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Primarily a music and sports game fan, but I've got big love for all genres and platforms. The Dreamcast is the best.

Sun 24th April, 2011

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SuperKMx commented on Limbo Submitted for Korean Rating On Xbox One:

@Anthinator I agree with you there. I doubt it would damage sales too much on either platform. In fact, being able to buy a game on Xbox One and have it also made available on a younger sibling's Xbox 360 via the same purchase for example, would be a great boost for families. I know a number of families that would benefit from that!



SuperKMx commented on Fox Delays Hitman Movie 'Agent 47' To Avoid Cr...:

@DRL I dare say it will go unnoticed at the box office - certainly in the UK. Are there that many people that care about the Hitman franchise enough to pay to see it at the cinema when it'll blatantly show up on Netflix 6 months later? :)



SuperKMx commented on DLNA Support And More Confirmed For October Xb...:

My Xbox One is currently streaming content from my DLNA-enabled NAS without a problem. No setup. No changes. Just loaded up Media Server, saw the NAS listed, selected it....boom. All the folders are there and all of the content is playable.



SuperKMx commented on Editor's Opinion: Our Resolution Resolution:

Thank you everyone for the kind comments. I'm really glad our regulars are happy that we decided to take this route. :)

And a big "welcome!" to all the new faces that have posted here, too. I hope you enjoy the site. :)



SuperKMx commented on Aaron "NintendoTwizer" Norton Lists Entire Hug...:

@GooRoo I feel the same way. I started clearing out some old games yesterday so I'm down to one shelf. They're all just collecting dust!

I have an ex-girlfriend who unfortunately decided - in a fit of anger - to trade in my near-complete Saturn and Dreamcast collections for cash. I was not pleased, I can tell you. But it was kind of a blessing in disguise. I would have been sat here in a room full of Sega games going "Oh my GOD I have too much stuff here!" :D



SuperKMx commented on Join The Official Pure Xbox Car Club In Forza ...:

@Emanouel Grab the demo of Forza Horizon 2 and take it for a spin. I personally think the handling is a little more arcade-like than Forza 5, but you can alter a bunch of settings to change things up to get closer to how you want it to feel.

I gave Project CARS a spin at EGX, and it drives really well - looks nice, too!



SuperKMx commented on Competition: Win D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die on ...:

@EternalDragonX Fair enough, but just by entering your email and name you're entered into the contest, without needing Facebook or Twitter. Plus if you refer people - doesn't need to be via a social network - you get extra entries. This is a way of expanding our reach and attracting more users and readers to the site beyond word of mouth - and including word of mouth, due to the referral system!

This is kind of a test run and we'll make tweaks, but it's unlikely we will return to the comment system. The comment system was OK, but people were signing up, entering contests, and never visiting again.



SuperKMx commented on Competition: Win D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die on ...:

@TOMBOY25 You'd need to go to an awful lot of effort to get around the anti-fraud measures that are in place to prevent things like that. I'm not saying that it definitely can't be done, but the majority of fraudulent entries like that will result in all entries from that person being automatically discounted the second they try it. :)



SuperKMx commented on Microsoft Sets Xbox One China Release Date to ...:

Yup, that's the lot. I guess given the lack of Western consoles in the country means that they'll probably still have plenty of fun with the games that are listed. It's not all bad...Forza 5, Zoo Tycoon, Trials Fusion, Max, Rayman Legends - there's some decent gameplay to be had in those five alone! :)