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Sun 24th April, 2011

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SuperKMx commented on Review: Mega Man Legacy Collection (Xbox One):

@A_BabyRed_Yoshi Oh, absolutely. I can understand the original game keeping the glitches and things of that nature for the "full experience" of how the game originally played, but in challenge mode where you have timed leaderboards, that causes a problem.

Essentially means that the top 100 spots (and more!) on the leaderboard will be seperated by thousandths of a second, which is a bit lame :/



SuperKMx commented on Jurassic World Holds On at Top of UK Chart, Wh...:

@KelticDevil Haha, I couldn't agree more. Every other time I switched my PS3 on, I was prompted to do a 20 minute update. Log in to the store? 20 minute update. Look at your trophies? 20 minute update.

That's when the network was actually accessible. It really wasn't good at all.



SuperKMx commented on Rumour: Microsoft Planning Disc-less Xbox One ...:

@KelticDevil Oh, absolutely. At this stage, it definitely shouldn't be a "this is your only option" kind of thing. That would be catastrophic for a number of reasons.

I think a second SKU that's digital only, while the standard bundle is still available, would be a good idea. I reckon it'd go down quite well, especially at a lower price. But hey, it's all rumour and speculation at this point anyway



SuperKMx commented on Rumour: Microsoft Planning Disc-less Xbox One ...:

@KelticDevil There's a few benefits to digital releases. Right off the bat, I know that a game I want will never be out of stock (unless it's delisted which, while it happens, is relatively rare!) Also, I'll be able to play every game at midnight on launch day, rather than having to wait for the shops to open. There's also the speed of purchase on all games. No waiting for Amazon to deliver a game when I want to play it. I can buy it and play it right now (aside from the download time. Fortunately my internet connection is quite speedy.)

Plus, I can grab my external HDD and take 100 games around to a friend's house, rather than taking a handful of discs and then getting there and finding that I really, really should have brought FIFA 15 with me...

Also, I guess there's the whole carbon footprint thing, but I don't know enough about that to even warrant a comment on it.

As far as publisher and platform holder greed comes into it...yep, I see that. But the thing is, it's only a switch to where the money's going. Either it goes to some corporate-sized retailer like GAME or GameStop so some CEO and board gets his pockets lined, or it goes to the publisher/platform holder so they can continue to make games and consoles. End of the day, it's the same crime, just with a different villain.

Don't get me wrong, an all-digital console isn't my preferred choice at all. I like being able to use discs. Not mention that my Xbox One is my primary Blu-ray player in the house!



SuperKMx commented on Rumour: Microsoft Planning Disc-less Xbox One ...:

@KelticDevil The numbers are sales only, so they don't count PS+ or Games With Gold, no.

Absolutely, the 53% does include games that aren't released at retail so indie games will push that number up. However, with the lower cost of indie games, they'd have to sell more individual copies per percentage point to alter things. End of the day, physical sales are down in cash terms, no matter what the cause.

A lot of digital buyers do just like the convenience. Not necessarily down to laziness, either. It's much the same way MP3s are loved so much. I know I wouldn't have space in my house for my music collection if it was all on CD! Plus the digital sales often bring prices down below the prices my local stores sell at. New releases are pricier, of course, but when something's on Deals With Gold, there's a good chance it's cheaper than it is physically (in the UK, at least!)

But there's definitely arguments for both sides. As someone who used to trade a LOT, the trade-in factor is huge for me. There again, having worked at my local retailer and seeing the stupid amounts of markup we used to put on every traded title so we could make money for doing practically nothing, I'm kinda happy that I'm not feeding that anymore.

The delisting factor is definitely a big issue though, for sure. There needs to be some sort of change to the way contracts are formed for digital titles, so that if a publisher goes out of business, their titles aren't suddenly unplayable. Or, if they just decide to stop selling something.



SuperKMx commented on Rumour: Microsoft Planning Disc-less Xbox One ...:

@KelticDevil "We prefer physical games!!!"

Some of us do, sure. But it's a dwindling number that is FAR from all of us. I know a number of people in my social circle who switched to all-digital on Xbox One and PS4 from day one. Heck, even I've got 100+ games installed on my Xbox One that are digital, and maybe 7 disc-based games.

