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Male, 28, Canada

To put it short, entertainment is my bread and butter. I like to keep up with trends in the film, television, music and -- of course -- the gaming industries. Outside of providing content for pX, I enjoy writing music and spending time with friends and family.

Sun 5th May, 2013

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Anthinator commented on Feature: From Worst to First, We Rank the Batm...:

After playing Arkham Knight, I find it hard to go back to Asylum despite it still being an incredible game. Knight just polishes and refines everything that came before it, and adds a slew of new features. Perhaps because it's still so fresh in my mind, I'd have to give Knight the #1 position, followed by City, Asylum, Origins, and Blackgate.



Anthinator commented on Review: White Night (Xbox One):

A little disappointed the gameplay didn't live up to the greatness of the visuals. I'll hold off on picking this up for now. Nice review, Ken!



Anthinator commented on Review: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Episode...:

@Utena-mobile I don't think you'll ever need to use waste your money on red crystals. They are only in Raid mode and you'll be earning blue crystals anyway when you complete missions which act as the same thing. The red crystals are there for people when they run out of blue crystals and don't want to replay missions to earn them back.



Anthinator commented on Review: Resident Evil (Xbox One):

Sadly, the cross-buy is ONLY on PlayStation. If you pre-order the PS4 edition, you automatically get the PS3 version for free. Microsoft really needs to begin offering cross buy as well here soon, wouldn't you say?



Anthinator commented on Feature: Game of the Year - Staff Lists:

I love RPG's — my list includes South Park and Child of Light, and I reviewed Pier Solar HD --, but sadly DAI was one that got pushed aside for the time being. Going to school, working full-time — I just wasn't ready to dive into an 80 hour experience. It's definitely in my backlog, and I'll most likely get to it in the new year.



Anthinator commented on Review: Threes! (Xbox One):

@Emanouel indeed, but Threes came first! :)
2048 was created in response to Threes early when it was released on iOS. There's been a lot of clones but 2048 was the most popular.