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Male, 35, United Kingdom

Primarily a music and sports game fan, but I've got big love for all genres and platforms. The Dreamcast is the best.

Sun 24th Apr 2011

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SuperKMx commented on ​So Long, And Thanks for All the Clicks:

Some folks have asked us to provide info on where we'll be writing in the future, so I thought I'd drop in and say that I'll be reviewing (multi-format) for with my first review going live this week or early next.

There were plans for a multi-format news outlet, but I haven't the time to get a new site off the ground just now. Maybe in the future.



SuperKMx commented on E3 2016: New Rock Band 4 Peripherals and Rock ...:

@MadAdam81 This one is a bit different to the one that lets the Hofner Bass work. I've got one of the ones you're talking about as well after thinking it would let the ION Drum Rocker work, but it doesn't.

Fortunately this new one will sort that problem.



SuperKMx commented on E3 2016: Microsoft's Project Scorpio Promises ...:

@Marce2240 I'm not arguing that point at all. People WILL usually take the better spec machine if they get a chance.

However, you said that smaller devs will have to survive making games for the low-tier hardware, but that won't matter. Games for the low-tier hardware (XO) will work on the high-tier hardware (Scorpio) so if people are upgrading, whether they trade their old machine in or keep it in a cupboard, they'll still be able to play the game.

The potential userbase for their game, if it's developed with the lowest-tier console in mind, will be XO sales + XOS sales + Scorpio sales. The number of potential users won't go down, because if someone trades in their old machine and buys a Scorpio, it's -1 Xbox One and +1 Scorpio, so the userbase for that game stays the same.



SuperKMx commented on E3 2016: Microsoft Conference Day Contest!:

Ok, our winners are as follows:-

1st Place - Thomas McGaffney, Finland
2nd Place - Oliver Bothe, Germany
3rd Place - Steven Lyon, England
4th Place - Alan Murilo, Brazil
5th Place - Nick Harrington-Lewis, England

Congratulations to those five - we'll email out your prize shortly!



SuperKMx commented on E3 2016: Microsoft's Project Scorpio Promises ...:

@Marce2240 "If Scorpio becomes the new standard, those devs that can't afford to make a version of the game up to the specs of the new system will have to survive by developing games for the low-tier hardware (XBO). Last time I checked, lifetime sales of the XBO had surpassed 20 million units. They can only plummet from here, and you have to subtract to that figure the number of people that will upgrade to Scorpio."

I don't think that's right. You wouldn't need to subtract the number of people that will upgrade to Scorpio, because the Xbox One game would still work on their system.



SuperKMx commented on Deals With Gold: Every Sport and More Discounted:

@stylon Looks to be US and Canada only, from what I can see looking at the stores. US and Canada is $6.60, Europe is still EUR19.99, UK is £15.99.

That's strange...

(For the record, turns out the Outlands Pack that you get with the Season Pass for TRON RUN/r was released on 31st announcement.)



SuperKMx commented on Deals With Gold: Every Sport and More Discounted:

@stylon At the new pricepoint, it's probably worth a shot. There's been no new season pass content released as yet and absolutely nothing mentioned about it. I have a feeling that it isn't going to turn up at all at this rate, but that's just a guess...



SuperKMx commented on Review: Dangerous Golf (Xbox One):

@MegaKillScreen I was working around the annoyances too, but as you fear, the loading screens combined with the amount of times I had to sit through them due to bugs or failures that weren't necessarily my fault made the last three tours of the single player campaign into an absolute chore.

The fact the penultimate level is a few levels in one, linked by warp zones, means that it takes three to four times as long to load, too. I was lucky - genuinely, I've no idea how I sunk the putt - and managed to get bronze on the second attempt. I'm glad I didn't have to reload that one more than once, for sure!



SuperKMx commented on Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants ...:

@KelticDevil "And there is no excuse for Platinum not delivering on this game. Anyone that tells you any different, tell them to.......nevermind."

As a software developer, I would say there are a number of reasons why this hasn't turned out the way it should. Not making excuses as I don't know their development policies, management practices, staffing levels, budgets, or anything like that.

But I know that I've started software projects for clients and had management constraints, budget cuts, and moving deadlines restrict the scope of what I was making and eventually the software was worse as a result. If someone said there was "no excuse" and that I wasn't good enough at my job because I couldn't do 12 months work in 3 weeks, I wouldn't be best pleased.