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Sun 24th April, 2011

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SuperKMx commented on Xbox One Backward Compatibility Will Support DLC:

@JaredJ The reason for that is that Wii games aren't being republished. You just put the Wii disc in and the Wii U runs it from the disc via emulation.

On Xbox One, they need to actually repackage the software - even if you're using a disc-based copy - so you can download the Xbox One compatible version. That needs the original publisher's permission. :/



SuperKMx commented on Yes, Rare Replay Will Be Bundled With the Rele...:

@flameboy84 I've no idea how the Rare Replay specific features would work with them, but I can see the logic behind it all.

End of the day, if you're repackaging the games to work as backwards compatible titles on the system, I guess it saves time to just access those, rather than repackaging them again to work within the confines of Rare Replay. Like I say though, I might be totally wrong! I just heard it worked that way from someone at E3.



SuperKMx commented on Yes, Rare Replay Will Be Bundled With the Rele...:

@stylon I'm under the impression that's exactly what they're doing. You choose one of those three games from the Rare Replay menu, and it drops you out to the My Games and Apps section and fires up the relevant backward-compatible version.

As far as I've been told, anyway. Might be wrong!



SuperKMx commented on Looks Like That ZombiU Xbox One Port Rumour Wa...:

@KelticDevil I played it on Wii U and enjoyed it a great deal. VERY curious as to the controls.

Simple reason being that yes, it used the Gamepad a LOT. As far as I remember, it was used for inventory management and also as a "scanner" where you could hold it up in front of you and scan around for things to pick up and use. If I remember correctly, you could press a button on screen and it would "ping" the area for zombie activity too, and show you the results on the Gamepad screen.



SuperKMx commented on E3 2015: Microsoft Says That Kinect Games Are ...:

@castlezelda @KelticDevil I'm in agreement about Kinect voice commands being awesome, and I couldn't imagine not having it. I disagree entirely with KelticDevil about being glad that Kinect is dying.

However, castlezelda, everybody's opinion is respected here on pX, and that must mean that if someone has a negative opinion of something then they must be able to say so. I won't have the place going the way of other sites, where anyone with an opinion that isn't the same as the collective gets shot to pieces. :)

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" and all that. :)



SuperKMx commented on Poll: Which Xbox One Exclusives From E3 2015 W...:

People should realise that Push Square, Nintendo Life, and Pure Xbox use the same user system. If you get banned on one, you'll be banned on all of them.

Apologies to anyone that saw the now banned user's fanboy ranting here.



SuperKMx commented on To Play Hexic on Xbox One, You'll Need to Do This:

@stylon That's weird...may be a bug with that particular game? I would have guessed an issue with Games on Demand in general, but a friend of mine is playing the digital version of Perfect Dark Zero without a problem.

It'll sort itself in due course, I'm sure. :)



SuperKMx commented on E3 2015: Microsoft Elite Controller Pricing an...:

@A_BabyRed_Yoshi No problems. In turn....

1) No. Your existing mic will work. The new controller has a 3.5mm jack AND the existing connector.

2) Yes. No change to the batteries at all. Your Play and Charge will work with the standard, new, and Elite controllers.

3) No, that isn't true at all. Any Xbox One controller will work with any Xbox One system.

Hope this helps :)



SuperKMx commented on E3 2015: Xbox One Backward Compatibility Confi...:

@ElkinFencer10 No, it isn't poppycock at all, regardless of how older platforms did it. On Xbox One, disc-based titles need to be downloaded digitally, for a start. This is to get around issues with the way the drive is accessed and the differences between the 360 and Xbox One. This means that the games will need to be compiled and republished into the Xbox One's digital package format.

Not only that, but what about patches? An amendment to the publishing contract will need to be made so that developers/publishers can patch their games on both formats. Or, so that when they issue a patch for the Xbox 360 version, it's tested with Xbox One as well. That wouldn't have been a requirement before. What about support? What happens when Microsoft just adds every game to the system and unprepared publishers (who maybe haven't dealt with requests about certain titles for almost a decade) start getting hundreds of support requests from players?

And regarding the fact that games have to be packaged and redistributed digitally - what about rights? If someone wants to play their disc-based game that was published by THQ, Microsoft don't have the legal right - seriously, they really don't - to just buy a copy of the game at Gamestop and then package it up for redistribution. Who do they ask, now that THQ are out of business?

It isn't just black and white, as much as we all want it to be.



SuperKMx commented on E3 2015: Xbox One Backward Compatibility Confi...:

@ElkinFencer10 Can't say that I agree with them half assing it. The 21 announced games are for Preview Members only. By the time it actually launches to everyone at Christmas, there will be 100 titles, with more being added regularly.

They've even opened up a Uservoice poll so you can vote for the games you want to see!

For various reasons (mainly legal with the publishers), they're not actually allowed to just make every game available right away.



SuperKMx commented on E3 2015: Dishonored Definitive Edition Set to ...:

As usual, remasters aren't about the players who played the game and then didn't absolutely love it when it was first released.

In this case, it's about giving access to the game to new players and for catering to the super-fans who - judging by the crowd reaction last night - will buy it despite already owning it or getting it free on Xbox 360. Plus, let's not forget those who were maybe sitting on the fence first time around, who will be convinced by remastered visuals, or - depending on the release date - a less-crowded schedule. It's also about building hype for Dishonored 2.

Same goes for Gears of War. Let's not forget that the first title was released A DECADE ago on Xbox 360. Kids who were 8 when it launched are now 18. They may not have played it first time around and they may not even have owned an Xbox 360, but they could well give the game a spin now on their shiny new Xbox One. And...just in time to draw them into the fanbase in time for the new Gears of War and subsequent titles...

Markets exist outside of ourselves, in short.



SuperKMx commented on E3 2015: 1TB Xbox One With New Controller Spotted:

@BAMozzy "It hardly makes sense to announce it at E3 the day it goes on sale!"

It absolutely does, bizarrely.

From my experience in retail buying, a new design would be worth queuing up pre-orders for, but not a slightly bigger HDD and a minor controller tweak. If you've already got the eyes of the world on you and you suddenly say "So...this thing is a bit better than it was and you can get the improved version right now..." immediately after showing people a raft of new complimentary products that they might want, people who are on the fence will dive in then and there. :)



SuperKMx commented on The Division DLC First on Xbox and Quantum Bre...:

@Gamer83 Good point. Given that Uncharted 4 will be a system seller, it would be somewhat foolish for Microsoft to release something they've banked so heavily on in the same window.

If it was an established IP, I'd see that it could at least try to go head-to-head with Uncharted. As a brand new game with no history behind it though, they'd definitely be ill-advised to launch at the same time.