There's plenty of evidence out there to suggest that a decent percentage of gamers are going digital. In the US, digital sales accounted for 29% of the market in 2010, 32% in 2011, 41% in 2012, and 53% in 2013. It's the same elsewhere. A lot of that will be attributed to rising sales of games for smartphones/tablets, but physical game sales are falling. Last week for example, the #7 best-selling game in the UK shifted less than 8,000 copies at retail. That would have been unthinkable 10 years ago. Latest UK numbers show that boxed software accounts for £935m (down 6.3% on 2013) of the market's value, with digital console and PC (NOT smartphones/tablets) featuring a year-on-year rise to £1.048 billion. Digital actually leads in the UK by a fair distance, and that distance will keep growing.

The fact of the matter is that the hardcore probably DO still prefer physical discs. But people outside of that core group - of whom there are far more and who don't make any noise about it on message boards and comment sections either way - are buying digital more and more.

The PSP Go had more problems than being all digital. It was fighting against mobile devices and didn't have anything - software OR hardware wise - to really sell it, especially in the face of the still massively popular NDS.



SuperKMx commented on Rumour: Microsoft Planning Disc-less Xbox One ...:

Honestly, I think this would be a nice addition to the lineup. It obviously won't be replacing the "full" Xbox One, rather it'll be provided as a secondary option, but I know a few folks that have gone all digital who would appreciate this!



SuperKMx commented on Backwards Compatibility Could Be Extended to I...:

@Utena-mobile I agree with your comments about resolutions, for sure. I've had to pick up an upscaler to play original Xbox games on my HDTV. Fortunately a cheap £30 one did the job and it runs nicely at 720 or 1080 now, but I'm wondering about the processor/GPU overhead of how they would get Xbox games onto Xbox One.

I'm guessing it would be a case of running the Xbox emulator from the Xbox 360, inside the emulated Xbox 360 they have in place already for BC. Throw upscaling on that as well and it could use an awful lot of resources!

Still, I hope they work it out. Would be very cool



SuperKMx commented on Phil Spencer Teases Backwards Compatibility An...:

@BAMozzy No, didn't take it as a criticism. You pointed out an error, which I fixed. It's all good

And yup, what you've said there is exactly how I understand it to work at the moment as well. Still gutted that G1 Jockey & Gallop Racer won't be put on there because it has a half-assed single-race only Kinect mode. 99% of the game doesn't use Kinect at all. Isn't even on the voting list for BC

(I know, weird game to choose. I loves me some horse racing is all!)



SuperKMx commented on Amazon UK to Call Time on Video Game Trade-Ins:

@KelticDevil Not surprised to be honest. It was barely even featured on the UK site, even though they allowed trade-ins on pretty much everything they sold.

Only problem was that they offered absolutely minuscule amounts on trades. There were times when they were offering £7 on titles that have been out for a week and that were selling for £50 still.

I doubt many will miss this service



SuperKMx commented on Sorry, But You Aren't Getting An Elite Control...:

@Tasuki They are indeed different, yeah. A while ago, Walmart had an error online where TONS of stuff was listed for $8.85. Monitors, TVs, projectors - all listed for $8.85. The only thing they did was offer customers with cancelled orders a $10 gift card as an act of goodwill. They didn't even have to do that, since it was an honest mistake.

In physical stores, it's false advertising if you put a price up that's wrong, yeah. Same over here.

With online stores in the UK, it's down to the time that the contract is formed. There's no actual legal contract until the item is dispatched, meaning that the retailer can pretty much do whatever the heck they want to do until the item leaves their depot, including cancelling the order.



SuperKMx commented on Sorry, But You Aren't Getting An Elite Control...:

@Tasuki Sadly, that's a misconception about US law (people make the same mistake in the UK, too, which is why Amazon can get away with this controller price mixup today and people are so angry about it.)

In the US, the retailer is under no obligation to honour a price that has been listed in error as long as it's the result of a simple and honest mistake. The authorities would look into it if people complained, but unless the retailer is constantly doing such things, they wouldn't get into trouble.

If they purposefully promote the erroneous price as being some sort of sale or deal - "This controller is usually $119 but now it's $50!" - then they WOULD have to honour it.



SuperKMx commented on Handbrakes on as Details Emerge of New Need fo...:

@jslay16 This is an article because it is a previously unknown piece of information about the game that was discovered. Hence it being filed under "news."

