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Primarily a music and sports game fan, but I've got big love for all genres and platforms. The Dreamcast is the best.

Sun 24th April, 2011

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SuperKMx commented on Review: NHL 15 (Xbox One):

@Emanouel I'm not very pleased :( I was really looking forward to it and it's a complete mess. I would buy the 360 version and play that instead, but that's just last year's game with a new logo!

Oh well. I like the FIFA 15 demo, so at least there's that to look forward to! :)



SuperKMx commented on Editor's Opinion: Recapturing the Magic By Dit...:

@kensredemption That's crazy that you'd get grief for suggesting a game that would have a massive community, isn't it? Just a sign of the times, unfortunately :(

I think a cross-platform brawler would be great fun! In fact, in my dream world, the hardware manufacturers would work together and I could play things like FIFA, F1 2014, and NHL against PS4 players on my Xbox One. But...sigh...never gonna happen :(



SuperKMx commented on Forza Horizon 2 Demo Dated, Achievements Revealed:

I have to say that while I liked the original Forza Horizon enough to buy it, I wasn't all that excited for a sequel. What I've seen of the sequel since they first announced it however, is really appealing to me. I think it'll be a day one purchase for this guy! :)



SuperKMx commented on Need For Speed Rivals: Game of The Year Editio...:

@DRL I thought the game was entirely disappointing, if I'm honest. It was the first thing I fired up on my Xbox One on launch day, given how big a fan of the previous two titles I am. Was jumpy, jerky, and you get 7 minutes into what you imagine is a single player race, only to find that the host leaves the game and all your progress is wiped.

Can't say it warrants any sort of GOTY for me.



SuperKMx commented on Review Roundup: Madden NFL 15 Intercepts Very ...:

Been playing the early access 6-hour trial via EA Access and I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would. Might step back to Madden NFL 25 which is free in the EA Access vault and see if there's enough of a difference for me to have to splash out on the new game :)



SuperKMx commented on Forza Horizon 2 Developers Want Your Micro-tra...:

@Generik At some point they gave out a huge reward to people who played the game in the first few weeks, and then they changed the economy somewhat so you got bigger rewards, if I remember correctly.

The top cars are still expensive, but they're entirely achievable through realistic amounts of gameplay now, I reckon. They REALLY weren't before the change, though!



SuperKMx commented on Spencer: Tomb Raider Deal Didn't Come From An ...:

@mitcHELLspawn I agree pretty much entirely, but unfortunately Sony were just copying Nintendo's policies from the days of the NES. Developers and publishers had to buy their cartridges direct from Nintendo due to the NES' "lockout chip" and if Nintendo found you were releasing the same game on a different system, they just wouldn't sell you the cartridges.

Sony took a different approach, but got a similar result. Now Microsoft are doing the same and getting killed for it. The deliberately misleading language in the conference and the cloudy responses since then are the things I'd be angry about - not the fact that a game is coming out on one system or another first.



SuperKMx commented on Spencer: Tomb Raider Deal Didn't Come From An ...:

@lynx19eighty5 "How about this situation....Sony came in with a load of money to buy timed exclusivity for Assassin’s Creed and toted it the way Microsoft did. Basically were not clear and just trying to brag they had exclusivity. Would you be happy? How is that NOT the same as this situation? It’s exactly the same."

With respect, you're sort of arguing with yourself there. Nobody's disagreeing with you.

And this is just playing devil's advocate as I genuinely don't know the facts, but what if Crystal Dynamics were in financial trouble? We all know that Square Enix have faced financial difficulty recently, and I know that Crystal Dynamics were laying people off less than 12 months ago. What if the option was "Take the Microsoft deal, or you'll be out of business within 6 months"? What if the deal gave them enough money to develop BOTH Tomb Raider games, releasing one on Xbox One and Xbox 360 with Microsoft's money and then later on other platforms with minimal outlay as it would be a pair of ports, and the Osiris game on all formats in the meantime, potentially providing the grounds for financial recovery?

Would that still be a copout that deserved as much anger from everyone?

Again, I'm playing hypotheticals here. I'm just wondering why nobody else has thought of it and has instantly jumped on the hatred and conspiracy bandwagon. I'm guessing that its because "Evil Microsoft" are involved :)