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Sun 24th Apr 2011

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SuperKMx commented on Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants ...:

@KelticDevil "And there is no excuse for Platinum not delivering on this game. Anyone that tells you any different, tell them to.......nevermind."

As a software developer, I would say there are a number of reasons why this hasn't turned out the way it should. Not making excuses as I don't know their development policies, management practices, staffing levels, budgets, or anything like that.

But I know that I've started software projects for clients and had management constraints, budget cuts, and moving deadlines restrict the scope of what I was making and eventually the software was worse as a result. If someone said there was "no excuse" and that I wasn't good enough at my job because I couldn't do 12 months work in 3 weeks, I wouldn't be best pleased.



SuperKMx commented on Review: Tropico 5: Penultimate Edition (Xbox One):

@stylon Updated the release date.

As for price, the only price we have is £39.99, but the press release doesn't state if that's RRP, physical, digital, or what. I'd assume its the RRP so should be that price when it hits the digital store.



SuperKMx commented on Multiple Sources Confirm New Xbox One Hardware...:

@BAMozzy I see what you're saying, but I guess it depends on the target market. If they release an Xbox One "Slim" this year for £199 or something, they'll hit that portion of the market that hasn't upgraded yet and also look like a nice option at Christmas against a shelf full of £299 or even £349 PS4 Neos that - to the non-hardcore player - look like they run very similar games.

I agree that it wouldn't be the decision I'd make if I was in charge if I had a new console ready to go within the next 12 months, but I can sort of see their thinking. Sort of...



SuperKMx commented on Rocket League Receives Cross-Platform Play Upd...:

@Tasuki When did Sony say that, please?

I might be wrong, but all I've seen is that they said they'd be "happy to have the conversation with any publishers or developers who are interested in cross platform play."

That could be "we don't have a problem with it" but could just as easily be "we don't have a problem with it if you pay us a $ 2million licence fee per player."



SuperKMx commented on Backward Compatibility Spikes Black Ops Physic...:

@stylon "Seems to be a bit of profiteering going on as I'm sure it wasn't that expensive when the news first broke?" - Undoubtedly. The prices are all from third-party sellers, as opposed to Amazon themselves.

As for the "2 games" thing, that happens when you're playing a B/C title, since you're logged in to the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 at the same time, technically.



SuperKMx commented on Competition: Win Coffin Dodgers for Xbox One!:

Many thanks for entering, prizes have now been sent out. Our winners are:-

Hadley Misbah, Lightspeed, Jared Zimmermann, Chris Waite, Mark Anthony Chaney, Arthur Rezende, Nicole Martin, Xavier, Jo Carter, Joe Perotto




SuperKMx commented on Review: Grand Prix Rock 'n Racing (Xbox One):

@narcoss "So now i think you understand how £6 would not a lot."

I understand how £6 is "not a lot" compared to Super Street Fighter (which I paid £79.99 for.) That doesn't mean that we review games based on what games USED to cost.

We review games based on the current marketplace. If a game is unplayable and costs £1.00, it doesn't get 10/10 because once we paid £99.99 for Samba De Amigo. It gets reviewed based on the quality of the game, along with consideration of what other games are available - and their prices - at the time that it was released.



SuperKMx commented on Ex-Burnout Devs Dangerous Golf Gets Xbox One G...:

@stylon I can't see that it would be any more repetitive than anything else, to be honest. I've got faith, especially since the devs were behind Burnout and Burnout Crash!, the latter of which was relatively one-note but still managed to be excellent fun.



SuperKMx commented on WB Games Own Magazine Leaks Batman: Return to ...:

@KelticDevil I agree that Origins probably should be in the collection, yes. But I also think that the line is sometimes tricky to see. If we're including Origins, why not include Arkham City Lockdown from iOS/Android? It's set before Arkham City and is canon, AFAIK. If we're including that game, why not include a comic book set to flesh things out further? In this case, I think they've judged it (arguably incorrectly) on critical reception as opposed to it being laziness or a want to bleed gamers dry, but I can also totally see why someone would be bothered about Origins not being there.

