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Primarily a music and sports game fan, but I've got big love for all genres and platforms. The Dreamcast is the best.

Sun 24th April, 2011

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SuperKMx commented on Xbox One July System Update Now Available:

@EternalDragonX Might be worth a call to Xbox Support, as I don't have those problems. Although I must say I've never been able to turn the controller off with a double-press...always had to hold the button down and select "Turn Off Controller" from the menu. Sucks that you're having trouble :(



SuperKMx commented on Xbox One Controller PC Drivers Now Available:

@EternalDragonX Can't say I've got a problem using a wired controller to play PC games. If the option is "buy a new controller" or "use the controller that I already have" and the only reason to buy is so that I can say that I'm using a wireless device, I'll stick with the controller I've already got and spend the money on games :D



SuperKMx commented on Review: Nutjitsu (Xbox One):

@TheXboxHero I guess it depends on why you're playing, really. I doubt anyone who's JUST aiming for Gamerscore will even care about the quality of the game, so wouldn't be interested in a review. :)



SuperKMx commented on Rumour: Halo 1-4 To Be Released for Xbox One A...:

@kupo This is currently UNCONFIRMED but looking very likely. Some other places are running it as confirmed news, and a few folks on our Facebook page are claiming that it is confirmed, but it definitely is NOT as yet.

We'll run a confirmation story when Microsoft confirms it (which will probably be during their E3 show!)



SuperKMx commented on Guide: Setting Up US Netflix on Your UK Xbox One:

@JaxonH It might work with the eShop. I know it doesn't allow you to get US/Japanese Xbox Games Store content as your actual game store account sets your region, whereas Netflix determines your region based on the DNS. It all depends on whether or not Nintendo looks at your account, or at your DNS. :)



SuperKMx commented on Far Cry 4 Release Date Announced:

@Generik You really should. It's might not be the greatest game ever made, but the atmosphere is fantastic. Not to say it isn't good fun, of course. Well worth the cash, I'd say. :)



SuperKMx commented on Editor's Opinion: The Right Moves:

@Generik I'd imagine that we're looking at wall-to-wall games during the E3 conference. You're right - these announcements would easily have taken 15-20 minutes of their show, what with all the corporate bluster, so I'm happy that they're out of the way now. :)



SuperKMx commented on Analyst: Xbox One to Overtake PS4 in US by 2015:

@Gamer83 I was agreeing with you all the way up until you mentioned The Last of Us Remastered. Honestly, I'd step over a dying family member to get to that game. :)

But I do have to agree. My PS4 has barely been powered up since Christmas, and that's not because I've been playing Xbox One titles non-stop, either. Of course, I've a tendency to play multi-format titles on the Xbox One, but that isn't the cause of the lack of use. There just isn't anything I want to play right now on Sony's system. I'm a PlayStation Plus subscriber, too.