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Primarily a music and sports game fan, but I've got big love for all genres and platforms. The Dreamcast is the best.

Sun 24th Apr 2011

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SuperKMx commented on Microsoft Ends Xbox 360 Production:

@Gamer83 You sire, are not wrong. As weird as it is to notice, Condemned was the first game that ever made me feel that my character was running around at night. It was SO dark for a lot of the time. Really atmospheric. Loved it.



SuperKMx commented on Microsoft Ends Xbox 360 Production:

@Tasuki Fair enough, though my point was that nobody is forcing you to buy the latest thing. Your 360 still works, and you can still buy an Xbox 360, and will be able to for a good while yet.

360 support on Xbox Live will continue for a long time, mainly because backward compatibility on Xbox One allows 360 games to be played online using the same systems that they do on the Xbox 360. So there's no sense in them turning it off and suddenly saying "B/C games won't be online playable now."

As for Deals With Gold, well...that's a different story. End of the day, if someone actually wants a game that much that they're willing to get upset that it hasn't been discounted, then they should pay the asking price. I'd imagine that backward compatible titles will eventually come into focus on DwG and then people will end up going "Man...backward compatible titles AGAIN?" every week!



SuperKMx commented on Microsoft Ends Xbox 360 Production:

@Tasuki With respect, they've just said that they'll stop making them. There are probably millions - as in actual millions - sitting in stores around the world, waiting to be sold. I can go to any game store in my town and buy one. Also, Microsoft probably have a stock of 360s large enough for supply to not be an issue for a good while yet. Also, LIVE still works on Xbox 360 and will do for the forseeable future.

So, if you want to play your Xbox 360 games now, you can still buy an Xbox 360. Or keep using the Xbox 360 console that you clearly already own. I don't understand the outrage?

They can't keep making these things forever, neither should they be expected to.



SuperKMx commented on Uk Folks Can Now Buy Digital Xbox Games at The...:

@stylon I remember the year I got an Amstrad CPC 464 for Christmas. I'd already been buying Amstrad Action magazine with my pocket money for months, so Christmas afternoon was spent typing in a listing from that mag that did nothing but drew Mickey Mouse on the screen.

Four hours. Didn't work. Had absolutely no idea what any error messages meant so couldn't debug.

I don't think I've ever been more upset. Still, a few rounds of BMX Simulator sorted that out.



SuperKMx commented on Latest Gears of War 4 Trailer Brings the Sadness:

@KelticDevil "Halo 2 pioneered online FPS on the consoles & is the game that got Xbox Live off the ground. It was one of the most popular multiplayer games of that generation"

Yes sir, it was. Introduced online multiplayer to a whole generation of gamers, not to mention satisfied people like me who had been lugging their Xbox to LAN parties to play Halo: CE in "System Link" mode.

Did my back the world of good when Halo 2 finally came out!



SuperKMx commented on Brand New: Issue 3 - Twelve New Xbox One Titles!:

Gotta say I really like the look of Oceanhorn as well. Also intrigued about 7 Days to Die. Has a State of Decay vibe to it, and I would have really dug that game on XO if it wasn't for the performance issues.



SuperKMx commented on Brand New: Issue 3 - Twelve New Xbox One Titles!:

@BAMozzy "Maybe people don't feel like 'commenting' because of the hassle they get for criticising indies or having an opinion that differs from somebody else!!"

Well that isn't it.

Maybe it's because when they do have an opinion that differs from someone else, they get bombarded with 1,000 word replies until they concede or get bored?



SuperKMx commented on Brand New: Issue 3 - Twelve New Xbox One Titles!:

@BAMozzy I disagree.

"They have no way of expressing that they have no interest" isn't right as they have the option to not vote. The results are a percentage of the people who have voted, as in any poll anywhere.

People have no problem writing "not for me" or "not at this price" on every other article that introduces new games or sale listings, or on Twitter, or on Facebook, that I consciously left the option from the poll. If they have a strong enough feeling to (for some reason) let everyone know that they have no interest in something, they'll comment, not that I see why they get involved with things they aren't interested in, anyway!



SuperKMx commented on Review: Active Soccer 2 DX (Xbox One):

@frito With respect - "I'm not sure why the reviewer is making such a picky comment about offsides, not really a game breaker that one"

Maybe not a game breaker, but it's still a pretty glaring oversight in a game that claims to simulate football, in an arcade or "old-school" manner or not. It isn't "picky" to state that the game has issues with actually getting the rules of the sport right.