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Male, 27, Canada

To put it short, entertainment is my bread and butter. I like to keep up with trends in the film, television, music and -- of course -- the gaming industries. Outside of providing content for pX, I enjoy writing music and spending time with friends and family.

Sun 5th May, 2013

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Anthinator commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@DRL You seem to be on a trophy-kick as of late. Not sure if you knew this already, but if you got the platinum for Sound Shapes already on Vita, you'll get all the trophies unlocked when you boot up the PS3 version too. 2 separate platinums for one game!



Anthinator commented on Xbox One July System Update Now Available:

@Dohv if your console is set to standby mode then yes, the update could have downloaded and installed for you already. Easiest way to find out is to double-press the Xbox home button and see if the snap window appears



Anthinator commented on Review: Watch_Dogs (Xbox One):

@Gamer83 Glad you liked the review. Yeah there's sooo much stuff to do, but at the same time it doesn't feel overwhelming. Everything is attainable and fun to play. Definitely looking forward to what's next for this franchise.



Anthinator commented on Mortal Kombat X Announced:

Such a bad ass trailer too! I liked MK9 a lot even though I wasn't very good at it, but I'm eager to see more from NetherRealm.



Anthinator commented on Ubisoft Teases E3 Line-Up:

Fantastic! Ubisoft's E3 conferences are fairly cringe-worthy but the games being shown make it worthwhile. Can't wait for June 9th!



Anthinator commented on Metro Redux Detailed For Xbox One:

Never played either game on Xbox 360. I've heard these games are severely underrated and having an updated version on X1 appeals to me. I might have to check this out.



Anthinator commented on Xbox One June Update - External Storage, Real ...:

Xbox Wire has a walkthrough video of the June updates and it's all looking really nice. A few extra tidbits though:

  • The external drive will need to be formatted before proper use on Xbox One. So far, the external support looks to be mainly for games. No mention of watching stored movies and TV shows.
  • Multiple drives can be plugged into the console at once.
  • You can set all future downloads to go directly to the external drive instead of main HD.


Anthinator commented on Microsoft Announces Kinect-Free Xbox One:

This is HUGE news on the business front, but still saddening to see Kinect becoming less of an importance. I know MS says Kinect is still very much an integral part of the X1 experience, but the truth is that consumers won't pick up Kinect if there aren't any games tailored for it.



Anthinator commented on Elder Scrolls Online Xbox One Update Issued:

I feared this would happen as the impending June release date got closer and closer with no confirmation. The deal is nice but I wonder how many gamers will be playing ESO both on PC and console...