reviews posted nearly every day by several different team memebers, while here at Pure Xbox it's looked like Ken was doing most of the work and articles reviews towards the end were not every day. I think this was starting to wear on Ken too and Ken just couldn't do it anymore, at least that's what I gathered by this post.



Tasuki commented on ​So Long, And Thanks for All the Clicks:

@stylon I know what you mean but sad truth is those annoying adds is what keep a site like Pure Xbox going. I mean I can deal with a little annoyance if it means my favorite site stays. Sadly others don't see it like that.



Tasuki commented on ​So Long, And Thanks for All the Clicks:

@stylon I think it has to do with the age group targeted by Nintendo. Alot of Nintendo fans are a bit younger ranging from preteen to mid earlier 20s at least that's what I gather from Nintendolife. Now PS and Xbox Owners strike me as a bit older crowd I'd say mid 20s upward. The Nintendo fans don't have the same commits to time like older people do, family, jobs etc. So they have alot more free time to spend online on Nintendo forums thus providing sites with traffic and revenue. Also in Nintendolife's case I think it has to do with how many other Nintendo fansites are out there. At least that's my theory.



Tasuki commented on E3 2016: Gears of War 4 Comes With Complete Ge...:

@VanillaLake I agree with ya MS is being very generous this gen, though I can't help feel that's due to the botched launch of the Xbox One. Part of me is wondering if they would have been this generous if they didn't lose so many 360 owners in the beginning to Sony. Then again I also wonder if it's due to Phil Spencer running things now instead of Mattrick.



Tasuki commented on Deals With Gold: Forza Comes Into Focus During...:

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is a great game if you enjoy the Tekken series you would be a fool to not get that while it's free.

Sadly, I feel now with the Xbox One S and Scopio announced 360 deals are going to really slow down unless they are backwards compatible games.



Tasuki commented on Xbox One Hardware Prices Dropped Worldwide:

@KelticDevil I don't mind the size of the original Xbox One as long as it plays the games I want that's all that matters. Honestly none of the exclusives have tickled my fancy not big on Gears, Halo or Forza but Oni and The Blind Forest or whatever its called and Raiden V have piqued my interest. May get Overwatch and Black Ops III again on the Xbox One since I have friends that have an Xbox One and play those games.



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

PS4-- Black Ops III cause of the Double Weapon XP
Life is Strange I heard good things about this one.

Xbox 360 — Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. On Return of the Jedi Story mode.

NES — Ducktales In honor of the passing of Alan Young (voice of Scrooge McDuck).



Tasuki commented on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Trilogy Coming to...:

@KelticDevil They could be looking for all kinds of ways to make the money back that they know they will lose with Infinite Warfare. I mean the trailer is the second most disliked video on YouTube right now, right behind Justin Bieber if that don't put Activision into panick mode I don't know what will. Even though they said they won't port IW over to the 360 or PS3 I don't think they would take the gamble to considering how much hate it has recieved.



Tasuki commented on Make It So: Star Trek Online Heads to Xbox One:

@KelticDevil It cam out a couple of years ago but got buried under the deluge of MMOS that were coming out then. That and the fact that it uses the F2p microtransactions business model didn't make it too popular.

@ElkinFencer10: I highly doubt that you will be able to use your PC characters as those are stored on different servers. You'd probably will have to start all over again.



Tasuki commented on 90s Arcade Racer Changes Lanes, Heads to Xbox ...:

@SuperKMx Yeah a buddy of mine has it on the 360, I played it a few times but it just feels awkward playing it with a 360 controller if that makes sense. Using the stick instead of the cross pad just makes it feel way to sensitive, and I won't get started on the 360 cross pad. Maybe this just means I need to start looking for a Saturn.



Tasuki commented on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Officially Conf...:

@A_BabyRed_Yoshi Plain and simple it's MW vs IW that alone will take players away. They aren't going to spend the extra money to put the game on discs. Digital is alot cheaper then physical and they aren't going to spend anymore time or money releasing a remaster of MW.

You have to think to yourself, if Ghosts didn't do as bad as they did would they have even bother with packaging MW with IW? The reason they did is to boosts sales and hope it surpasses Black Ops 3 sales cause let's be honest Infinity Ward is not looked highly upon as it once was.