Talking Point: How Often Do You Pick 'Quality' Over 'Performance' Modes On Xbox Series X|S?

Once again this week, there's been a lot of talk about "Quality" and "Performance" modes on Xbox Series X|S in relation to the Fallout 4 next-gen update, and so we thought this would be a good chance to poll the Pure Xbox community on how often you typically opt for the best visuals over the best frame rate when you're given the choice.

The team here at PX generally sides with performance modes where possible, as we like to prioritise a 60FPS output over improved graphics at 30FPS. That said, there are a few situations where 30FPS arguably offers the best experience, especially in games that feel a bit more slower-paced and cinematic in their approach.

Obviously a lot of this is game-dependent, as some titles don't give you the choice, and others like Hogwarts Legacy throw multiple options your way. You can occasionally pick between 30FPS, 60FPS and even 120FPS in certain games, and the latter works great in some of them, but 60FPS seems the sweet spot for most AAA releases.

But that's just how we feel! What about you? Do you go for the "Quality" option fairly regularly on Xbox Series X and/or Xbox Series S, or do you always pick a 60FPS+ performance mode for a super-smooth gameplay experience?

Quality Or Performance? (3,795 votes)

  1. I always go "Quality" if it's an option!15%
  2. I tend to prioritise "Quality" for most games13%
  3. I'm fairly mixed, it really depends on the game17%
  4. I tend to prioritise "Performance" for most games23%
  5. I always go "Performance" if it's an option!32%

What About 120FPS (Where Applicable)? (3,145 votes)

  1. I always use 120FPS if it's available to me26%
  2. I quite often use it, yeah4%
  3. I use it for certain games, not others10%
  4. I rarely make use of 120FPS to be honest13%
  5. I never use it, even though I can!8%
  6. My display doesn't support 120FPS anyway...40%

Let us know how often you pick "Quality" over "Performance" in the poll and comments section below.