Like you say, good value is different to everyone. I'm not so invested in the story or lore so to speak so Origins isn't necessarily as big a loss to me as it would be to others. As I've said, the two games included in the set would be more or less entirely new to me and assuming they haven't suddenly aged to the point that they're unplayable, two full games for (probably) less than the price of one is appealing enough, given that I had fun with Arkham Knight.

And absolutely, it's gonna depend on the price. At £54.99 I'm not a player in any way, but throw this on the shelves for £30 and I'll at least take a long look.



SuperKMx commented on WB Games Own Magazine Leaks Batman: Return to ...:

@KelticDevil "But just because it makes good business sense for two companies, doesn't mean it's a good value for gamers."

Of course not. But then again, when somebody is saying that they understand that something is good business sense for two companies, they're not necessarily saying that it's good value for consumers, nor are they necessarily making excuses for anyone. They're saying that they understand the decision when others are saying that the decision can't be understood.

Nothing more, nothing less.



SuperKMx commented on WB Games Own Magazine Leaks Batman: Return to ...:

@tylertreese Also agree with this.

Arkham Knight is still going for £54.99 digitally, with a £32.79 season pass. It'll undoubtedly get a standalone Game of The Year edition towards Christmas that contains all the DLC. They won't throw all that in with a £40 set that already contains two games.

Plus, you've gotta believe that the folks who loved the Arkham games on 360 and who own an Xbox One, already own Arkham Knight anyway and will get this as the two 360 titles aren't B/C. Also, by just bundling the two, they'll potentially drive sales of Arkham Knight to people who maybe weren't so interested in City or Asylum the first time around, but who grab the remasters as they're great value.

It's a smart business decision from a developer that probably doesn't have anything else on the table this year.



SuperKMx commented on ​Editor's Opinion: The Search for Honest Gam...:

This is going to get worse, so I'm going to jump in and have the last word.

I agree with the point @tylertreese is making here, since it was in fact the crux of the article. Reviews are opinions. How can one be "incorrect" when the only way you judge the review is by placing your own opinion upon it? In the same way that the reviewer's opinion isn't worth more than anyone else's, why is anyone's opinion worth more than the reviewer's?

1) "My opinion is that this game gets 2/5 because that's what I feel it deserves."

2) "My opinion is that this game cannot be rated as low as 2/5 for that is absolute and utter nonsense."

How can one of those be wrong, without instantly invalidating the other one?

I'm not saying that people shouldn't disagree with reviewers, but to come out and call their opinions "wrong" or "trash" or whatever ("hot garbage" seems to be making a comeback) just makes me ignore them, usually.

As for never backing off your beliefs, more power to anyone that feels that way. I agree with you, though eventually I learned that has to be combined with flexibility. If someone comes along and gives unequivocal proof that the sky isn't in fact brown and is actually blue, then I'd be a fool to carry on holding up a banner that says "the sky is brown" simply because other people's perception would be that I could change and that somehow makes them think I'm weak.

Also, @KelticDevil, I read all comments on the site (they're plugged into my RSS reader) and most of the time @tylertreese actually has a valid point. His age doesn't remotely come into anything and that jab wasn't required, since he has more experience of this industry than a large percentage of people with twice as many years on the clock.

And trust me, I'm not just siding with the guy who writes for the site. I argue with him all day long, usually. When he's wrong. Which he is a lot.

Locking up...



SuperKMx commented on ​Editor's Opinion: The Search for Honest Gam...:

@Gamer83 I couldn't agree more.

In fact, the only reason I vote to keep them is the Metacritic/GameRankings factor. Without scores, we don't get listed on those sites. And those sites account for quite the percentage of our review traffic.

OpenCritic is a new similar site, which has a specific "Unscored Reviews" section, which I think is a great idea.