Bethesda Has Adjusted The Patch Notes For Fallout 4 On Xbox Series X

Back at the tail end of last week, we learned that the Fallout 4 next-gen update on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S was targeting 30/40FPS in "Quality" mode and 60FPS in "Performance" mode... but apparently that's no longer the case.

Despite what the patch notes say, Bethesda Game Studios has clarified this weekend that the next-gen update targets 4K, 60FPS across all modes on Xbox Series X, but the "Performance" mode lowers the visual settings more.

The reason there's still confusion is that firstly, the original patch notes didn't say anything about a 4K, 60FPS target for all modes on Xbox Series X, and secondly, the "Quality" mode doesn't seem to be working properly on Xbox right now.

So, if the Xbox Series X version of this update does indeed support 4K, 60FPS across all modes, that's great - but does that mean the references to 30FPS and 40FPS in the patch notes were meant for the Series S version alone? Also, what's going on with the bugged Quality mode? Hopefully we'll get some answers very soon.

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