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Primarily a music and sports game fan, but I've got big love for all genres and platforms. The Dreamcast is the best.

Sun 24th April, 2011

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SuperKMx commented on ScreamRide Demo Launches Tonight:

@Captain_Chao5 Agreed! I played the first two modes on the night it came out, and didn't bother with the construction mode as I thought it would be dull. How wrong I was! :) Great fun - really enjoyed making crazy coasters.



SuperKMx commented on Ultimate Game Sale Goes Live: All The Deals Here:

@IXx_Smoke_xXI I got those prices from about 15 minutes ago without signing in, meaning those are the prices they actually were directly before the sale. Sure, you might have been able to get them in stores for less, but nobody said that you couldn't.

But hey, you want to waste your time signing up to the site just to troll and post clearly is skin off your back. Have a nice day. :)



SuperKMx commented on Review: Dying Light (Xbox One):

@Rezalack Not at all, Rezalack - it's all good. No need to apologise. It's a game of opinions, and all that. :)

(I much preferred Zombi U to Dying Light, I have to say! Must go back and actually finish it at some point. :))



SuperKMx commented on Review: Dying Light (Xbox One):

@Rezalack "You complained about getting on the roof of that building.. Here's an idea, get on the roof next to it and jump over. I'll admit, this took me about 5 minutes to figure out and I tried multiple other ways of doing it before I had that "OH! Derp." moment. You say the game feels unbelievably glitchy, Really? I haven't experienced nor felt one glitch and I've been playing about 20 hours."

Yep. I tried that. I was sat here playing while a friend watched and I got him to try too - just wouldn't have it. I'd fall short every single time. It most definitely wasn't my technique. Tried standing jumps, running jumps, sprinting jumps - every time, fell short.

Maybe your character was levelled up more than mine was? That's all I can think of. I admit I haven't been back to that building since levelling up, so I couldn't say.

The towers are good fun - I'll admit I fell off the first time, too. :D