And no, people aren't always online playing every other game anyway. You may be and your friends may be, but you and your friends aren't 100% of the player base. Some people don't even have their consoles connected to the network. Maybe they're travelling. Maybe they don't have an internet connection where they are. How about people that have an Xbox in their car (they're out there, trust me!) and don't have it tethered via their phone? How about the Armed Forces who play Xbox in their quarters when they're off duty and they don't have access to an internet connection? You simply don't know what everybody's situation is.

"Even single player games use the online capabilities for saving progress and posting leaderboards." - Again, that doesn't mean the game isn't playable offline. If you're offline, your score isn't posted and your game is saved locally. It isn't a requirement to be online to play the game.



SuperKMx commented on Hitman to be Released Digitally on Xbox One Th...:

@KelticDevil Similar feelings here. I often feel like the Hitman series is nothing but trial and error. You think you can do something that you SHOULD be able to do - given all the promotion blurb - but then you find that you can't and that it'll wreck your progress. So you start again.

I'll give the new one a spin, but it's not high on my most wanted list.



SuperKMx commented on Handbrakes on as Details Emerge of New Need fo...:

@jongred Yup, I absolutely HATED it in Rivals. Loved Most Wanted and Hot Pursuit to death and was looking forward to Rivals. Think I played it for about two hours in total - despite getting it on launch day - because every other time I raced, I was kicked out halfway through and switched onto a different server.



SuperKMx commented on Update: Xbox One DVR Will Require Users to Hav...:

@DarkJamD Playing a game that's on the same drive as your DVR storage WHILE you're recording would cause a problem, sure.

The scenario isn't common logic though because if I'm playing a game that's installed on the internal drive, there's no reason why my 2TB external drive can't be used just because it has a single 1.5GB game installed on it. They could make it so that you're locked out of games installed on your external drive while you're using the DVR feature, I feel.



SuperKMx commented on Famitsu's Half Year Report Shows Just How Badl...:

@KelticDevil To each their own, I guess. I thought Dead Rising 3 was great fun.

And you're right, certain Japanese games (most of them, in fact) don't shift blockbuster numbers. However, if a game still turns a profit in the US and Europe (and these Japanese ports quite often do) then that's reason enough to want them to be released, given that there's clearly enough of an audience that finds them to be entertaining enough to purchase.

If a game shifts 2,000 units and makes money, then that's 2,000 people who have found something to potentially enjoy. There's absolutely no way to fault that.



SuperKMx commented on Famitsu's Half Year Report Shows Just How Badl...:

@KelticDevil "Yea who gives a rat's a$$ what Japan does?"

Most of the industry, sadly.

If a console bombs in Japan, it makes it that much harder to convince Japanese developers and publishers to make games for worldwide release. You just need to look at KOEI Tecmo's almost slavish devotion to PS4 and PS Vita this last year to see the effects, and they're a company that was releasing XO titles up until relatively recently.

It isn't all "goofy anime crap" either. I very much doubt Microsoft would be able to convince the likes of Capcom to make Dead Rising 4 a brand exclusive without paying WAY more cash than they did for Dead Rising 3, now that Capcom knows that the game will sell about 10 copies in Japan.



SuperKMx commented on Gamescom 2015: Microsoft Announces Somewhat Di...:

@Emanouel "This is a portable 2.5 inch external hard drive so the $99.99 - 109.99 price range seems fair. i know the 4TB 3.5 external drives are priced around the same. they still have not come out with a 3TB or 2.5TB 2.5 HDD."

I get what you're saying regarding portability, but I disagree that the price range seems fair given that the overwhelming majority of people won't be buying external drives with portability in mind. They're buying a drive to stick next to/on top of their console and will probably never move it once it's installed.

I think if Microsoft wanted to get this sold, they should have made it a 4TB non-portable device at the same price.



SuperKMx commented on Gamescom 2015: All Xbox 360 Games With Gold Fr...:

@Ufaowl Sadly, that is the case. They require you to "prove" that you owned an Xbox 360 by signing in with your Xbox 360 at least once, before they'll let you register Xbox 360 titles on the store.

Only way to do it if you don't have a 360, is to get someone else to log in for you on their console.