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Sun 24th April, 2011

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SuperKMx commented on Weirdness: Missing That Xbox One 'Day One' Ach...:

@Captain_Chao5 Maybe harsh, but not intended to be. I have amended the wording. :)

I'm totally in agreement that it sucks that the thing is available to purchase. It should have been something that unlocked if you connected your machine to Xbox Live within the first week say, rather than being a standard download code that anyone could trade or sell.



SuperKMx commented on Rumour: 1TB Basic Xbox One Set for Launch in J...:

@GreatPlayer Yes, updates can replace certain game files. I'm a software developer that uses this method a lot when I make mistakes. :)

Donkey Kong is 10GB. Ok. Forza Motorsport 5 is 31GB.

The way that games run on a console are very rarely mainly to do with disc sizes. RAM, CPU, GPU, the way the game has been optimised, etc, all have way more of an effect. WAY more of an effect.



SuperKMx commented on Rumour: 1TB Basic Xbox One Set for Launch in J...:

@GreatPlayer "That is almost not true." - Yes, it's entirely true.

Wii U games run almost "as fast" as Xbox One, correct. That doesn't have anything to do with how fast the data needs to be accessed though. Xbox One and PS4 require the ability to access more data, faster. In basic terms, a texture for a solid, single-colour wall in Mario Kart 8 will take up less size on disk than a texture of a detailed brick wall in The Order, for example. But they still need to be obtained from the disk and displayed on screen in the same amount of time.

Changing a game's content after release has nothing to do with it, either. Xbox 360 and PS3 games did that all the time, and they didn't require installs. As for loading speeds, Xbox One and PS4 games load just as quickly as Wii U titles, even with any fixes, patches, or content updates in place.



SuperKMx commented on Review: Project CARS (Xbox One):

@HeyChrisA Thanks for your kind comments - much appreciated!

I'm hoping they patch it soon, really I am. I was totally looking forward to the game but like you say, every time you fire it up, something else goes wrong with it!



SuperKMx commented on Review: Project CARS (Xbox One):

@Apoc112 That's a good tip about the setups - thanks for that!

I had the "skip to end of session" bug occur once too. Was 8th with an all but wrecked car, skipped to the end of the session, and awarded the victory. Very strange!



SuperKMx commented on Review: Project Root (Xbox One):

@thral1 I think a patch may have been put in place. I've just loaded it up and my level ups are now not being shared between levels, although they were last week.

Amended that portion of the review.



SuperKMx commented on Did You Know Gaming? Takes On the Original Xbox:

@Utena-mobile I used one when it first came out and got the "S" version when it finally was launched. The difference was incredible. I've still got an original "Duke" controller here on my desk, and it's absolutely ludicrous. NO idea why they didn't actually like...test it...with...y'know....actual people! :D



SuperKMx commented on Rumour: Microsoft and Black Tusk Working on Ge...:

I'm remembering how sweet the first game looked when it launched, and I can only imagine what they'll do with it on Xbox One. It'll either be massively impressive or massively underwhelming. I have the feeling that there won't be any middle ground here... :)



SuperKMx commented on Review: Infinity Runner (Xbox One):

@DRL I got to 640/1000 Gamerscore after two playthroughs (standard/hard), with 43 out of 55 achievements unlocked. Think I was pretty much at the 35 mark when I started the second play though! :)



SuperKMx commented on Screenshot Sunday: Issue 2:

@A_BabyRed_Yoshi You can either go to Upload and press the menu button when the screenshot is showing in full screen and select "Share" (then share it to OneDrive) or go to and download your screenshots from there. :)



SuperKMx commented on Star Wars Battlefront Playable First on Xbox One:

@Utena-mobile I'm going to guess that they turned it down as they wouldn't be making a great deal of money from it. Plus an argument could be made that it could cloud the marketing of a service like PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now.

Even still, I would have left it up to the gamers to decide if they wanted it or not. :)



SuperKMx commented on Star Wars Battlefront Playable First on Xbox One:

@Utena-mobile The new login screen is pretty nice! :)

By "first" they mean that it'll be available 5 days before launch to EA Access subscribers, to play for a specific maximum number of hours. Then when it's released, you buy the game and carry on your progress.

It's been the same for all EA games since EA Access launched. The good news is that Microsoft didn't pay for exclusivity. EA offered EA Access to both Sony and Microsoft, and Sony turned it down, stating that it represented "poor value" for gamers. Oh, how wrong they were... :)



SuperKMx commented on Bonkers Easter Deals Fuel Rumours of Further U...:

@Boerewors I'm not so sure that a new console is coming in THIS year, but I reckon at next year's E3 a new slim unit - an Xbox One S - will be announced.

These recent prices are a result of rumoured new bundles. I'm thinking that the standard unit will get a bump to include a 1TB drive before Christmas, we'll potentially get a Halo 5 Guardians themed console, and it wouldn't surprise me to see an official drop to £249.99 before the Holiday season kicks in.

I also wouldn't put it past Microsoft to be offering deals to outlets in order to get them to drop the price over Easter. If they all do it at the same time, that's GREAT advertising for potentially much less than advertising would cost them. Not only that, but if little Timmy sees an Xbox One in one store for £270 and tries to convince his mum to buy one...then they go to the next store and it's only £250... ;)



SuperKMx commented on On This Day: It's Been Exactly 11 Years Since ...:

I remember SO looking forward to this when it came out. Ridge Racer! On other consoles! Yaaaaay!

Then it came out and was rough.

I played through it again recently on Xbox and I can't remember how I even got through the single player mode first time around. Those rallying sections are just so poor.



SuperKMx commented on Out Today: Pool Nation FX (Xbox One):

@Captain_Chao5 I think you've probably done the right thing. I put in a few hours and the game is broken all over the place. I've got about 7 achievements that won't pop, the AI goes from missing straight pots to cleaning up from the break every other frame...oh, and at one point, the sound effects started playing backwards for me yesterday.

Not quite sure what happened. Pool Nation on 360 was quite good.



SuperKMx commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@Tasuki I can see the resemblance to PGR, yeah. It definitely has that sort of feel to it. I'm really enjoying it. Picked up the season pass and everything. :)

Was VERY slow to get going though. Not so much as a hint of a challenge up until I was about halfway through the game, but then it picked up nicely.



SuperKMx commented on Ryse Invites Players to Head Back to Rome for ...:

@Red620Ti It's one of those that I keep meaning to go back to. I finished it, but I didn't really touch upon the multiplayer at all. I reckon it's underrated by the Xbox community as a game, I really do. Repetitive, sure..but it was genuinely enjoyable for me, despite that.

Might have to give it another spin :)