Former Xbox Exec Shares Achievement Sound That Was 'Rejected' At Microsoft

During the Xbox One era, Microsoft introduced 'Rare Achievements' - complete with their own unique sound effect to set themselves apart. Well, that achievement sound went through multiple iterations according to former Xbox exec Major Nelson; who's taken to social media today to share one of the team's prototypes.

The former Xbox bigwig says that the following rare achievement sound was "rejected" at Microsoft - adding that it "was the right choice" to turn this one down over other candidates. Here, check out the sound bite down below:

We also happen to think that this one was right to stay on the cutting room floor - it's not horrible by any means but it sounds more like a noughties ringtone than an achievement sound! Still, it's pretty darn cool to hear this so long after the feature was first introduced for Xbox One.

Speaking of neat Xbox One-era achievement features, do you folks remember the 'Day One' achievement that was granted to those who picked up the last-gen console at launch? If you happen to have that one tied to your account, you're part of a very small minority!

Which do you prefer, the actual rare achievement sound or this prototype? Let us know in the comments below.