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Male, 27, Canada

To put it short, entertainment is my bread and butter. I like to keep up with trends in the film, television, music and -- of course -- the gaming industries. Outside of providing content for pX, I enjoy writing music and spending time with friends and family.

Sun 5th May, 2013

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Anthinator commented on April Xbox One Update Goes Live:

Really digging all the improvements being made to the Xbox One through these updates. The Xbox team seems to have really turned a corner this year.



Anthinator commented on Tomb Raider, Thief, CoD Discounted on Xbox One:

I've gone all digital on my Xbox One and have no regrets about it. I want to see more deals like this on a regular basis. I only hope Microsoft allows us to use external USB hard drives real soon in an update.
I'll definitely be picking up Tomb Raider and CoD this weekend.



Anthinator commented on Games With Gold Improvements Are in Motion:

@Gamer83 You're right about the PS plus discounts. But Microsoft usually has some fairly good discounts as well. I like to check out regularly to check out the current deals.

Right now, Soul Calibur V is less than $4, Scott Pilgrim The Game is $2.50. Hell, even CoD: Ghosts is $40 on both 360 and X1. I think Sony just does a better job on getting the word out there each week through their blog. MS should consider this option too.



Anthinator commented on Expect Multiplayer and Party Chat Improvements...:

The UI is definitely clunky at times, that I agree with. It's almost easier to navigate using voice commands over using the controller. At least Microsoft is listening to feedback, which only means that the UI will get better over time.



Anthinator commented on Xbox One Dashboard Uncovered:

Very cool. This looks much better than I had ever expected. The fast app-switching seems to work really well and I absolutely love the idea of suspending games without exiting out of them.



Anthinator commented on Xbox One Day One Update Detailed:

Let's not forget that there will be a TON of people downloading this update on day one. No way is this going to be 15-20 minutes. Expect an hour at the least.



Anthinator commented on Review: Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360):

@szchifo It's entirely optional, which is what makes GTA so special. Some people may like training and walking Chop, while others will like playing Tennis or Jet Skiing. This game is overflowing with side content.



Anthinator commented on Wildcard Wednesday: Metal Gear Solid:

@Tasuki I know exactly what you mean about the other MGS games not having the same impact as the original. I still love each game in the series but there's definitely something about the first that feels really special. Maybe it's because the story feels more contained and doesn't rely on convoluted story threads.



Anthinator commented on Microsoft Isn't Giving Up On An All-Digital Fu...:

I would love to see this console generation truly embrace a digital future. My disappointment so far with next gen is that — despite prettier graphics and beefed up specs — the X1 and PS4 aren't different from consoles now. I'm hoping MS brings a few things back but to not sacrifice physical media for those who still want it



Anthinator commented on Reaction: Xbox One Release Date:

Great thoughts all around there, Ken! It seems that Microsoft knew where there strengths were when deciding on a release date. Ultimately, I don't feel that a week separation between console launches isn't going to make as much of an impact in the grand scheme of things. This is an interesting time for both companies and gamers. My excitement is through the roof right now